Recently I wrote about the use of Swannanoa Palace as a secret meeting place for the New World Order, its connections to the Rothschilds, and the deep underground military base below Afton Mountain.

And I wrote about the world’s first nuclear test —which happened at Tunguska many years before the Manhattan Project.

There are secret meeting places.

There are secret underground bases.

Military technology is far ahead of what they show us.

It’s common sense.

Less commonly known is the use of cybernetics and radio transmission to relay ideas to scientists.

You can see some of the patents below.

And you can learn more about cybernetic mind control in Aaron and Melissa Dykes’ excellent documentary, The Minds of Men, which you can watch, in full, below.

When the Illuminati want an invention to move into the public eye, they use voice-to-skull and image-to-skull to relay the invention to a scientist.

The scientist thinks he is inventing something, but really he is subject to mind control.

That’s why Nikola Tesla saw fully developed schematics in flashes in his visual cortex, had terrible headaches, and talked to people no one could see.

And it’s how Walter Russell predicted the discovery of several radioactive elements:  deuterium, tritium, neptunium, and plutonium.

Walter Russell ran the University of Science and Philosophy at Swannanoa Palace.

Walter Russell married a woman who worked for the Rothschilds.

Walter Russell was a sculptor with absolutely no scientific training.

But, in 1926, he published a spiral-shaped Periodic Chart of the Elements.

Then, he urged the research labs of Union Carbide, Westinghouse, and General Electric to verify his findings.

When the scientists checked out his hunches, they found out:  Walter Russell was right.

For his achievement, the American Academy of Sciences gave Walter Russell a doctorate.

Then the Governor of Virginia gave him a university charter.

Now Walter Russell was really in a position to influence people, as he sat in the secret meeting place, on top of the underground military base, married to the woman who worked for the Rothschilds.

And what did he say?

Listen to the voices in your head….


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