The National Security Agency uses arranged meetings to put people together.

It’s something you can read about in my first two books, available, for free, below, as one of my teachers was a former officer of the National Security Agency, and the enemy worked to put me in contact with the grand-daughter of a Nazi cyberneticist who worked for the Pentagon.

Like the Central Intelligence Agency, NSA employs cybernetics, radio-signal, and mind control to put people in each other’s way, so they say, “Small world, isn’t it,” “Keep seeing you here,” or similar stuff while they bump into each other.

These meetings are not coincidence.

But they are arranged by imbeciles.

As you can read in my third book, available, for free, below, the scum work to destroy everything in sight, including each other and their own plans, as they fail again and again.

They destroy their own weapons.

They destroy their own weapons.

And they destroy their own weapons.

Did I say they destroy their own weapons?

John Bull Both Barrels

Here’s how it worked when I was sixteen.

They successfully put a suggestion in my head to buy cigarettes, for the first time, as I rode my bike to the former dairy farm that serves as a general store.

Just when I bought the pack, standing at the till, my mother walked in, asking what I was doing there.

I told her straight that I was buying cigarettes, she told the clerk not to sell them to me, and I received no punishment, while I earned a lifelong reputation, in her eyes, as an honest and upright person.

Do you think our meeting was an accident?

Do you think they won when they engaged people who could not see them?

That’s what all their technology gets them, through mind control, as people reject, accept, and flip suggestions in their sleep.

They lose.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

3 thoughts on “BUYING CIGARETTES”

  1. Watching from the Fiji islands as always.
    I don’t own any house or have anything.
    But if u ever need to run away and have a safe haven to be. Run to my village here Fiji.
    You Hava a place to stay. For a while if u need.
    There are people all around the world who do care though we are few.. Much love from Fiji.

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