Planned Parenthood is a hate group.

klan parenthood

They hate black people.

planned parenthood racist 2

They’re doing a great job of killing them off.

planned parenthood number one killer

They hate Latinos, too.

planned parenthood latino stats

Planned Parenthood has placed eighty percent (80%) of its abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods.

That’s not a coincidence.

ian fleming goldfinger enemy action

Thirteen percent (13%) of Americans are black, but thirty percent (30%) of aborted babies are black.

Abortion Racist Stats 2

Planned Parenthood is working on black genocide.

Planned Parenthood has killed sixty million (60,000,000) babies over the last fifty years.

Planned Parenthood Kills Babies

Twenty million (20,000,000) were black.

Abortion Racist Stats

They say it’s okay since an unborn child is not a person.

Planned Parenthood Not A Person

Just as the Jews, Gypsies, and Poles were not considered persons in Nazi Germany.

martin niemoller

Planned Parenthood makes Hitler look small-time.

planned parenthood hitler 2

Planned Parenthood kills more black people in two weeks than the Ku Klux Klan killed in one hundred years.

Planned Parenthood KKK

No wonder Lothrop Stoddard, a Klansman who met with Hitler, founded the group.

lothrop stoddard planned parenthood

That’s when he wasn’t engaged in debates about the inferiority of negroes….

lothrop stoddard

Or writing books about the need to protect ourselves from the darkies….

lothrop stoddard rising tide of color book

Back in those days, Planned Parenthood was called the American Birth Control League.

lothrop stoddard planned parenthood 2

Margaret Sanger was another founder of Planned Parenthood.

Margaret Sanger Human Weeds

Misguided feminists look up to her.

Choices of the Heart Margaret Sanger

But the truth comes out sooner or later.

Margaret Sanger hated blacks, too.

Margaret Sanger Klan

Margaret Sanger was not a nice person.

Margaret Sanger wrote books like The New Race.

Margaret Sanger The New Race

Margaret Sanger promoted a Nazi agenda.

Margaret Sanger wanted to exterminate the negro population.

Read The Negro Project: Margaret Sangers Eugenic Plan for Black Americans Here!

Margaret Sanger Negro Project

You can read her letter where she wrote about her desire to trick black people, while she killed them, below.

Read Margaret Sanger’s Letter re the Negro Project Here!

Margaret Sanger Negro Project 3

Hillary Clinton wants to trick us, too.

Margaret Sanger Hillary Clinton

So does Barack Obama.

margaret sanger barack obama

Jesse Jackson called it like it is, but they bought him off.

Jesse Jackson Abortion Is Genocide

Planned Parenthood is racist.

planned parenthood racist

That’s why the Bush Family helped to start it.

Prescott Bush Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood

When he wasn’t sitting on the board of Planned Parenthood, Prescott Bush financed Hitler’s rise to power.

Click Here To Learn More about the Satanic Bush Family!


His son, George Herbert Walker Bush, was the head of CIA before he became president.

When George Bush wasn’t moving cocaine into the inner city, to destroy black neighborhoods, he amped up the War on Drugs to put black people in prison.

Click Here To Learn More about the Pedophile Traitor George Bush!


His son George W. Bush raped a black woman, Margie Schoedinger, whom he later killed.


The Rockefellers also support Planned Parenthood, and they were there at its beginning.

Click Here To Learn More about the Rockefellers’ Plan To Enslave and Kill You!

rockefeller foundation

In 1915, the Rockefellers funded a plan to sterilize 15,000,000 Americans–that included white people, too.

john d rockefeller

Throughout the 1930s, the Rockefellers financed KWIA, which conducted racial experiments in Nazi Germany.

The Rockefeller Foundation, along with the Carnegie Institution, funded the Eugenics Record Office (ERO) in Cold Spring Harbor, New York.

Read about the Eugenics Record Office (ERO) at Cold Springs Here!

Cold Spring Harbor Eugenics Record Office

That’s John D. Rockefeller III below.

john d rockefeller iii

The federal government made him chairman of the Commission on Population Growth and the American Future.

Rockefeller Commission o Population Growth

That’s code for killing people.

rockefeller news eugenics

Bill Gates’s father also sat on the board of Planned Parenthood.

gates rockefeller

Like the Rockefellers, Bill Gates lies behind the Coronavirus, while he works to promote forced vaccinations.

Click Here To Learn More about Bill Gates and his Plan To Enslave and Kill You!

Bill Gates India

Vaccinations can sterilize people.

sterilization vaccines

And they can also put nanotechnology in their bodies.

Click Here To Learn More about Mind Control Technology!

v2k patent 2

I wouldn’t be surprised if these degenerates were also behind Ebola, HIV, and Zika–not to mention the murder of Nipsey Hussle and Dr. Sebi.

Click Here To Learn More about Genetically Modified Bioweapons!

nipsey hussle and dr sebi

It’s not just a conspiracy theory.

conspiracy theory

The roots of Planned Parenthood lie in the eugenics movement.

Guttmacher in New York TimesYou can learn about these losers in The Eugenics Crusade. 

Click Here To Watch The Eugenics Crusade In Full!

Here you can listen to Michelle Ferrari talk about her film.

You can watch old films about these racist degenerates, when they targeted whites, like Tomorrow’s Children.

Here’s another old movie, Heredity and Man, with Julian Huxley, the first director of UNESCO.

The eugenics movement was enormous.

And it still is.

Planned Parenthood Donors

Planned Parenthood receives five hundred million dollars ($500,000,000.00) per year from the federal government, so it can kill black people.

planned parenthood funding

When a would-be donor calls up, asking to finance the murder of a black child, they take the money. 

They say they provide medical services.

Planned Parenthood Customers

But they’re just an abortion mill.

Planned Parenthood Clients 2

It’s time to defund Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood Clients 3

Don’t fall for their lies.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

Planned Parenthood Negro


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