Before COVID-19, I predicted the shutdown, sourced in China, following the military games at Wuhan, while I identified the creation of the bioweapon at Fort Detrick.

Then I identified the Afghanistan Earthquake, played up in the news, as a man-made event, used for political purposes.

In OPERATION CANNIKIN, the Atomic Energy Commission demonstrated its ability to create earthquakes, more than fifty years ago, through the underground explosion of nuclear weapons.

In Afghanistan, this summer, for political purposes I identified in my article, the Deep State created an earthquake with an epicenter exactly 10.0 kilometers below the surface.

Now, in a city under covid lockdown, in Sichuan, we see another earthquake that gives the New World Order a chance to move in, with aid, while they impose order.

Guess what?

Like the Afghanistan Earthquake, the Sichuan Earthquake had an epicenter exactly 10.0 kilometers below the surface.

That’s the word of the scientists in the United States Geological Survey.

Why do you think two earthquakes with political effects, occurring within three months of each other, each had a epicenter exactly 10.0 kilometers below the surface?

Why do you think the government developed a documented ability to create earthquakes more than fifty years ago?

Either the New World Order is stupid enough to advertise its plots, as its slaves spraypaint gangsigns in the neighborhood of the world….

Or they’re just plain stupid.


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