The douchebags in the deep state are not only attacking you with directed energy weapons.

The Department of Homeland Security uses Zersetzung methods learned from the STASI, which include gang-stalking, gas-lighting, and street theater.

It is imperative that you secure your sleeping quarters.

But you also need to eliminate grey areas, which would allow someone to enter the edges of your home, where your rights to keep others out are otherwise at their strongest.

When you leave your garage door open, the police, a gangstalker, or a neighbor can walk into part of your house and then they can claim they were invited into the rest of it, so you might lose your protections under the Common Law and the United Stated Constitution.

I was able to beat the charges when a policeman tackled me into my house because the garage door was open, but you might not be so lucky.

Keep your garage door shut!


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Our enemy depends on silence.

4 thoughts on “SHUT YOUR GARAGE DOOR!”

  1. They attack me through my “smart” phone. Once I was thinking, only thinking, why when I do something that requires me some effort, I put my tongue out. One day later the first news suggested in the google newsfeed was an article about “science” telling why “some people put their tongues out when they do something that requires them some effort”….
    2- I am horrified about that animal women don’t like that starts with “c” and ends with “oach”, (to the point I don’t write its name) and I don’t know why google started suggesting insistently for a while news and articles about that thing with disgusting pictures to the point once I dropped the phone when I saw the pic. But I never searched about it, why would I? How come they know? Eeeew, and they kept suggesting me news about that, that’s why I stopped readind that newsfeed.
    They’re trying to destroy me with the constant nonstop dialogue within my mind but they won’t I hope, God willing, I’m going to resist, the family I built needs me, I hope one day I can understand what is the problem with these people who could be enjoying their own lives buy choose to harass others.


    1. You describe the issue perfectly, as they pair cybernetic hive mind with other computer systems.

      It’s ridiculous how low level and stupid their attacks are, as they destroy themselves more than they destroy us.

      The enemy are satanic trash, slaves run by their masters, who are incapable of acting even for their own self-preservation.

      Don’t expect the subhuman degenerates to act in their own interest, because they never will, or have, as they help their masters destroy their bodies, minds, and lives.

      Their psychology is completely different from ours, so when they were raped, and made submissive, in programming sessions, just as the same is done in schools, fraternities, and the military, they didn’t fight back, dismiss the attacks, or even run away.

      Instead, they think their rapists are cool, and they seek to earn their abusers’ approval through absolute obedience just like a little frat boy hazed during rush or a soldier who is urinated on during his training.

      Personally, I work not only to educate and strengthen good people, but to increase the attacks the enemy make on each other.


      1. Exactly, FM! They don’t even have something called “will”! I remember two cases that went to the papers about military training, besides the lots of people who die in Brazil while undergoing that “training”: one was the case of Agulhas Negras obligating its trainees to drink urine. The other was a man who entered Police (which is military here) and during the “welcome trick” they played on him, he was left naked in a room and a policeman said “let the dog out” and a man came and bit him so much he had pieves of flesh taken out of him, he was left full of cuts, bruises, bite marks and blood on his body to the point he had to undergo surgery because part of his butt was taken off due to the insistent bites done by the “dog” (a military policeman). No one was punished and the guy said he was traumatized for life. Youngsters who believe military forces are about order and discipline (like somethig virtuous) should beware.

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