The enemies of humans, animals, and all life are little losers who cannot handle the freedom of being a civilian, so they try to hide in the military, while they are raped by their masters.


The cowards learn their ways from the English, who are fagged in their famous public schools.


And they learn their ways from the Romans, who conquered England, and still rule the cravens in Whitehall from the Vatican.


They train them well.

The same is true for all homosexual rape clubs.


There are the boys’ schools, where they school the boys.

There are the boys’ sports teams, where they really school the boys.

And there is the military, where they further school the boys.


Plus, there are the fraternities, where pretty boys are picked out for rush, so their brothers can get them nekkid.

That’s the Virginia Way.


The homosexual weaklings judge others by themselves.


The little boys, who have never had sex with women, allow themselves to be dildoed by bigger little boys, who have also never had sex with women, so they can join the homo-rapist club.

That’s what hazing is about—something a real man would never put up with.

On the odd chance that any one of the frat boys had any excuse for sex with a woman, it would involve drugging her.


And it would certainly involve getting their boyfriends, whom they got nekkid, during rush, in on it.

More than anything, they want to be around each other’s penises.

The little white boys want to be around big black cock, so they can blackmail women and each other.

It’s something Malcolm X talks about in his autobiography.


That’s why the Southern Trash, who run the federal government, at the direction of the English, have a thing about the military Toms that rape their bodies.


On the odd chance that any one of the joiners actually stuck his little thing in a woman’s privates, he couldn’t wait to run away, so he could tell foul lies to impress, and get in with, his boyfriends, as he abandoned any chance for real sex.

As I have written in my books, which now have more than five thousand copies in circulation, each, after one year, the scum judge others by themselves.


Will they stop you, as they stop their fraternity brothers, from reading my books, because they mock you…not for being queer but for being independent?


The little boys are violated by bitches, as dildo-wearing slags teach them to hate the excuses for women that abuse them.

So, the frat boys judge others by themselves, as the slaves use “independent” for an insult.

That’s something they will never be.

The homosexual criminals in NSA, CIA, and DHS, not to mention GCHQ, CSIS, CSEC, and their affiliates in the Five Eyes, use very simple radio technology, called voice-to-skull, against normal people, talking trash, and spreading rumors, while they hide in the shadows.


But they can’t hide from their masters, who were also raped, and abused, as they abuse other slaves like them.

So they talk smack to me.


Back in 1984, when I took Accutane to rid myself of acne, for life, I experienced a side effect.

The medicine dried out my face.

So, when I played on the lacrosse team, thirty-eight years ago, a ninety-pound weakling ran his abused mouth, for less than a month, calling me “Scrotum Lips.”

It is certain that then, and later, the foul mouth’s lips were put on a scrotum, as he looked at boys’ scrotums, at the age of fourteen.

I outweighed the little shit by thirty pounds of muscle, easy, and I chose to ignore his ignorant insult, which posed absolutely no threat to me and, while he thought he looked like a tough guy, emulating his rapist, he showed himself only to be a loud-mouthed victim of sexual assault.

I ignored him until his big pal, Wes, who undoubtedly raped his body, tried to stick his ball-cup on my face, on a bus, unsuccessfully, when the losers, who called themselves a team, lost a game about which I could care less.

I easily held the larger faggot, who sat on the bus-seat in front of me, off, while I waited until we disembarked.

Then I called the first shitboy, climbing off, who had talked smack, out.

He backed down immediately.

In three more years of high school, I never heard another word from anyone.

The losers were far beneath my circle, and they didn’t even talk their smack behind my back.

I never gave it a second thought.

But, three years later, I met one of the boys, who had moved down to Florida, at a party, held by my friend, who played on the same team, when the random guest, whom I had not noticed, obsequiously, nervously, and repeatedly apologized to me, since he was scared.

Back in 1987, I told him we were just kids, three years before, in 1984, and, for goodness’ sake, he did not need to be frightened.

He and his former friends, whom he quickly forgot, were way smarter than the little victims that attack me now, through GCHQ, MI6, CIA, NSA, and DHS—not to mention the Jews in MOSSAD.


