Islam is only one of the Abrahamic Religions.

Like the Catholic Church, it is slavery and evil with an inner circle of degenerates running the show while an outer circle of helpers provides interference.

The Jews are run to the same model, while fools provide human shields for the likes of the Rothschilds.

Henry Kissinger laughs at the schnorrers, while he runs the military slaves, and he seeks to kill us all.

So do the English, who import muslims into their country wholesale to gang rape their women in the streets.

At the invitation of the deep state, muslims, who are attracted to the whiteness of our women, gang rape our mothers, wives, and daughters.

The police state that watches us every second mysteriously fails to protect our women, while the muslims violate the bodies of our girlfriends, our friends, and our neighbors with objects.

The muslims attack our women in England.

The muslims attack our women in Germany.

The muslims attack our women in Sweden.

And the muslims attack our women throughout Europe.

Aside from exposing their crimes, and defending our women, while we support their every endeavor, let’s make a symbolic gesture—especially since the muslims, in their slavish idolatry, are triggered by such things.

You can tell others the real story of Islam in which the prophet, Muhammad, was gang-raped by his masters in the Cave of Hira.

You can tell others how leftist fools make excuses for muslim rapists.

And you can tell others how the deep state runs the phony muslim terror apparatus, to excuse its own existence, under NATO OPERATION GLADIO B.

That’s why we see one attack after another against our women, churches, and culture, while the police state does nothing.

You can also make the kinds of gestures pioneered by the deep state, which buys the muslims, who sell their brothers, to be raped by homosexual white trash, at places like Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, and various black sites.

Remember the scum watch you every second, while they are abused by their masters.

Some watch through televisions.

Some watch through computers. 

And some watch through hive mind. 

It’s not just the flag that you can deface to show your contempt for the little satanic slaves.

You can also use the Koran, which stands for the rape of children, for which the muslims have a name, Bacha Bazi, and the gang rape of white women, for which the muslims have a name:  Taharrush.

I guarantee that there are sometimes muslims from places like Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia, who are watching you.

You can spot them when you find yourself eating with your left hand, which they regard as an insult.

It’s no different from watching your hand move automatically, in the exercise I describe below, as you see your left hand move by itself.

It cannot be denied!

It’s just like muslims throwing acid on the faces of their women.

It’s just like muslims slicing the clitorises off their daughters’ bodies.

When you see this happen, you will know a muslim is watching you through your television, computer, and hive mind, so you can attack him back in a very simple way.

Tear a page out of the Arabic Quran that you bought for less than twenty dollars, and use it in a way that will offend the muslims.

You could arrange shrimp or sausages on the koran doily you place on your little plate.

Then you could toss the shrimp shells in a bowl with a similar lining.

And then you could toss the page in the trash to be followed by egg-shells, coffee grounds, or whatever else comes to mind.

You could feed your dog a biscuit, as you train him to stand on your Koran.

Or you could use a single page of the Noble Quran as a napkin.

Or for toilet paper.

Or to lay in the toilet before you urinate.

Even if the muslims are not watching you, it is an appropriate response to their existence.

I’ve been doing it for years.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

11 thoughts on “THE HOLY KORAN”

