University education is nothing but a confidence trick.

I have taught college for eleven years, as I hold a doctorate, a master’s degree, and a bachelor’s degree—not to mention a law degree—from the best places in the country.

You can read about my early education in the books I have published on this site, available, for free, below.

You do not need to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to get an education, while you could read the books for free.

Your degree, from the highest place, will not get you a job while it plunges you in debt.

College is a con.

College is a trap.

My daughter’s mother made a very intelligent decision when her father died.

She considered going back to school to finish her bachelor’s degree, but, then, she realized that she would be working the same job—just like all the other well-educated ladies who had worked in the coffee shop, in the florist, or in the chocolatier right next to her.

So she went to beauty school, learning to cut hair, so she could earn a better living.

That’s a smart move—unlike going to college.

Don’t go to college, and don’t buy into the system.

Don’t go to a technical institute, or any place where you are required to board, costing you money, while you are vulnerable to implantation with the cybernetics developed at places like Rensselaer, Georgia Tech, and CIT.

But if that’s too crazy for you, just stick to the numbers for room, board, tuition, and loans.

Run your own business, go to trade school, and take multiple jobs to hedge bets, while you build networks of independent relationships, never feeling comfortable, but always ready to move to something else.

That’s the word of a former corporate lawyer and current college professor.

Don’t work for them:  work for yourself.


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9 thoughts on “COLLEGE IS A CON”

  1. I have to agree with the main message of this post – as another college professor – that degrees in many subjects are a money-trap, and I fail to teach the practical skills that are needed to effectively integrate into most workplace. There are a small number of exceptions, but most degrees are useless.

    What has also happened in higher education and general U.S. society is that the message has shifted to: “get a masters degree and you will earn more money.”

    As someone who, similar to the author, has a BS, MA, and PhD degrees, I can tell you that after completing a Ph.D. in psychology, I presently earn $35k a year. It was not worth 13 years of financial struggle to earn such as abysmally low amount of money, and I have lost some of the years that I could have spent making money by instead sitting in a classroom.

    Get practical skills that enable you to help people, doing something that you enjoy, and which fairly reward you for your time.

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  2. After wasting a decade in college to get a bachelors degree working three jobs and not resonating with any of it, I agree with you 100%. I resent my family pushing me to chase after money instead of happiness and shoot down my “nickel and dime” dreams.

    I admire you and everything you have experienced and shared. Thank you for caring about the world and the people in it.



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