In the Eighties, you couldn’t get away from Phil Collins.

You didn’t have to buy a single one of his albums, since his music constantly played on the radio.

What was that about?

We were all implanted with cybernetics, so there was radio in our cars—and radio in our heads.

That’s why you sometimes think of a song a split second before it plays on your radio.

You can read more about what’s behind these attacks—not to mention the Eighties—in my books, available, for free, below.

Earlier, the Tavistock Institute was concerned that smart people were listening to progressive rock, or prog rock, and they did not want it to become political.

That’s why Robert Fripp suddenly stopped writing songs like “21st Century Schizoid Man,” which criticized the War in Viet Nam, while he played in Hyde Park, the only spot in England where they have anything like the First Amendment.

Robert Fripp led what was then the biggest rock group in the world, King Crimson, but you probably never heard of them, and you will never hear them on corporate radio.

Robert Fripp threw it all away, as he went to study at Sherbourne House.

Sherbourne House was run by John Godolphin Bennett, who served as the Head of British Military Intelligence, B Division, before he was turned from political endeavors to mystical pursuits.

I know because I learned the Work from one of Mr. Bennett’s students.

Ironically, this method of meditation provides an excellent means to fight microwave harassment—not surprising since the enemy’s plans always backfire.

With Fripp out, the Tavistock Institute worked to depoliticize what was left of prog rock.

Yes was their project, as they tried to make people peace out.

One part was left:  how to destroy Genesis.

Peter Gabriel went on to do songs like “Shock The Monkey,” as he exposed animal experimentation.

Peter Gabriel went on to do songs like “Biko,” as they used his idealism to destroy South Africa.

But, finally, Peter Gabriel went from controlled opposition to sexual addiction, as he became famous for his repulsive song:  “Sledgehammer.

Phil Collins was easier to deal with.

The Tavistock Institute drove him to divorce, so he wrote song after song about his personal situation.

Then, they used him as controlled opposition, singing his very worst songs, as part of LiveAid, a boondoggle that disguised a real attack on Ethiopia.

Phil Collins went on to get political with “Illegal Alien.”

But then he wrote “Jesus He Knows Me,” taking on the evangelicals, hypocrites who got the president elected, as Cisco Wheeler exposed the Illuminati’s control of the bible-thumpers.

Phil Collins had enjoyed five years of relentless radio play, not to mention the attempt to combine television, music, and mind control, through MTV.

But when he took a stand against the evangelicals, exposing them as a criminal enterprise, Phil Collins just went away….

Why do you think that happened?


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10 thoughts on “THE RISE & FALL OF PHIL COLLINS”

  1. Noooo! I absolutely adore Peter Gabriel, the soundtrack to The Last Temptation of Christ is a masterpiece. However, I will grant you he is kind of in to that Gnostic Tantric concept of sex as a religious experience. Not to mention his idolization of NWO puppets like Desmond Tutu and Mandela 🇿🇦 🤮

    Phil later won an Oscar for the Tarzan soundtrack for Disney, so I’d say his exile was short lived and rather gentle.


  2. Hi, very appreciative of your page. How would I find a lawyer to help with a lawsuit against a corporation using mind control tactics on people unable to fight back. They really feel they can control people. The cell phone has made this even worse. Thank you for any help or resources that you can provide.


    1. I practiced law for many years, and I have brought some very targeted and limited lawsuits, of a conventional nature, but, overall, I believe that it is more productive to raise people’s consciousness through journalism, writing, and activism than to waste time in the courts. That said, I’ve been wrong before….


      1. I understand and see the need for both,however, I admit I have much less experience with this than you. I have been dealing with this for over a year with a company who is misrepresenting themselves as being financial security for working people when they need it the most and cannot provide for themselves. They collect lots of money from consumers only to stab them in the back when they need the help the company promised to give. There has to be some way to help those who can’t help themselves and often can’t fight back. This company takes advantage of this criminally.


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