This month Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the youngest woman ever to serve in the United States House of Representatives.

She won an enormous upset against Democratic Caucus Chair Joe Crowley, who held his office for ten terms.  Crowley had the endorsement of New York’s governor, both its senators, New York City’s mayor, eleven U.S. Representatives, thirty-one local elected officials, thirty-one trade unions, and progressive groups such as the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, the Working Families Party, NARAL Pro-Choice America and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.  That’s quite an upset, and you have to think something’s behind it. 


Ocasio-Cortez has never held elected office before, and she lacks a high school student’s knowledge of government.  Congress has two chambers, the Senate and the House of Representatives, in which Ocasio-Cortez now serves.  She thinks it has three, and she’s also confused about the branches of the federal government–the executive, the legislative, and the judicial–which, as stated in the Federalist Papers, provide the system of checks and balances that protect our liberties.  Witness her statement:

If we work our butts off to make sure that we take back all three chambers of Congress….  Uh, rather, all three chambers of government: the presidency, the Senate, and the House…. 

Notice how Ocasio-Cortez left out the Supreme Court, which protects our constitutional rights.  Even Sarah Palin said, “Yikes!”


Palin is deeply problematic, clearly a product of MK-ULTRA, who appears to be run by Henry Kissinger, while the CIA abuse her.

Sarah Palin, Superheroines, & Rape


But at least Palin understands basic civics.  Maybe the problem is that Ocasio-Cortez isn’t old enough to have studied civics.  As part of NWO’s plot to undermine our country, she had “social studies,” which replaced civics in high schools.

zappa on civics

As Frank Zappa said, “If you don’t know what your rights are, how can you stand up for them?”

Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t know how the United States government works, and she certainly doesn’t know our rights, which she is happy to give up to the New World Order.

Ocasio-Cortez stands against the Second Amendment.  It’s all part of CIA’s OPERATION GLADIO C, in which they use false flag attacks to whip up support for “gun control.”  They want to disarm us and to take away our rights, rights that Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t understand.

Gun Rights, False Flag Attacks, & the Manipulation of Public Opinion

Mia Khalifa, Sex Kittens, and Second Amendment Rights


Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t care about the Second Amendment, which she would happily gut, but she wants to impeach President Trump for alleged violations of the emoluments clause.  How can someone remain ignorant of the two chambers of Congress, the three branches of the federal government, and the system of checks and balances, yet know about the emoluments clause? What’s going on here?


Ocasio-Cortez cares about obscure sections of the Constitution when it comes to impeaching Trump, but some of her supporters don’t care about the Constitution at all.  They think it’s ridiculous that she can’t be president.


Constitutional issues aside, Ocasio-Cortez wants our borders to be more open.  You know, just like Europe, which has been invaded by hordes of Muslim rapists.  I don’t want anything like that to happen here.

How the CIA Promotes Sexual Assaults by Muslims

Coming Soon to Your Country: The Illuminati’s Sick Experiment in Sweden, the War on Cash, Taharrush, & the Persecution of Julian Assange


Meanwhile, Ocasio-Cortez supports the sort of fake feminism espoused by Gloria Steinem, who worked for CIA.

The Whore of Babylon: Lynda Carter, Fake Feminism, & the New World Order

MK-ULTRA Wonder Girl: T.V. Programming, Fake Feminism, & the New World Order


She’s so deluded that she thinks Ted Kennedy was good for women.  Ted Kennedy did a lot of good, for a lot of people, but I do not think it is fair to say, “[H]e did so much for women, empowered, lifted them up….”


Although Ocasio-Cortez opposes real constitutional rights, she supports LGBT “rights,” a movement pedophiles attempt to infiltrate.


Across the board, Ocasio-Cortez promotes big federal government at the expense of states’ rights and individual rights.


Ocasio-Cortez seems brain dead at best, saying things like, “We need to invent technology that’s never even been invented yet.”  That’s called inventing.

alexandria invent

At worst, Ocasio-Cortez is a puppet who promotes the New World Order.  Look at her surprising upset of a ten-term incumbent, her platform, and her odd demeanor.  Ask yourself:  what forces stand behind her?


Ocasio-Cortez is under mind control, the sort that CIA has inflicted on so many of us through their obscene MK-ULTRA program.

Mind Control and Misdiagnosis of Physical & Behavioral Symptoms

Patents for Mind Control Technology

Books by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques

v2k patent 2

Let’s hope this victim never rises higher than her present position.


You can read my second article about Ocasio-Cortez here.  She has recently proposed “The Green New Deal,” a power-grab that is code for The New World Order:  AOC 2.0: Dr. Naomi Wolf Calls Out The Green New Deal & The Smart Grid

AOC - China Flag


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  1. AOC appears to act like a little girl with NO SUPERVISION. She is here and she is there, and she does not know what she is talking about. She may know that socialism is wrong, but it also appears to me that she is a “paid Puppet,” and the sooner she is gone, the better. The people that voted for her must be in the same IQ range, which is sooo sad, and some would say even more than sad. THIS HAS TO STOP!!! How will she get anything passed anyway, as anyone with one-half a brain would veto anything she and her Socialist friends wrote up, thinking “they are just a doin it.” GOD help us!!!


  2. Wow. You seriously need to quit drinking the Q-Aid. You quidiots are something else…
    BTW- Keep Frank Zappa’s name out of your trumpanzee mouth. You’re exactly the type of person he railed against.


    1. You don’t know me at all.

      I just wrote an article taking out Q, exposing it as CIA disinformation under OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, and my expose of Q has gotten over 25,000 hits in its first three months.

      If you would like to become better informed, you can read my article below.

      The topic has been picked up by the John Birch Society, a conservative constitutionalist group of which I am a member, in the latest issue of The New American, which debunks QAnon for different reasons.

      If you need a voice on the left who defends the Constitution and attacks Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez, please read my article below, against AOC and the Green New Deal, which features a video by Dr. Naomi Wolf, sharing my views.

      As for Frank Zappa, whatever his faults, he defended Freedom of Speech under the United States Constitution, and he would never try to silence someone.

      Vent your spleen elsewhere.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello Tim I hope you are well, my reply has no relevance this particular post, apart from exposing criminality. I do remember being concerned watching this particular episode of the British television show ‘This is Your Life’ featuring the boxer Frank Bruno. Musician Phil Collins and the serial nonce Jimmy Savile.. If i can’t post the video i will try with an url. Knowledge is power. Take care


      2. Thanks for sending. I have done some pieces on hand signs, or masonic grips, the criminality of the royal family, and Phil Collins, which may go with this. As you say, knowledge is power, so let’s flip over the rocks under which these creeping excuses for human beings hide.


  3. Fighting Monarch, what do you think?
    I looked up what was reported to be AOC’s alma mater (I think it was Boston University), andt it did appear to check out that she had graduated cum laude. Is she directed to act ditzy for some reason? Do you think she and/or her family have CIA connections?


    1. I can only say that Boston University is controlled by the Jesuits, who are deeply involved in all this stuff, and I think you are right: she acts as she is programmed.

      Look in her eyes: there is nobody home.

      Who knows what the real person was like or if there is anything left of her.


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