I have been working on my book, Wonder Women:  Growing To Manhood under MK-ULTRA, which follows my life, and accompanying world events, roughly, from 1991 to 2000, with some lookback.

This is the third volume of my five-book series, on MK-ULTRA, and it will come out by the end of the year.

You can download the earlier books, for free, by clicking the link below.

My books address sexual programming, among other topics, and they celebrate the bravery and beauty of some of the women who posed for Playboy.

In the third volume, I come to the astounding conclusion that the Tavistock Institute placed women in Playboy just so they could manipulate little ol’ me, as they sought to conflate these women with people in my life.

Here is one of the women who posed, beating out 5000 competitors for one of twelve spots.

Saskia Linssen doesn’t look sexy enough to be a Playmate, but she does look a lot like my girlfriend at the time.

Plus there were other correspondences in her shoot.

It makes me suspicious of some other things that were going on.

Elsewhere I have written about the use of arranged meetings to attack a woman who was entrained at the same programming center and grew up in my town:  Playmate of the Year Marilyn Lange.

Look for coincidences in your life, and you will see enemy action.

Look for the person you keep running into.

NSA, and their affiliates, use mass media, putting commercials in your way.

They do this with the internet as well as television.

So it’s not much of a stretch to see how some of us are targeted, not just through arranged meetings, not just through directed messaging, but through the very creation of particular magazines, shows, and movies.

Still, my focus here is not on the attacks against me but on someone who overcomes them.

Deborah Driggs didn’t just pose for Playboy.

Deborah Driggs overcame adversity, sacrificing a promising career as a figure skater, and almost not graduating from high school, while she worked low-paying jobs, after her parents’ divorce. 

Plus she’s hot!

Debbie stands a model for us all, as she responds with flexibility, strength, and determination to relentless targeting by the woman-hating homosexuals in the global intelligence community.

Changing career after career, this American, who does not know the meaning of the word defeat, earned a degree, became an actress, danced in a professional troupe, and cheered for the USFL.  Because the United States Football League was also targeted, it played for only three seasons; but Debbie had more staying power.  She married an Olympic athlete, putting aside a solid acting career to focus on her family; but then the scum destroyed her marriage, leaving her a single mom with three kids.  In Park City, Deborah Driggs did what she had to do to support her family, managing a day spa and selling real estate.  Then, the market crashed, so she had to reinvent herself—becoming a vice president in a global print sales company.  But the print industry is also targeted, so she moved into the insurance business, where she achieved further success.

Not content to win herself, the Playmate embodies noblesse oblige. 

She lends her support to charities like OPERATION UNDERGROUND RAILROAD, which fights sex trafficking.

And she lends her support to GO CAMPAIGN, which helps vulnerable children. 

She even helped to found a school in Peru. 

While she does not see the trash that attack her, Debbie fights back. 

As described in the article below, people mistake voice-to-skull whispers, broadcast by the enemy, for their own thoughts.

The scum use V2K to try to make their betters feel bad, when they fail to destroy us outright.

Miss Driggs sees the matter differently because she doesn’t know about microwave harassment; but, just the same, she helps others to take a stand against their attackers.

To use her own words,

Dedicated to helping women break through negative self-talk and take on any challenge to which they set their minds, Deborah knows how much of a difference it can make to have a helping hand when one needs it the most.

In interestingly titled talks, like “Not Taking No for an Answer” and “No Means Maybe in Sales,” Debbie has shared her winning business tactics. 

No wonder she appeared on a number of podcasts, since, like me, this excellent lady uses the enemy’s tools, the internet, and Playboy, to help other people.

Her flexibility and tenacity is a model to every targeted individual.

Never say die!


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  1. Man, Deborah Driggs was THE BOMB!! Now probably 20 or so years after seeing it, I still remember her from a Playboy “video pictorial” she made in which (among other things) she slowly removes some satin gloves with her TEETH while an appreciative man watches. Incredible!! Maybe you’ve seen it; if not, I’m sure it’s online somewhere.

    Also, in case it interests you, my brother was a professor of psychology at McGill and spent some time at “The Neuro” (their brain surgery hospital), rumored to be one of the old MK Ultra sites. It’s a very old and spooky castle-like building high on a steep hill, and I’ve been in there numerous times.

    Oh, and one of my FB friends works for CSIS. 😀

    But DEBORAH DRIGGS, man… now SHE is one mind-control agent I would love to meet!


    1. Well, she’s not a mind control agent…but she is a hot lady. You can read a steamy imaginary sex scene with her in my third book when it comes out. In the meantime, here’s a link to my first two books, which you may enjoy. Some sexy scenes in there–although it always comes back to the unsentimental observation that the enemy has programmed us and ruined sex. 😦 As indicated in the article below, I feel as brave as a Playmate having written and published my books!


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