Thirty years ago, I was a student at Pomona College, in the once great State of California, about which Joni Mitchell sang.

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There my room-mate and close friend, a man like a brother to me, was the son of a really cool guy.

murray lerner cigar

Murray Lerner was a Jewish-American intellectual macho man from Greenwich Village who earned a degree from Harvard, taught at Yale, and not only directed but also filmed documentaries on Bob Dylan, the Who, and many others among the Ayatollahs of Rock and Rollah!

murray lerner

I recently watched his film on the performance of Roberta Joan Mitchell, OC, at the Isle of Wight.

Both Sides Now by Murray and Noah Lerner is a masterpiece, which shows the Isle of Wight Festival, in 1970, for what it was.

isle of wight posterDo you see the pattern on the poster?  It reminds me of the tesselated pavement in the masonic temples across Britain.


Under the direction of the Illuminati, the freemasons run the show, they run Tavistock Institute, and they hate Jews.

That’s why they tried to cheat my friend’s father out of his money.  

masons cheat 01

Having made an earlier film about the Newport Folk Festival, Murray Lerner hired seven roaming film crews to document the Isle of Wight, but the promoters refused to pay him; so he had to sue to get the footage.

murray lerner 01

It took four years in England’s courts until his work was returned to him, so he could tell the true story of the Isle of Wight.

Read the Story in the Huffington Post!

isle of wight orgy

They fucked with the wrong Jew!

murray lerner old

In film after film, Murray Lerner told the story of the Isle of Wight with a film-maker’s eye.

motion picture camera

The Isle of Wight was a mess.

isle of wight ugly

The whole thing was a set up by the Tavistock Institute.


Look how they ran Jim Morrison, the son of an admiral, who made his last filmed appearance at the Isle of Wight before CIA murdered him.

Read about Jim Morrison, the Doors, & MK-ULTRA!


Look how they ran Timothy Leary, who was born at West Point, worked for the Army, studied under the Jesuits, and was managed by the CIA through Joanna Harcourt-Smith.

Read about Timothy Leary, the Counter-Culture, & MK-ULTRA!

Timothy Leary
18th January 1973: Dr Timothy Leary with Joanna Harcourt-Smith. (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

Look how they ran Ken Kesey, who studied at Stanford University, bathed at Esalen, and signed papers to be brainwashed by the CIA.

Read about Ken Kesey, the Grateful Dead, & MK-ULTRA!

ken kesey hypnopattern

Look how they ran the Beatles, whose lyrics were written by Theodor Adorno.

Read about Satanic Cartel Signaling and the Beatles!

The entire counter-culture was the product of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Tavistock Institute.


So what are we to make of the fact that they lured and herded over 600,000 hippies onto an island with limited access?

isle of wight

They wanted things to turn ugly on that island, so they could round up hippies.

false flag school

They wanted to use a controlled riot, something like Altamont, as a false flag attack, to justify a repressive response in England.


Joni Mitchell had just come from Greece, which CIA ran through Colonel George Papadopoulos.

When Joni Mitchell visited Crete, no one was allowed to carry a guitar into the country:  it was too subversive!


That’s what the English Establishment wanted to have through controlled riots on the Island of Wight–an excuse to make everyone toe the line!

british police brutality

Why was there such a small police presence?

english bobby

They wanted to be overwhelmed, just as in the Brighton Riots, where Tavistock arranged public disorder involving not the Hippies but earlier groups of vulnerable teenagers–the Mods and the Rockers.

Through OPERATION GLADIO A, NWO played this game, false flag attacks, as they staged phony bomb threats and real terrorist actions, blamed them on the Irish Republican Army, and the MRF posed as the IRA, as the English traitors used these tactics to destroy people’s liberties.

Through OPERATION GLADIO B, NWO played this game, false flag attacks, as they destroyed the World Trade Center, on 911, to force the passage of the PATRIOT ACT.

Contact Your Representatives – Tell Them To Oppose the PATRIOT ACT!

Through OPERATION GLADIO C, NWO plays this game, false flag attacks, as they stage school and mass shootings, spreading the news through OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, in an attempt to take our guns.

Read about the Attack on our Gun Rights!

They’re doing the same with the Coronavirus, following years of germ warfare staged by the British in their own country.

Read about Bill Gates, EVENT 201, and COVID-19!

Read about COVID-19, MSEHPA, and FEMA!

No wonder NWO kept promoting peace and love in the sixties….

hippie loser

They wanted us to lie down for it.

hippy flower soldier

CIA ran Laurel Canyon from Lookout Mountain.

But Joni Mitchell turned the tables on them.

joni mitchell cunning

This woman is a genius, and no one pushes her around.

joni mitchell crazy cigarette

That’s why she’s my hero, and that’s why the scum at CIA, MI-6, and MOSSAD hate her.

Read More about Joni Mitchell, her Heroism, & her Targeting!

joni mitchell tough

Joni Mitchell missed Woodstock, but she memorialized it in song, even though the cartel cluttered her performance with monarchs, devils, and odd symbols.

When she made it to the Isle of Wight, the woman-hating homos in British Military Intelligence tried to sabotage her performance.

joni wight aggrieved

Some loser she had known from Crete, calling himself Yogi Joe, pushed his way on stage, as CIA tried to mess her up.

yogi joe

You can see from my friend’s excellent film–and you can see a lot of things in that picture—they were really trying to queer this heroic lady, but she held her own.

Roberta Joan Mitchell didn’t let the scum push her around:  she got angry in just the right way.

Be Angry Our Way–Not Theirs!

joni wight angry

Then she peaced everyone out, turning the crowd around, in a masterful show of counter-mind-control.

joni mitchell thoughtful

No one else had trouble, except Joni Mitchell, who may have prevented a riot, and was followed by Tiny Tim, who sang in a musical form invented by the English–Vaudeville.

tiny tim

To rousing cheers, the degenerate intoned, “There Will Always Be An England.”

There sure will.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

joni wight end


      1. You may well be. I haven’t checked. Unfortunately, they took her over and destroyed her mind and body a long time ago. Who knows if anyone is at home any more, or if it’s even the same person who wrote the songs I love (since they may have swapped her out with a double). Meanwhile, I was spending time with the real her, who was admittedly fighting brainwash back then, as I listened to Court and Spark, with Rum and Cokes, this afternoon.


    1. ps I also watched her doing an interview in the past where she talked about how Western medicine has murdered or harmed millions of children… so I was very surprised when my partner told me she had voiced support for the death shot… What is going on with her?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hear you. Please see my earlier response to your earlier comment. Let’s remember the real Joan Mitchell, as we avenge the enemy’s attacks on her mind, body, and memory!


  1. Thank you for this piece on Joni Mitchell and the embedded videos. Her voice is timeless and so needed right now! While the music industry was so manipulated and corrupted it is amazing she was able to survive it all. I think it’s because she was a total genius and they left her alone.

    Liked by 1 person

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