Planned obsolescence is key to understanding the enemy, as are government contracting and central banking.

The etymology of the word, obsolescence, when taken apart, through its roots, means to keep putting yourself in your own way, again and again, until you destroy yourself.

The deep state, like the military, recruits from the gutter, so only pathetic losers, who couldn’t think or lead their way out of a paper bag, end up working for outfits like USAF, ONI, NSA, and DHS.

The enemy destroy themselves, as they sign up for abuse.

Their addiction to self-destructive behavior is a form of planned obsolescence.

Meanwhile, the imbeciles who cannot tell time from a clock, cannot perform basic mathematical operations, and cannot read a book, let alone attain any sort of education, depend not only on each other but on massive computers sold by defense contractors.

Computers like the one in Schriever Air Force Base are designed to fail, through planned obsolescence, so the defense contractors can sell the government more computers.

The defense contractors don’t want the computers to work, or to make the lives of the little slaves in the deep state easier, any more than the maker of a hand-held device wants the thing to work, while you borrow money from your credit card to pay for one after another of the thirty-four (34) different versions of iPhone.

The Federal Reserve is an international banking cartel that prints money from thin air, while it charges taxpayers interest, and creates a hidden tax of inflation, driving Washington into bankruptcy, so the government is designed to waste money.

The conspirators seek to drive us to an upgrade in government through a different version 2.0.

It’s a constitutional convention to remove the limits on Washington!

The conspirators seek to drive us to an upgrade in government through a different version 3.0.

It’s austerity measures based on entitlements combined with unsustainable debt!

The conspirators seek to drive us to an upgrade in government through a different version 4.0.

It’s satanic one world government in the form of the United Nations!

Planned obsolescence is a simple principle that forces upgrades, and drives debt, while it destroys the slaves that employ it.

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  1. Talking about mobiles, how can they defend sustainability when they release a new mobile every year? Where does all that plastic garbage go if they admit they can’t recycle everything and when people can’t keep their 2012 smartphones because they get obsolete? Where is the sustainability?

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