  1. Have you ever read the Daniel Pipes’s thread? He wrote an article in his site about why white western women could be in danger marrying muslim egyptian men and since 2003 (!) there are people posting theirs and others’ experiences having been married to muslim men (and women!) One of the ladies told in her story how she was a white woman with money and ended up wandering barefoot with nothing but the clothes she was wearing in the streets of Cairo while the man managed to steal everything she had and marry a second wife in Egypt wih whom he lived the real marriage (the white woman was only for scamming as it usually happens). Another one said the husband had a secret second wife and when she went to Europe to visit her family he slept with his egyptian second wife in their bed. She found out by chance. The women there encourage men to be gigolos of white women to have money to pay their (expensive) dowry. I know because I have lived there it is sick although in Brazil there were many women who married american men to get green card and money but I think now men there already woke up. How shameful. Not only brazilian, eastern european women too. There were pictures in that D.Pipes’s thread back in 2016 showing 20 year old egyptian men marrying white women who looked like they were a 100 years old with his family approval. There was a girl who said her egyptian ex was even dating men (for money). And they say they are against homosexualism. I was addicted to reading that thread in 2016. I can’t stop reading your blog by the way. I can’t believe I’ve been reading about MK ultra since 2007 and you know a lot more than me 😦 I hope (((they))) are not using you articles against me but I tell a little of my story posting here because it may help us all too as I don’t have time for having a website or video channel. When I saw everything was wrong in my (problematic) family and society in the 2000’s I concluded it was lack of God. Seeing how materialistic Catholic and Evangelical churches were here guess what, I converted to is-lame and lived in Northern and Southern Africa. Is-lame is the most childish religion ever, although the Christian ones are not praiseworthy. When adults don’t overcome childhood it has a name: psychopathy. So the muslims, just like psychopats, play the victims or are sweet when they are minority or in disadvantadge and become demons when they are majority or in advantadge just like Evangelicals in Brazil who are nothing but a creation of the vatic-4nus but are not aware of that. That’s how I lost my two first children: when I got divorced from an is-lame marrige. After that I fell in other traps (Benedictine Monastery, Orthodox Church and Baptists). There are many nice people in these religions I’m not blaming people but a part of them is mind controlled and the other part is just unaware.


  2. What I’m trying to say is: many people were converting to is-lame at that time. The media was used to spread controversy on purpose. TV showed it like the worst thing ever and it was done exactly for youngsters in their 20’s who were questioning everything and were more independent from their parents than underaged people to end up finding out that “it is not so bad, western media sucks etc let’s go to the other sidenof the world, revolution woooooo” and then they fell in the trap. Many I know couldn’t leave. I’m a victim of cybernetic mind control. ALWAYS examine when you all feel like doing something if it is really you, especially if the feeling is very strong. My family had no Christian or Muslim they are mostly ex traditional Catholics who became spiritualists and the other part is Freemason, Great White Fraternity and the like. Why on earth would I have converted to is-lame? Don’t call me stupid, the scum who rules the world really knows how to make us fall in their traps. We should help one another instead of judging.


  3. My ex is-lame spouse by the way used to spy me and even found the place I live now in the middle of nowhere here and invaded my building. I wouldn’t even be surprised if that person have found this blog and is reading it too. To be sincere these people are so scum and empty and meanigless that they don’t even have a life, they have to totally fulfill their time minding about other people’s lives including this military sh1t. That’s why I don’t fear anyone of them: relatives, ex is-lame spouse, deep state, what can they do besides mindig about our lives instead of finding a life on their own? What are they going to do? Torture me and my family? Kill us? I don’t fear anything anymore. This world is a joke, i laugh at them, so many innocents deemed as criminals, so many criminals posing as saints and leaders, I live my life not disturbing any single one and that’s it, while people are out there fearing everything. Even so, when I needed the police what did they do? Nothing. With those dumb empty facial expressions they have. Ok, now I finished.


  4. Ok sorry just one last post: why a person who lives some quarters from the indian ocean is going to take a plane to come invade the building of someone who live some quarters from the atlantic ocean? Why this waste of time and money? One could spend this same amount to go to the maldivas and have a nice time there! Why these deep state puppets with his neurosis “we know what you do”, “we know what you have done”, Joan and Melissa Rivers did the same! How can the deep stare puppets claim that is a job?


      1. I mentioned Pipes’s article because of the posts of men and women in the thread of the article, I couldn’t care less about who Daniel Pipes is, all I know is that he was a j3w supporting Donald Trump (a man from the establishment used to play the anti-establishment candidate). If you are firing me up, ok I’m sorry, it was not my intention to offend.


      2. You misunderstood me, sir. I meant only to say I was happy that you wrote so much. (And I was only curious about Pipes). Sorry for the misunderstanding. You are always welcome here, and you have never offended me.


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