California used to be the greatest state in America.  It had mountains, forests, a large valley for agriculture, vineyards, and a thriving middle class.

california postcard

I went to college in California, at Pomona College, one of the best liberal arts colleges in the United States.  


My daughter and I travelled to California, spending a week in Big Sur, hiking, staying in a small log cabin atop Palo Colorado Canyon, watching elephant seals, sea lions, and sea otters.

Lily near Jade Cove

Joni Mitchell came from Canada to settle in California, and she wrote a beautiful song about it.  Little did she know it was as slated for destruction as she.

MK-ULTRA: The Targeting of Joni Mitchell, Shamanic Conversions, & Morgellons

I love California–at least I used to.  But it has become the worst state in the union.

Why? Because it is targeted.  The New World Order, the CIA, and the globalists are working non-stop to destroy America, to destroy everything good, to destroy individual people.

What They Want To Take From Us (part one)

What They Want To Take From Us (part two)

What They Want To Take From Us (part three)

octopus political cartoon

Just as many of us are targeted individuals, California is a targeted state.  It’s not an accident that California is falling apart, that it went from the best state to the worst.  It happened somehow.  We need to understand how, so it doesn’t happen to the rest of America.

rodin thinker

There have been several waves of invasion.  First California was invaded by the film industry. 

Hollywood has poisoned our minds since the 1920s, and there children are sexually abused on a regular basis.

White Zombie: Pre-Code Movies in Hollywood

Shirley Temple, Pedophilia, and the Deep State

In the 1930s, Hollywood advertised to the rest of the country how beautiful California was….

This led to an invasion of white trash, the Okies, who flooded California.

These people were driven by the destruction of their land in the Dust Bowl.  The New World Order is an old hand at using weather as a weapon.  They were doing it to Ethiopia in the 1930s.  Is it so impossible for them to have used biological, chemical, and weather weapons in Oklahoma?

Chemtrail, Smart Dust, & Mind Control: Look Up! You Are Being Poisoned

The Destruction of Ethiopia: CIA’s Use of Drought, Famine, & Aid as Weapons

Is it so impossible to believe that the New World Order, and the Illuminati, created the Great Depression? 

The Great Depression catapulted Hitler to power, and it expanded the scope of the federal government, while criminals like Prescott Bush tried to hijack Washington.  Meanwhile, the Dust Bowl raged, driving the homeless to California.

General Butler and the Business Plot: War Is A Racket

Hollywood and the Okies couldn’t destroy California, so the New World Order created the hippies.

CIA’s Use of Timothy Leary, the Hippies, and the Human Potential Movement

The Scream of the Butterfly – Jim Morrison and Project Monarch

It’s not an accident that the national news media created the Summer of Love, telling our young people to leave home, go to San Francisco, and do drugs.  It’s an existing CIA operation, called OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.

More on CIA’s Use of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters


At the same time, CIA created riots in California, striking Watts.

Fake Civil Rights: Why Black People Burn Down Their Own Neighborhoods

Later CIA used the media, playing footage of Rodney King’s beating, over and over again, omitting the part where he purported to surrender and then choked a police officer, so they could create further riots in California.

Anger Management: More on CIA’s Use of Anger

Meanwhile, the New World Order unleashed a flood of immigrants into California from Mexico.

Mass immigration is destroying California.

California has a real debt of more than one trillion dollars, it’s a total mess, but somehow it counts as one of the world’s largest economies….

California imprisons large numbers of its people.

California’s streets are filled with homeless people who defecate in public.

Los Angeles has a growing rat population–actual rodents not just degenerates.

Despite a flood of immigrants, California’s farms have a labor shortage.

Meanwhile, California has been hit with further droughts….

Water shortages are hurting the Central Valley.  Are they really an accident?

Here’s a documentary on California’s ten worst cities–the ten worst cities in what was once the best state in America.

Does this sound like an accident to you? 

Do you think California just happened to fall apart?

This is what is happening to our whole damned country.

The New World Order is a long way from done with California.

As indicated in the video above, NWO is starting fires in California on purpose.  

Why?  Take a look at the map below.

china railway map

Aside from their hatred of California and America, the New World Order wants to clear a path for a high speed rail system, which will run from China to the United States.

