CIA programmers at PROJECT MONARCH and MK-ULTRA love superheroines—sexually attractive women, who are independent and strong, and fight villains of all descriptions. These battles are sexually charged, and rape is implied. The evil character wants to overpower the superheroine and to put her in her place, reducing her from an independent actor to a sexual object. It seems safe because it’s make-believe, and no one gets hurt. These characters live in an unreal world, so otherwise normal people may dress up in silly outfits at cosplay conventions, engage in role play with each other, or fantasize about rape through comics, films, and pornography.


CIA and Tavistock Institute put me under in the early 1970s. Using drugs, electroshock, hypnosis, and sexual trauma—not to mention comics, fan fiction, television, and the internet—they programmed me to fantasize about WonderWoman. Likewise, they programmed my next door neighbor, a little girl of the same age, to identify with WonderWoman. I have written about the process elsewhere:

WonderWoman, Sexual Play, Spinning & Dissociation

Pornography, Masturbation, & Why To Avoid It

Some may view superheroine fantasies as a cathartic activity, which provides a harmless outlet for unacceptable desires, just as others may think that violent video games are a harmless way to blow off steam. Reality is different. These fantasies do not purge us of antisocial tendencies, but rather they increase them. Aside from disconnecting people from reality, rape fantasies lead boys to commit rape, and video games make them more violent.

CIA counts on this, and they use technology not only to put these fantasies forward but also to make us act them out. We are bombarded with unhealthy messages on the internet and television, and some of us have implants in our heads. The technology is out there, and they didn’t invent this stuff not to use it. After all, the U.S. Air Force, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, the California Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and the University of Michigan—all centers of mind control—hold the patents:

Mind Control & Misdiagnosis of Physical & Behavioral Symptoms


More specifically, Monarch programmers will “overlay” one image on top of another, as they combine things that do not belong together. They don’t want boys merely to fantasize about raping WonderWoman; they want them to rape someone who looks like WonderWoman. Likewise, they seek to combine political anger, which might find an outlet in activism, with unhealthy sexuality.

Enter Sarah Palin—beauty contest winner, reality t.v. star, Governor of Alaska, and candidate for Vice President of the United States—a self-styled mama grizzly plagued with scandals and the target of left-wing jokes.

Tina Fey has done comic imitations of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live, and Gina Gershon did a sexy parody on Funny or Die.


Remember how CIA controls the media? It not just the news, through OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, but the funny stuff, too.

mockingbird 05

To use Palin’s own words, she is a maverick who went rogue. If that sounds like a superheroine to you, you’re not far off. This woman even has her own comic books. Here’s one, called “Steampunk Palin.”


Here’s another where she appears as Red Sonya with Barack Obama about to take her by force:


Here are some where she is compared to WonderWoman:



Here she is as Rogue Warrior:


And here she is, all hot and snarly, in a Captain America outfit:


And, finally, here is a Palinesque WonderWoman, wearing her trademark glasses:



As I have described elsewhere, I was programmed by the scum at CIA to fantasize about raping WonderWoman. It was only fantasy for me. I would never hurt a woman, and I would kill and die to prevent a sexual assault. But through mind control, drugs, and hypnotism, they “moved me over” to comics depicting rape. As I rationalized to myself, not remembering what they did to me, or what lay behind it, no one was being hurt. It was just a fantasy that probably everyone had at one time or another. My favorite site was Danger Babe Central. Can you believe a grown man would look at this stuff? Such is the power of mind control. But, still, even asleep, we can fight back:

DangerBabeCentral: Where Bad Things Happen To Good Girls

Recently, I remembered a comic that appeared at Danger Babe Central, involving the rape of a superheroine who looked like WonderWoman, Ms. Americana, and wore the very same glasses for which Governor Palin is famous. It was called Terror Strikes.

Here is Sarah Palin herself:



Here are scenes from the comic:



palin.01 copy


They even have that trademark snarl, which comes partly from a controller using implanted technology to maneuver a subject’s face, and the subject, perhaps, fighting back:



And, of course, another part of the fantasy is to make Palin, or another sexy harridan in your life, shut up, either through oral sex or otherwise:


But maybe comics aren’t your thing. Or maybe that is too rough, even in a drawing. For those people, there are pornographic movies with Sarah Palin lookalikes who act out sexual fantasies. They reduce a woman who was first reduced to a political figure still further to a sex object. In her books, Cathy O’Brien describes Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler, and his complicity in MK-ULTRA as “the official White House pornographer.”

Cathy O’Brien: An American Hero

Flynt released “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin” on November 4, 2008, immediately before the national election in which Palin was running for Vice President. That’s the kind of respect the CIA shows for democratic institutions….

