Lara Logan was set up. Just look at her life. To anyone who knows about Project Monarch or MK-ULTRA, this beautiful South African woman has Beta written all over her—from her blonde hair and blue eyes, to her work as swimsuit model “34D Lara,” to her marriage to a sports star, to her role as the “other woman” who broke up a marriage, and then to her own later marriage to a government defense contractor. From there, she went on to become chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News, which is controlled by Operation Mockingbird. You don’t get that job if the CIA doesn’t want you to. In short, Lara is the ultimate sex symbol, who moved through dangerous and exotic parts of the world, just like her namesake, Lara Croft. The programmers worked hard to make men fantasize about her.

But the enemy also wanted people to hate her. After all, we’re talking about a South African white, and the New World Order vilified the South Africans throughout the 1980s, when Lara was a teenager just like me. Lara was the “other woman” who broke up a marriage. And she is a model for a certain type of feminism, which makes some men feel both threatened and aggressive. In other words, CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, along with the mind control boys in Project Monarch, worked hard for years to portray Lara Logan to the world not only as a sex symbol, constantly exposed to exotic dangers, but as a woman who was “asking for it.”

Meanwhile, NWO was working to destabilize the Middle East, as it still does, having imported chaos into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the Sudan, Yemen, and Syria. It was 2011, and there was a wave of protests across North Africa and the Middle East. “Arab Spring” was at hand. As the “intelligence” community saw it, the time had come to use a “valuable asset” in the most horrific way.

Three days before Valentine’s Day, on the day President Mubarak was forced to resign, while covering the Egyptian Revolution, in Tahrir Square, Lara was gang-raped. Four days later, the media broke the story. The picture above, along with suggestions of what happened, was on the front page of every news site, including MSNBC, which was the default start-up page on many computers.

You could tell the dark man behind the beautiful blonde had put his hands on her body, and you heard her shouting, “STOP!” But that was it. Lara had been sexual assaulted, but the rest was left to the imagination. It wasn’t even clear whether she had been raped—which is what everyone wanted to know. With all that was happening in the Middle East, and all that is not covered then or now, this was world news.

Men fantasized about raping Lara, and they searched the internet for details—hopefully, cell phone video—of her rape. I know because I did, too. And that’s exactly what the Monarch programmers wanted. Many men were drawn into the dark web, and darker fantasies, as they looked for that video.

Three months later, on May Day, CBS broke a graphic version of the story, and Lara described her rape on national television “to break the silence.” You could even watch the interview with your wife and pretend to be, or be, sympathetic to the brave reporter’s plight. But, at the same time, Lara gave details such as the following:

“And it’s like suddenly, before I even know what’s happening, I feel hands grabbing my breasts, grabbing my crotch, grabbing me from behind…. And I feel them tearing at my clothing. I think my shirt, my sweater was torn off completely. My shirt was around my neck. I felt the moment that my bra tore. They tore the metal clips of my bra. They tore those open. And I felt that because the air, I felt the air on my chest, on my skin. And I felt them tear out, they literally just tore my pants to shreds. And then I felt my underwear go. And I remember looking up, when my clothes gave way, I remember looking up and seeing them taking pictures with their cell phones, the flashes of their cell phone cameras.”

If they didn’t before, now the men really wanted to search the internet for those pictures….

In her interview, aside from details of her horrific sexual assault, stoking hatred against the Egyptians and the Arabs, Lara said one her rapists shouted that she was an Israeli, a Jew, which was a “match to gasoline.” Jewish and Israeli fear and hatred of their old Muslim enemies were being ignited.

Lara went on to say how not only women, but soldiers, had saved her from worse than death. Apparently, a further message was that, for its own good, the Middle East needed American military intervention led by a woman, in this case Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State and a Grande Dame of the Illuminati.

Still, the Illuminati weren’t done with her, and Lara continued to fight back.  In 2012, right before Thanksgiving, Lara was forced to take a leave of absence due to alleged errors in her report on Benghazi.  In other words, this still brave reporter had taken a strong public position, arguing that Clinton and Obama were misrepresenting the threat from Al Qaeda, and urging actions that the U.S. should take in response to the Benghazi attack….

Fast forward several years, multiple military interventions, and millions of rape fantasies later. Despite government police and surveillance powers, women continue to be raped in Tahrir Square, and none of Lara’s attackers has been prosecuted.

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