Cybernetics goes back more than three thousand years to the Egyptian Empire.

Cybernetics goes back more than two thousand years to the Roman Empire.

Cybernetics goes back more than one thousand years to the Catholic Church.

And cybernetics goes back to Ancient China, where doctors like Hua Tuo used craniotomy, and trepanning, to slice open skulls.

It was during the Period of the Three Kingdoms.

Enscripted soldiers, who were slaves already, gave them the perfect subjects for experimentation, as they suffered head wounds.

So do the slaves of our military today.

Skulls that were clearly subject to brain surgery, with patients clearly surviving, appear in Oglakhty, in Southern Siberia, and Far East Vladivostok, on the far northern edge of the Chinese Empire, and they also appear all over even Neolithic China, dating to the Han and Chen Dynasties, from five thousand to two thousand years ago.

You might ask not only what was going on with these early brain surgeries but why did the subjects who survived achieve such importance that their remains survived for archaeologists to discover.

Military technology goes back not only decades and centuries but millennia from what we can see….

The Tunguska Event is only one example.

Yu Fu, who appears in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, from almost five thousand years ago, is associated with brain surgery.

And a mummified woman in the Xiaohe Tomb, who lived more than three thousand years ago, survived another craniotomy.

It is interesting that she was not merely a slave but someone worthy of burial, as psycho-surgery continued elsewhere.

Why would any normal person slice into someone’s skull, on a regular basis, except with respect to mind control?

Hua Tuo is the best identifiable culprit, who, almost two thousand years ago, used anesthetics for surgery, transplanted organs, and operated on people’s brains.

Hua Tuo drilled the skull of the ruler of Wei, Cao Cao, who already showed the symptoms of microwave harassment: paranoia, strange dreams, and headaches.

The son of his patient, Cao Chong, died from illness at an early age after he showed remarkable mental abilities that devolved from his cybernetic implantation.

Hua Tuo castrated men, and he messed with women’s reproductive systems, aborting children, as the eugenist sterilized his victims in projects that continue today.

Today they use his methods to promote fake traditional medicine like acupuncture and chi k’ung.

Why would the Chinese government do this?

Today they give the criminal’s name to the Huatuo Institute of Medical Innovation, which opened in Wuhan, where the coronavirus was seeded, not to mention Berlin, where the Nazis played games.

In Hua T’o, you can see not only ancient cybernetics, eugenics, and perversion, combined with brain surgery, and fake medicine, as the New World Order used Egypt, Rome, and China thousands of years ago.

You see the satanic cabal celebrate his name in connection with the current pandemic, which they deliberately started on one of their magic days in China.

The New World Order was engaged in brain surgery, and mind control, thousands of years ago, while China continues to provide slaves, patients and doctors, for their pet project.

Imagine what they are doing now.


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