In the Manchurian Candidate, soldiers are drugged and brainwashed, given fake memories of a fake battle, so that Raymond Shaw can win the Medal of Honor.

They are also programmed to kill, as games are played with their minds, and they are plagued with strange dreams.

PROJECT ARTICHOKE is a real government program.

This is not fiction, but it is a real thing.

I even know someone it happened to, as they did it on a satanic holiday.

One of my teachers was programmed with fake memories of a fake firefight, so he believed his camp was overrun for three days, in the War in Viet Nam, as he served near Da Nang, by Marble Mountain, where there must have been an underground base.

It’s something I describe in my second book, easily downloadable for free, below.

It’s not that hard to make a false memory.

Memory implantation can be done in several ways.

Soldiers are subject to heavy mind control, which exists even at obvious levels while they are brainwashed in boot camp.

For many years, the government has used drugs to erase memories and erode resistance, like truth serums, so these facilitate the implantation of memories when given in a controlled environment.

You don’t have to look hard to find examples where soldiers have been drugged by the army.

Cybernetics have been around for more than two hundred years—something I discuss in my article below.

Cybernetics go back to ancient times, and they were used in the Roman Army.

Where else were soldiers implanted with fake memories?

At the Battle of Isandlwana, King Cetshwayo’s army destroyed Lord Chelmsford’s forces, as the Zulus captured two pieces of field artillery, more than one thousand (1,000) rifles, and four hundred thousand (400,000) rounds of ammunition. 

But following this massive defeat of the British by the Zulus, the British held the tiny redoubt of Rorke’s Drift, where eleven Victoria Crosses were awarded.

Do you see the odd hairline of Harry Hook, who won one of those medals, caused by his brain surgery?

Do you really think that one hundred and fifty (150) British fought off three thousand (3,000) Zulus, who outnumbered them twenty to one, after the Zulus destroyed the main force without mercy, and took their rifles, but then they decided to leave a tiny garrison alone, after a series of well disciplined attacks over a three-day period, because of their suddenly acquired respect for English magnificence?

Or, over a three-day period, like the one to which my teacher was subjected, were the English soldiers brainwashed in a military hospital so they thought they fought in a battle that never happened?

The Legend of Rorke’s Drift arose right when the British needed to put some sort of positive spin on a crushing defeat, so they could build popular support for a continuation of the Zulu Wars.

It’s a really cool story, and Zulu is a great movie, which is still inspirational, but it’s just not true.

There must be other places where this happened, so I hope that readers will chime in with their own experience and analysis in the comments to this article, supplying additional materials, as good people have done in other places on this site.

Write me below.


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  1. All these brainwashed morons who think they are smart and can think for themselves and are just parrots repeating what their puppet masters tell them to repeat.

    Best example to date, the cretins who “stand for Ukraine”….

    Make no mistake, these special kind of stupid (idiocy world champions and retards) are the same who are proud to be triple jabbed and to wear a dog muzzle.

    They all will be dead within the next ten years…

    Who will repeat the lies of the MSM whores then?

    Who will stand for Ukraine (or what’s left of it if anything left)?


    1. There’s something curious about the news here in Brazil. In the first months of this war in ukraine, when the tv media showed images of the Ukrainian immigrants, there was ALWAYS a moment they showed two children with two adults and these kids were both wearing beanies written “obey” on them. They showed these kids all the time everyday. It was actually disturbing, cause who is going to buy clothes with that written on for their children, they’re European, not from some faraway country with only a slight idea of English and why was the media showing that every 10 minutes…


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