America is a lie from top to bottom, as conspirators stage false flag attacks to justify fake wars.

There’s the fake War on Drugs.

There’s the fake War on Terror.

And there’s the fake War on Communism.

As described in my third book, available, for free, below, the Cold War was fake, while international communism was supported by international bankers.

The Federal Reserve drives our country deeper and deeper into debt, while it supports a communist agenda.

That’s when they don’t kill our presidents outright.

You can read about the creation of the Federal Reserve in connection with the fakery of World War One in my second book, available, for free, below.

Or if you really want to drill down, you can read The Creature from Jekyll Island by Edward Griffin.

The bankers lie behind the United Nations, which is worldwide communism dressed in a different outfit.

The Rockefellers created the Federal Reserve, they funded the Soviet Union, and they support Communist China, while they also financed Hitler.

The Bushes are the slaves of the Harrimans, and they created Hitler’s War Machine.

It’s something you can read about in my first book, available, for free, below, while Averell Harriman’s grand-nephew was my baseball coach.

Like their little friends, the Macys and the Eatons, they’re always backing both sides.

With the Rockefellers, the Eatons set up AMTORG to transfer technological secrets to the Soviet Union.

It’s still going, as the traitors brag about the way they run our government.

AMTORG was the first communist trade representation in the United States, as it grew from the merger of Armand Hammer’s Allied American Corporation, or ALAMERICO, with Products Exchange Corporation, or PRODEXCO.

You can learn about the treasonous scumbag in Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer.

All these guys are perverts, so it makes sense that Armand Hammer’s great-grandson has been implicated in sex crimes, cannibalism, and something called knife-play.

Here’s an article from Vanity Fair.

The People’s Commissariat for Foreign Trade controlled AMTORG, which, prior to the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and the Soviet Union, served not only as the single purchaser for Red Russia but as an unofficial trade delegation and foreign embassy.

AMTORG negotiated contracts during the First Five Year Plan, while it became a center for communist propaganda and industrial espionage, serving as a front for Soviet Intelligence, funded by the Rockefellers, who leased space to British Intelligence, as they helped set up the Central Intelligence Agency.

Nikola Tesla entered into at least one agreement with AMTORG, as the Americans, the British, and the Russians shared the technology used for microwave harassment.

The Russians and the Americans use the same playbook, as they direct microwave harassment against innocent people in order to make them look crazy.

No wonder the Department of Homeland Security hired Markus Wolf, who headed the East German Secret Police, to teach them the tactics of the STASI.

No wonder terrorists moved from East to West Germany, while NATO worked with the STASI under OPERATION GLADIO.

The War against Communism was as fake as Communism itself, so don’t be fooled by the lies they tell you in school.

And don’t be fooled by the lies they tell you in college.

Don’t fall for the false choices of Coke versus Pepsi, McDonald’s versus Burger King, Democrats versus Republicans, Nazis versus Soviets, Zionists versus Wahabbists, or Capitalists versus Communists.

Think of the presidential election between Democrat John Kerry, a member of Skull and Bones, and Republican George Bush, a member of Skull and Bones, which was just as fake as the elections they used to hold in the Soviet Union.

We’re dealing with hedge-fund managers, and their masters, who play both sides against the middle.

It’s “Heads I win; tails you lose” with these guys.

Communism never went away, but they have given it a different name.

Don’t believe what they tell you in the television shows featuring Jenna Bush broadcast from Rockefeller Center.

Think for yourself.

It’s your only option.


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