Oliver Sacks, CBE, FRCP, is a fool at best, who was used by the deep state to cover up cybernetics.

Oliver Sacks was knighted by the criminal organization that calls itself the crown.

Oliver Sacks was lionized by the press controlled by the deep state.

Oliver Sacks was as full of weird beliefs as Robertson Davies.

Oliver Sacks was as wrong as Jung.

Oliver Sacks was a fraud like Freud.

Oliver Sacks was a loser like Marcuse.

And Oliver Sacks was part of the psychological operations of weaponized psychiatry and literature.

Oliver Sacks was commonly read at my college, which Lady Rothschild and Roy Disney attended, which is always a bad sign.

You can read more in my second book, available, for free, below.

Oliver Sacks was also made famous in Awakenings, starring the child molester, Robert De Niro, which came out when I was at college.

Oliver Sacks grew up going to boarding school and corrupt universities in the mind control hotbeds of England.

Then he disappeared onto a kibbutz in the mind control hotbed of Israel.

Then he travelled to the mind control hotbed of Canada.

Then he signed up for the mind control hotbed of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Then he went to the mind control hotbed of Mount Zion Hospital.

It was in the mind control hotbed of San Francisco.

Then he went to another branch of the mind control hotbed of the University of California.

It was in the mind control hotbed of Los Angeles.

There he did drugs and wrote books like Hallucinations.

While Oliver Sacks was a homosexual, he was influenced by his close friend, the homosexual poet, W.H. Auden.

Oliver Sacks got everything wrong.

Every ailment he saw in his job as a neurologist was due to cybernetics and microwave harassment.

Every place he went in his journey was full of cybernetics and microwave harassment.

But he just thought the mind was neat, as he wrote book after book that mysteriously garnered popular attention.

Ask yourself.

Why have we even heard of Oliver Sacks?

Who controls the press that put him in the public eye?

Then you will begin to see what is going on.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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