The whole machinery of the deep state is destroying itself, so it’s no surprize the plots of idiots fail, again and again, over nothing.


But, meanwhile, actual degenerates killed your father with a stroke, or arranged the rape of your girlfriend, or poisoned your dog, so what can you do?


Fortunately, it is a simple matter to leverage the self-destructive antics of the slaves, so that they hurt each other, through the principles of soft martial arts.


The satanic losers destroy each other constantly, demanding impossible things, lying to each other, and acting out, while slaves torture and kill slaves, since they are their own most available and expendable prey, blaming each other for their own inevitable failures.


The satanic losers spend every second watching you in all kinds of ways, they’re stupid, and they fight each other anyway, so it’s easy to provoke the little losers.


Send them in the direction they think they want to go, as you increase their momentum, blending with their attacks against each other.


Laughing at their failures will drive them crazy, so they will blame and hurt each other, destroying their own chances of success, with anyone, or anything, more and more.


So will celebrating the success of yourself, your family, your friends, and other good people—something they will never have and they always seek to destroy.


Read my books, available, for free, below, which are very funny, informative, and inspirational; so, while you laugh and learn, the satanic child molesters that poison dogs, torture cats, and rape babies will go to town on each other’s bodies.


It’s easy and fun to get payback; and when you see, really see, what they are doing in the world, you will want that more than anything.

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