Thirty years ago, I spent the large part of my junior year abroad, studying at Cambridge University.

I didn’t know the junior year abroad was introduced to American college students by the war profiteer, homosexual deviant, and Illuminist, Pierre S. du Pont, as part of his pet school, the University of Delaware–even though that’s where my cousin got his doctorate in chemical engineering, and I lived just a few miles from his estate at Longwood Gardens.

I didn’t know that I had been brainwashed under CIA PROJECTS MK-ULTRA, ARTICHOKE, and SLEEPING BEAUTY.

Under PROJECT MONARCH, I had been hypnotized, drugged, and sexually abused at the same programming center as the Playmate of the Year, Marilyn Lange, who came from my home town.

Under the direction of the Tavistock Institute, and their affiliates at the Central Intelligence Agency, I would soon fall in love with an Englishwoman they placed in my path.

If you think you’re in love, it is invariably hypnotism combined with cybernetic abuse.

As Cisco Wheeler, the grand niece of General Earle Wheeler, Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff, writes, seemingly coincidental meetings are often used by mind control programmers to lead people together.

That’s how they led Marilyn Lange to divorce her husband, drop out of school, move to Hawaii, and pose for Playboy.

And it’s how they led me and my new girlfriend to travel to Paris together.

Did you know the Eiffel Tower was used for microwave harassment?

That’s what they were hitting us with.

NSA broadcast subliminal commands into our heads, using voice-to-skull transmission.

Only we didn’t notice it.

Today it’s even easier since people carry smartphones, which NSA can use to piggyback signal, snoop, or send messages.

But then people just showed up, seemingly at random, as you kept running into them.

“It’s a small world,” as they said at another programming center, Disneyland, used heavily in MK-ULTRA and PROJECT MONARCH.

Disney was exposed by Susan Ford, writing as Brice Taylor, as she was controlled and abused by Henry Kissinger.

The fact that anyone would go to Disney World, over and over, let alone regard it as the experience of a lifetime, is evidence alone of brainwashing.

Anything that everyone feels obliged to do is always brainwash.

And backpacking in Europe is something people feel obliged to do.

We were too cool for backpacks and hostels.

But we were on a similar trip, and we had the same guide:  Let’s Go Europe.

Part of that trip is the EurailPass.

It makes it easy for people to pair up, split up, or rearrange into new groups, since they have unlimited travel on the train.

Meanwhile, their every movement is watched in a way it could not be if they were actually backpacking.

How many used those backpacks on actual hiking trips?

What’s that about?

None of this stuff worked on me–partly since I didn’t have a backpack and I bought individual tickets for trains–but also since I wouldn’t abandon a friend with whom I made plans to travel and I didn’t travel with strangers.

Meanwhile, through fake bomb threats, staged as part of NATO OPERATION GLADIO, trains were delayed.

Lockdowns were practiced, as NATO blamed false flag attacks on the IRA and other stooges.

But I could care less:  I was happy to read my book.

Constant bomb threats seemed part of the English experience.

Before I left for the Continent, three giggling English schoolgirls approached me on the train, passing a note, with their address and number.

I was amused, but there was no way I was going to contact them.

Then a lady acquaintance from California showed up in the Vienna Train Station. 

We had lived in the same courtyard two years before.

Now, as she returned from Kenya, we bumped into each other six thousand miles away.

And, a few days earlier, we had met a new friend, with whom we spent the afternoon, who came from Mount Vernon, Washington, from which my neighbor in the same courtyard, who came from a bloodline Illuminati family, also hailed.

Later I learned that my lady friend’s grandfather, Heinz von Foerster, worked for the Nazis on short-wave, radio, and plasma research.

After the war, he fought the Communists as a science correspondent for Radio Free Europe.

In connection with OPERATION PAPERCLIP and MK-ULTRA, he came to America to do work on cybernetics and memory, which CIA funded through the Macy Foundation.  

You can learn more in the excellent documentary film about CIA’s cybernetics program, The Minds of Men, by Aaron and Melissa Dykes.

My acquaintance’s grandfather led a program on microwave technology, and he received funding from the Pentagon to establish and direct the Biological Computer Laboratory at the University of Illinois.  

Years later, his work would feature in Das Netz:  The Unabomber, LSD and the Internet, which connected cybernetics, the counter-culture, and state-sponsored terrorism.

Does that sound like a coincidence to you?


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  1. I have been studying your site for a few weeks now. I know that I am being mind controlled. I think I was hijacked at a very early age. I simply do not understand why me? Other than being attractive physically, I see no reason why I would be a subject for mind control.

    I believe it is demonic. I say this because I encountered them from a very early age (around six or seven). One was a blonde boy, blue suit, white shirt, red tie, blonde hair, blue eyes. Just stood by my bed all night. There were others. In addition, I was attending a church where the “pastor” sent a witch to my home, unbeknownst to me she was a witch. She pinched my left shoulder, I lost consciousness, but I knew she was making scissor motions over my head. Consequently not long after big chunks began to go missing from my hair. I have a vision of my father holding me over some kind of altar as an infant. I’m in nothing but a diaper and he is digitally raping me. Odd. I have always been a sexual person and often wake up orgasming. Also, I have nearly all of the signs of being controlled as pointed out in your chart.

    There is so much more. I feel now as though I am being cancelled everywhere with everyone I know. Even the VA hospital would not treat me.

    Well, not sure where this is going here. There is literally no one to speak with about this. Thank you for your site. I feel like I landed at home here.

    Godspeed Trudy Collins


    1. Something thats left out of alot of explinations is that there is an inter dimentional aspect to mind control and programing. Often energetic beings are attached to victims into whats called ” the system” of fragmented personalities. They dont even need physical implants anymore, they to can be extra dimentional, although physical manipulation of victims is still very common, much more is accomplished ouside our perceptions of physical reality.


      1. I believe this to be gamma programming. There are good guys and bad guys who believe what you say, but I believe it all boils down to cybernetics and hypnosis.

        There may be astral forces at play; but the enemy creates fake astral forces to trick us, so these kinds of beliefs can make us vulnerable to manipulation.

        My article on kundalini may be interesting in this regard.

        So, for the bad guys’ view, may my article on sacrifice and the luciferian calendar. Frankly, I think the enemy are insane, they fool themselves, and they fool their own.

        Did I mention that Heinz von Foerster was a magician in his youth?

        Or that the Illuminati arranged my birthday, and that of my friend Dr. Horton, on magical days through induced labor that was not medically required?

        As indicated in my very early article below, I feel that Michael the Archangel, however we call this force, aids my fights, since I was born on Michaelmas; but I know the enemy is playing games of their own and they seek to trick me through this–even now as they speak subliminally through voice-to-skull on a frequency they think I cannot hear saying things about the angel who kills the dragon.

        They played similar games without cybernetics on Joan of Arc, although I believe the real St. Michael also acted through her.

        Be on your guard. If these beliefs help your fight, then good; but they constitute what even a spiritual teacher would call dangerous practices.


      2. There is no reply button on your reply so ill reply here. I agree with you and have read every article on this site, your work is well researched and well informed. All im saying is dont be suprised if technology way outside the realm of our perceptions is also used, as well as the alphabet soup types are actually not the top tear of what is being done to us…. Truth is stranger than fiction.


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