Imhotep pioneered brain surgery, as he built the first real pyramid, more than four thousand years ago, so he implanted slaves with the first cybernetics and he broadcast, to their heads, from the first radio tower.

The Egyptians used this technology against Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and Tutankhamun, as their family suffered mysterious glandular deformities, and enlarged skulls, while they brought monotheism to Ancient Egypt as a means to steal enormous amounts of assets.

And Moses was another revolutionary monotheist, who effected an asset strip in Egypt, where he grew up in the pharaoh’s household.

What a coincidence!

Today, the enemy seeks to use the Bible, combined with cybernetics, to mislead gullible believers through PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

It’s not time travel, as advertised in their psy-op Q-ANON.

It’s not aliens, as advertised through AATIP.

It’s what they still call Voice of God Weapons, which they used, as a matter of historical record, in the Wars in the Gulf.

The technology was just that far ahead—only it was used not on everyone, as it is today, but rather on a select group of people.

That’s why Moses heard a voice, in his head, saying things that made no sense:


No wonder the first thing the voice told Joshua, in the Fifth Book of the Bible, was to kill every single Canaanite in the Promised Land, as the Chosen People effected the world’s first genocide.

It was like the genocide the New World Order created in order to move the Jews back to Israel, or the one they made to put the Jews in charge of Soviet Russia.

All as they set up World War Three to look like something from the Book of Revelations….

Like Akhenaten, Moses was a religious revolutionary, promoting monotheism, and effecting an asset strip, in a country that had brain surgery and radio towers, which had been invented by the same man hundreds of years before.

Some people even think they were the same person.

That’s how similar their profiles are.

No jive!

None of this is a coincidence.

And, given the horrors perpetrated by world religions, with the trillions of dollars at stake, as monotheism represents the tyranny of belief, the explanation is very simple.

It’s not just that the Vatican is crooked.

It’s not just that the Evangelicals are crooked.

It’s not just that Judaism is crooked.

It’s not just that Islam is crooked.

And it’s not just that the Zoroastrians are really luciferians hooked up with the Freemasons.

Monotheism is not a good thing, and it has never led to good.

The atheists are just another faith, as they buy into a phony debate regarding an invisible man in the sky who stops people from leading real lives, as his followers collect riches on earth—but they have one thing right.

Organized religion is a con.


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  1. The truth — much of it displayed in this website, is used to bait people in to make sure that they don’t scale a very carefully constructed backstop the “FULL” truth. This website is a treasure trove of cherries of truth that can be picked among the thorns, and used to expose the full agenda of the fallen Cherub Lucifer, now Satan. Articles like this are written by this person like peppering meat, to con those who are scaling the Satanic backstop. Dump them. This way all you’re gaining is more evidentiary material to fully expose the entire operation, that lies in front of the “sifted like wheat” backstop, and this way you can contrast more fully the Biblical Pauline “whole counsel of his will“ that lies behind it.

    Thanks for the info. Keep it coming. I can’t pick it fast enough!

    “I discerneth all of you, and you discerneth nothing of me” — Apostle Paul.

    The future “NAOS” in Christ Jesus,

    Terry Geise
    Shawnee, KS


    1. People should certainly be selective, as they think for themselves. I believe the important thing is that we are all fighting the satanists, who with their ridiculous beliefs, do real harm in the world.


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