More than three thousand years ago, there was an asset strip in Egypt, just like the later asset strips effected by the Illuminati, and the Freemasons, in the Protestant Reformation, the Puritan Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Russian Revolution.

Why change a formula that works, as it repeats itself through history?

Akhenaten destroyed the temples of the old gods to enforce the worship of the solar disk.

This involved taking riches from the temples, and putting them in the king’s hands, while the priests and other rivals were killed.

The pharaoh took a new name, and he underwent a personality change, as though he were under mind control.

He suffered deformity, since the surgery on his body was botched, and it messed up his glands.

After the conspirators killed the glandular case, his wife, Nefertiti, reigned as a man, calling herself by a new name:  Neferneferuaten.

Eventually, they killed her son, Tutankhaten, who changed his name to Tutankhamun, while he grew famous among the Illuminati and the Freemasons.

Henry Kissinger even signed a special bilateral agreement to bring his treasures to the Met, where they were used for ritual purposes, in New York, next to Cleopatra’s Needle, at the Temple of Dendur.

Isn’t it odd that the Secretary of State who murdered so many people, while he received the Nobel Peace Prize, should have made this his priority?

The son of Akhenaten, who stole his mother’s grave goods, is so big in the New World Order that the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds competed for his death mask.

King Tut!

Do you think all this—from the revolution with the asset strip, to the personality change of the king, to his strange glandular deformity, to his name change, to his trans-sexual wife, to her name change, to her son’s name change, to his murder, and the second asset strip, and the promotion of this family in modern times—could have been connected to the cybernetics program, started by Imhotep, the first brain surgeon, who built the first pyramid, which his successors used for mind control, as they use radio towers today, broadcasting commands to their slaves?

Is it the same today, as the conspiracy continues?

Or is it all just a coincidence to be dismissed?

Look at Akhenaten’s daughter, whom he raped, and tell me she is not a victim of the brain surgery pioneered in Egypt, hundreds of years before, as people were implanted and microwave commands were broadcast from the pyramids pioneered by the father of brain surgery….

Here’s another picture of the child on which they performed needless brain surgery—for reasons that are easy to guess if you know only a little about cybernetics.

It’s not time travel, as advertised in the psy-op they call Q-ANON.

And it’s not aliens, as advertised in PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

It’s just that the technology was that far advanced in ancient Egypt: they had brain surgery, they had a place to broadcast from, both were invented by the same man, and both were used on the royal family to grab enormous riches.

Military technology is always far ahead of what they show us, and, in this case, it was thousands of years—except they just couldn’t keep the clues out of the history books, although they did smash just about every image of Akhenaten and his family, in the second asset strip, so it’s a miracle we have pictures of the revolutionary royals who suffered different deformities.

That’s the real history of ancient Egypt.


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  1. There were many more advanced civilizations and peoples before us. You should check out REALLY.
    You’ve never seen research until you’ve met this guy. Chronological and mathematical proof of what and where we truly are. Decades of reading and analyzing ancient texts, NOT the internet. It covers scripture, Giza pyramids, archons, Enoch, name it & along with the evidence and documentation of recurring catastrophic events and when the next is coming. Trust me- you’ve NEVER heard this stuff . It will literally rock your world.


    1. Dear Karen,

      Thank you.

      The enemy will often use mind control to lead good-hearted people astray through strange beliefs, so I am always cautious of this stuff.

      Still, I always hope people will share resources, and I am always keen to learn, so I look forward to checking it out.

      Write me anytime,



      1. I agree.
        So glad to hear you’re always open to new. Information. I have always been that way. I’m wrong more than I’m right so I continue learning!

        Liked by 1 person

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