Almost one year ago, the United States pulled the last of its troops out of Afghanistan, after a one-trillion-dollar war, lasting twenty years, in the world’s largest producer of heroin, which we entered because the Taliban thumbed its nose at us after the false flag attacks on September Eleventh, staged by conspirators, which led to the larger War on Terror at a cost of eight trillion dollars and almost one million lives.

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That’s why our national debt is more than thirty trillion dollars ($30,000,000,000,000.00), while we go deeper in debt by another million dollars roughly every forty seconds, and the Federal Reserve drives the whole thing.

Funny how opium production dropped to nothing just before we invaded and then grew bigger than ever after NATO stepped in….

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Funny how the War on Terror has increased terrorist attacks….

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We trained the Mujahideen, who fought Soviet Russia, before they morphed into the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda, while their leader, Osama bin Laden, was killed on the satanic holiday of May Day, accounting for time zone differences, after the 6’5″ terrorist, on dialysis, evaded capture for ten years, before his body was thrown in the ocean, so no one could identify the corpse, following his masterminding of the 911 Attacks.

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That was before eight of the SEALs involved in the alleged killing of the man, who was trained by CIA, were killed themselves in an extremely suspicious helicopter crash—to be followed by twelve of the others.

The government and the news are lying to you, as they read from a script that doesn’t make sense.

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And, like 911, the Earthquake in Afghanistan is a false flag attack!

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Only this one involves weather weapons!

Like the stuff on NATO’s schematic below….

The earthquake is no different from the false flag of ISIS, which is nothing but CIA, MI-6, and MOSSAD.

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I’m not the only one who says so….

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And it all connects to the War in the Ukraine.

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Now we need the Afghans back, since they’re really good at fighting Russians, in a country that has been called the Graveyard of Empires.

Afghanistan has been a battleground between England and Russia for more than a hundred years, much like the Ukraine, as the countries form staging grounds for what has been called the Great Game.

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So what happens?

What happened in Afghanistan—now that Russia has launched the War in the Ukraine in response to NATO’s aggression?

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An earthquake strikes exactly on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

How likely is it for the epicenter of a natural seismic event to fall exactly on a threefold border?

That’s so the event can provide an excuse for “international aid” to the Taliban, who are the good guys again….

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So they can fight the Russians….

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The earthquake’s epicenter was exactly ten kilometers (10.0 km) below the surface.

Plus it occurred just before sunset, in England, on the luciferian holiday of Midsummer’s Day, when Stonehenge looked like this, as the luciferians, with their strange beliefs, run the global conspiracy.

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The satanists have a thing about spilling blood on days like Beltane, Litha, and 911.

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That bit of timing, plus the pull-out, plus the War in the Ukraine, plus the location, all point in one direction.

It would be very easy to set off an earthquake using a nuclear device in an area riddled with underground bases.

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That’s exactly what the United States did in OPERATION CANNIKIN, when it deliberately created an earthquake in Amchitka, Alaska.

As part of OPERATION GROMMET, the Atomic Energy Commission used a W-71 thermonuclear warhead with an explosive yield of five megatons to create a 6.8 magnitude quake.

Below you can read a report by Greenpeace on the environmental effects of OPERATION CANNIKIN.

And here is a report by the Atomic Energy Commission on the seismic effects of OPERATION MILROW and OPERATION CANNIKIN.

Creating earthquakes with underground nuclear explosions was a documented ability of the United States Government more than fifty years ago, and it’s just a cruder version of the weather weapons I have identified on this site.

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Don’t you think they could have done something like this in Afghanistan, where our military has been present for twenty years, so that they could shift public opinion?

As MI-7, Army Seventh, and OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD use the news to play up the Earthquake in Afghanistan, everyone has gone back to the first western position:  the Taliban needs help, funded by tax dollars, followed by the second western position, the Taliban needs destruction, funded by tax dollars, but now it’s back to the first.

And, as our country grows weaker, we borrow more from the Federal Reserve, and move closer to a very expensive war, while the bankers grow rich.

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First the bankers profited from the war where we supported the Muslim Radicals against the Soviets, then from the war where we fought the Muslim Radicals, and now from the aid we will give the Muslim Radicals, while the hypocrites pretend to help the real people whom they hurt.

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The Radical Muslims are scum that throw acid on the faces of their own women, slice the clitorises from their bodies, and kill survivors of rape, for adultery, with stones.

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It’s all part of putting us under internationalist control, as they play to people’s better instincts, and they move us to World War Three, all to promote satanic one world government.

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See through the lies.

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Don’t be played in the Great Game.


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  1. Thanks, Tim, for another good piece. You’ve been very prolific lately, and I like it!

    On a side note, I also read your older post about “beware the panda.” It reminded me of another dark side, that the term “panda eyes” relates to the bruising that occurs around the eyes of babies and very young children who have been raped. So when we see “celebrities” like Lady Gaga et al sporting black or red makeup around their eyes, we can know instantly what they do.🤮😡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep. Microwave harassment makes me productive. How horrible that children are attacked by the scum. Thanks for the info, though, from one lover of animals, and the earth, to another.


      1. 🐼 the satanic sign of WWF invented by Bernhard, one of the founders of the Bilderberg

        Thanks again for all Tim, it’s all shared



    2. Wow, now I understand why media loves to show pandas in some chinese zoo every year or even semester. They always have news about pandas and stress how cute they are. Especially when it comes to pandas copulating, getting pregnant or how the zoo managers had to show them p0rn so that they would finally do that thing to be saved from extinction! It seems everything they speak on tv seems are codes.


      1. Nobody, that is disgusting that the zookeepers used porn to get pandas to copulate.🤮😭 And YES, everything in the media is a bunch of Satanic/Luciferian symbolism designed specifically for psychological manipulation. Most people have no clue that what they think is news, entertainment, politics, sports, and everything mediatized by ALL institutions is highly calculated dark occult *programming*. We’re seeing the CON-TROLL-ers on grand display these days; they’re openly showing us their inversions and perversions.


  2. Wow great article. I was wondering why Taliban are sometimes the bad guys and somtimes the “good”. If US intelligence invested trillions of dollars in mexican PRI (political party) in accord to an information in the beggining of a video of a band called rage against the machine (called “people of the sun”), how much must have they invested in Taliban???

    Talking about hare krishna I found this – conversation between the leader and his american followers (April 4th 1975):

    “Viṣṇujana: The Arab men all go to America to be trained in the armed forces there.
    Prabhupāda: Hm?
    Viṣṇujana: In all the armed forces centers in America, they train the Arab nations to fight.
    Prabhupāda: Oh.
    Viṣṇujana: They let the young men come into the U.S.A. to learn how to use the missiles and everything.
    Pancadraviḍa: Recently, this Bhutto of Pakistan, he was very happy because they were talking about lifting a ten-year holding on arms from the United States, and now, they say, Pakistan will soon get arms from America.”



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