Later they filmed “Obama is Nailin’ Palin’” to fuel further fantasies about Governor Palin or perhaps to stoke racial or political anger at President Obama:


Or maybe you prefer innuendo, where the sexual image, like a hypnotic command, is subliminal. Look at this picture, where Palin jokes about her body, comparing it to a gunrack, while her husband holds a rifle, which would fit in that rack, up like his penis:


Or how about this one? Where, as in the old film, Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman, Palin strides the streets of the capital, in the swimsuit she wore in her beauty contests, next to the Washington Monument, a giant phallic obelisk that is one of the Illuminati’s symbols:




Here, too, is Palin, a self-styled Christian, flashing another Illuminati symbol associated with satanism:


What did the Illuminati do to this woman? And who did it? Brice Taylor, in her book, Thanks for the Memories, describes her enslavement and rape by Henry Kissinger under CIA PROJECT MONARCH:

Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor

Suddenly, it becomes understandable why brainiac foreign policy advisor, and NWO honcho, Henry Kissinger, shows up in intimate poses with Sarah Palin, who, frankly, does not seem as though she has much to contribute to a conversation on international affairs:





It’s not the first time. Kissinger also kept other so-called beta sex slaves under the program, such as Jill St. John, who appears here wearing the leopard print that can mark women who were abused and brainwashed by CIA:


Sometimes, though, one has to wonder: who’s more brainwashed, the so-called handler or the so-called slave….


But back to the leopard print, which we also see Sarah Palin wearing:


Alone it might mean nothing, but combined with other signifiers, that print is PROJECT MONARCH language, and it means beta sex-kitten:


Many have worn it, many wear it still, and it was popularized by sex symbols such as Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield….



The print is not the only cartel signaling that appears around Sarah Palin. Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler describe the use of The Wizard of Oz in MK-ULTRA:

Books by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques

Note the satanic pentagram on Dorothy’s wand:




And here Palin, who sometimes aspires to project Dorothy’s wholesomeness, as well as her cluelessness, appears in ruby slippers.



Palin loves red and black, and they are the colors associated with satanism, which lies at the root of MK-ULTRA mind control, and is practiced by Illuminati scum the world over. Sometimes I wonder if they also have some kind of Red Riding Hood program going on with her….




God knows why, but the programmers and the handlers love to advertise their influence. Perhaps it’s a form of bragging that a so-called slave belongs to one of them—just as they will hypnotize people to tattoo their bodies, branding themselves like cattle. Or maybe it’s what the Illuminati call “revelation of the method,” which is meant to demoralize fathers, husbands, and others who fight back.

(Otherwise, you can read more on cartel signaling here:  Mia Khalifa & Satanic Cartel Signaling).

But how does it work? What put Palin in her “altered state,” as advertised in her interestingly titled photoshoot for Vogue:


Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler describe the Illuminati’s methods of mind control, as employed by the trash at CIA, in their books, The Illuminati Formula Used To Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave and Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula, to which I have linked above. So does the author of Svali Speaks:

Svali Speaks

What is more surprising is that the comic described above, published by Mr. X at Danger Babe Central, shows the very same techniques, and although I read it during the years I was “asleep” under the hypnotic control of my programmers, I never noticed until now.

Sometimes the scum at CIA will use Rohypnol in a drink, or an injection in a sleeping person, to knock someone out. But they can also use an aerosolated gas for the same purpose….


They will sexually abuse a person in the most horrific ways, and, then, in combination with the drugs, they will attempt to hypnotize their subject to enjoy the abuse. “Listen to my voice,” is what Ms. Americana, Palin’s WonderWoman double, hears in this frame, where she is commanded to take pleasure in bondage and rape:

palin.16 copy 2

Under trauma-based mind control, our minds seek to protect ourselves, so we forget the horror, through the creation of amnesia walls, splitting, and alters. “I don’t want to remember this,” is a phrase I remember repeating at the end of sessions where I was abused, as my female controller told me, “It’s not good for you to remember this.” This covers a split:


Then, as though the drugs, hypnotism, and trauma were not enough, subjects are electroshocked so that they lose their memories.

palin.16 copy



After a session, we don’t remember a damned thing. It is very hard to convince someone that he or she has been abused under MK-ULTRA. CIA did these things to me, and it took me forty years to wake up.


Are you starting to see what’s going on? You betcha!



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  1. This article goes right to the heart of things. The implant technology you mention are a combination of brain chips and head implants. These days it is combined with nanotechnology. It looks more and more that an entire generation of young people has already been implanted. Sadly, this is not a bad joke but the result of generation after generation screaming whistle-blowers down as “conspiracy theorists”, using the term developed by the CIA. This means that with those implants any child can be turned into a twerking little sex slave – at the age of 3. And that is precisely the plan.


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