Because, now, suddenly, for months, the Deep State attacks me by voice-to-skull, as they emulate the little boy, D.J. Wallis, while they keep using V2K to tell lies, saying I am like them, while these homosexual victims call me Scrotum Lips.


Thus, like all members of the homosexual rape clubs, full of woman-hating cowards, they copy after a little loser, raped by others, their hero, who, weighing ninety pounds, while I weighed one hundred and twenty, called me a dirty name for less than a single month, in 1984, before I stopped ignoring him, and he finally got my notice, which he tried so hard to get, when I shut his foul mouth forever.

Like him, the little weaklings just keep running their mouths, which are raped by their brothers, in their sick initiation rites, until they get someone’s attention and he, or she, breaks out the whoop-ass.


It’s done with the grave, not merely mouth rape, as the scum hurt, humble, and kill each other.


The lies the little cowards tell about female survivors, while they expose their penises to each other, and engage in male-bonding, are just that, lies, but they are true of the boys who join the homosexual mafia.


Like the frat boys and the team players, the soldiers want to be around each others’ penises, which explains why they join up.


And, once again, as they recreate their own Groundhog Days, they move me from ignoring the little losers to making them hurt, humble, and kill each other.


So, I make the boys violate each other’s bodies, harder than ever, taking out their frustrations, as they lie, in GCHQ, NSA, CIA, DHS, and FBI, not to mention MOSSAD, while they watch their favorite sports, like UFC, and MMA, where half-naked competitors manhandle each other’s bodies, snarling and sweating, re-enacting the homosexual rape that turned on the Ancient Greeks, who watched boys wrestle naked in the games that inspire the Modern Olympics.


Trained by homosexual rape, these ugly boys tell lies about beautiful women, while they bond with each other, hating the opposite sex, and natural sex, trained to copy their rapists, while they share penises, together, but those lies apply not to others but, through psychological projection, to themselves.

In other words, their lies about others hold true for them:

They are asking for it….

So, through this website, which has two million hits, with serious deep-state traffic, I will give them what they want.

I will make these little boys, and their bitches, hurt each other.


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26 thoughts on “HOMOSEXUAL RAPE CLUBS”

  1. Well, Tim. I don’t know about “making them hurt each other” as a form of retribution, but it’s your life and your energy, and your connection to the Divine. It’s not for me to tell you how to act unless you violate my boundaries, which you haven’t, so carry on as you feel you are inspired to do.

    Wishing you much love and joy.


    1. Thanks, friend. If you suffered the daily attacks that I do from the scum that gloat over the rape of my daughter, the poisoning of our dog, and the slow-motion death of my father, not to mention their other crimes, you might see that it is the only way for me. But I will not get started. Thanks for giving me space. I am glad that one of us can continue to live in a peaceful state.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Tim. from my experience the biggest sodomisers are the Boy Scouts group worldwide, who action and cover up this particular type of abuse. It happened to me, and i witnessed happening to other boys. The scale of abuse is staggering, and the damage done to the victims is beyond comprehension.This needs to stop NOW. Take care my friend.


      1. Indeed the Boy Scout Worldwide network maybe one of the most toxic and harmful ‘clubs’ on this planet. The rituals involved are a red flag to begin with Dib Dib Dib?. the taking away of young boys to remote camps and plying them with alcohol takes it to another level. This shit happened to me. Scouting for Boys? Absolute monsters.


      2. I was lucky in that I did not have a bad experience in Boy Scouts–although I was drugged, programmed, and abused at soccer camp, something I did not remember for forty years because I was given hyoscine or something like it.


        I write about that in my first book, available for free, below, where I also describe the crimes of Lord Baden-Powell, who was as bad as they come.



  3. Best laugh I’ve had in a long time!!! I crossed paths with one of these fairy’s while working a temp agency warehouse gig.The mandingo receiver was a 20 year something USAF vet from the south flown in by corporate to help organize the warehouse(this guy was one of the worst leaders I’ve seen in my life I was shocked he was able to last 20+ years in the service ).The cowardice and sheer disgusting evil that these maggots emit is beyond me.I cant even describe how shitty of a person this guy was I’ve never hated someone so much in such a short period of being around them, it was only 4 days!!! He even talked about his best friend from the service who was a big black guy of course.


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