That project is a small part of China’s larger plan to create a world-wide high-speed train system, and it alone has a price tag of almost $250 trillion dollars.

As I have written before, China has a close connection with the deep state, and my traffic reports indicate they are spying on this website.

My Website Traffic over the First Ten Months

The Coming False Flag Attack on China’s Three Gorges Dam


Dianne Feinstein, who represents California in the United States Senate, has an interest in China’s high speed train system.

Meanwhile, Feinstein’s colleague from California, a fellow Democrat and the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, participates in staged meetings with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who seeks to expand the power of the federal government, and deprive us of our liberties, under the banner of fake environmentalism.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The Face of the New World Order

AOC 2.0: Dr. Naomi Wolf Calls Out the Green New Deal & the Smart Grid

AOC - China Flag

And a faction in the Democratic Party wants to run another candidate from California, who would take away our liberties:  Kamala Harris.

Who’s Behind the Attacks on Biden?

kamala harris nwo

California fires happen in the area for which part of China’s high-speed railway is planned–so the government doesn’t have to pay money for people’s land.

Map - Fires and Rail

That’s why the fires destroy people’s houses, and they leave adjacent golf courses green.

They’re not forest fires at all.


These fires are high tech arson, and they are started by directed energy weapons.


Other versions of those weapons are used against each of us, causing strange symptoms that doctors misdiagnose.

Microwave Harassment, Mind Control, and Misdiagnosis

Doctors Who Stand Against Microwave Harassment


Let’s look at some more pictures of how those “wildfires” start.


Does that look like an accident to you? How about these?


Or these? Do they look like accidents?


How about this picture of a car melted in a California “wildfire?”

Aluminum melting point begins at 1220°F.  Asphalt softens at around 150°F, and the cement in it liquifies around 250°F.  The plastic striping melts at around 400°F.  When this car’s aluminum wheels melted, why did the neighboring vineyards stay green?

Particular people, driving particular cars, and living in particular houses are being targeted by high-tech directed energy weapons (DEW), so the New World Order can put forward a big money project.

Californians are being herded into FEMA camps, while their homes are destroyed by a foreign enemy in league with domestic traitors.

Response Team

And they are not the only people being herded into FEMA camps….

Like California, America is under attack.

Wake up!


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  1. Just found your site & I am happy I did.
    I can’t wait to read all your other articles.

    I’m glad people are waking up to the truth. But we need more. California is being flooded by illegal aliens from all over the 3rd world, many who do not even like us or America. The DemonRATS & Rinos have gone so far left that they have lost their minds & they aren’t even trying to hide it. Makes me sick! If even one of them becomes President, we are screwed! Just look at what the alt-left has done to destroy Europe? Canada? & many others. How can we stop this when people like George Soros has started up & funded groups like BLM, Antifa, FemaNazi groups, groups to flood Westernized Countries with 3rd world illegal alien moochers etc.? Which he really could care less about those groups, he just wants to create pure chaos to ruin us & other westernized countries. He has even said so. He has paid agitators & their brainwashed shills doing much of his dirty work.

    Thank you for starting this site to spread the truth. I will defiantly share your site with other like minded people. I’m going to checkout other articles on your site right now.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, my friend! I am under constant attack by CIA, and this website is one way I am fighting to take back our republic. It means a lot to me that others find my articles informative or inspiring.

      You may be interested in my pieces on OPERATION GLADIO C, the New World Order’s attempt to destroy our gun rights through false flag attacks.

      Here, too, is another article I wrote. It concerns, in part, the Dylann Roof shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, of which I have personal knowledge.


    2. We can stop by many many people praying the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Mother Mary. It is very very powerful. Our Lady of Fatima told us this would happened if man did not change their ways. She said Jesus Her Son was very offended by the way man was sinning AND that was in 1917. Look at the world now. California is now Sodom and Gommora She requested we pray many rosaries for peace. I duly pray mine to honor our Lady’s request. God bless all.


  2. WOW! We knew so little about each other. You have bear just like symbol of my country and 5 pointed star that visible in our the most ancient buildings. And there I see building whose floors are drowned in clay.

    Liked by 1 person

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