In the film, Inglorious Basterds, by Quentin Tarantino, an English spy, who speaks oddly accented German, gives himself away through dactylonomy.

In Continental Europe, as in South America, people count to five starting with their thumb, for one, their index finger, for two, their middle finger, for three, their ring finger, for four, and their pinkie, for five.

But in Great Britain, as in North America, people count to five starting with their index finger, for one, their middle finger, for two, their ring finger, for three, their pinkie, for four, and, only then, their thumb for five.

This difference does not only give away spies in the movies, as it did in history, but it gives them away in real life.

I learned self-observation from a student of John Godolphin Bennett, the English spymaster, who learned from George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, the Russian spymaster.

And I learned awareness of my body from a student of Beijing’s foremost kung fu master, Wang Zhen Hua, so I know something about that, too.

Self-observation allows a person to understand the effects of transhumanism as they are attacked through hive mind, image to skull, voice to skull, forced movement, and forced speech.

All day long, scum in the deep state put thoughts in our heads, and words in our mouths, as they move our bodies.

But, if we don’t understand cybernetics, we think that we are thinking, speaking, or moving, when in reality, we are being moved by others.

The funny accent of the spy in Tarantino’s movie gave him away, and funny accents, or expressions, will also give away the spies that could otherwise fool you—if you listen to your own voice.

Likewise, the odd finger-counting of the spy in Tarantino’s movie gave him away, and odd finger-counting on your own hand will give away someone manipulating you—if you pay attention.

The enemy’s addiction to gangsigns, and satanic cartel signaling, plus their ability to move people’s hands, accounts for the many satanic hand-gestures we see made by public figures.

Moving people around like video game characters, the trash in the deep state advertise their slavery.

They use video games, combined with radio signal and nanotechnology, to move us around like robots.

This is the nature of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Pay attention to your fingers when you count, watch your hands move to rest in your crotch, and see them form odd signs.

You will see how your body has been hacked and how it is connected to the bodies of scum in the deep state.

Using hive mind, you can fight back!

It’s something I describe in my third book, which you can download, for free, along with the first two, using the link below.

Once you see what’s going on, you will be properly motivated to fight back, and you will have every opportunity to do so.

Nothing is more important.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


  1. Thank you, Tim! I am finally home from the summer roadtrip and I just downloaded your new book. Of course, I have to finish the second book first, but I’m looking forward to both! Wishing you well, as always.


    1. You are always in my thoughts, my new friend, as I hope we can catch up by email, and maybe even meet on the telephone. I hope you and your husband are well, as you remind me to visit your site tonight!


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