The New World Order seeks, constantly, to trap us in false binds, where we are given a false choice between two undesirable alternatives, while other healthy alternatives remain hidden.

It makes sense, since, by virtue of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the enemy “thinks” simplistically in black and white, not shades of grey, and the computers that drive the enemy’s “thinking,” programmed by idiots, and manufactured under principles of planned obsolescence, work in ones and zeros.

The fear-then-relief response, as identified by psychologists, which underlies false flag attacks, is a good example of how they trap us in false binds.

It is important in considering the evils of world religions, which the satanists create and infiltrate, not to fall pray to hatred, lining up on one bad side, as we see the evils of the other.

Ken Kesey, a man whom the Tavistock Institute moved into my path, as we attended an eight-person dinner party in 1998, while I lived on Afton Mountain, put it well when he spoke of the desirability of sometimes rejecting decisions, of not making decisions when no decision is called for, and that the forces of evil do not care what side you’re on, but they just want to you to fight with other people of good will while you take extreme positions.

I am no friend of the Roman Catholic Church, which, while it contains many good people, is, at its heart, run by satanists within the Vatican.

This is a common model used by the Jesuits, which I identify in my second book, where, as with the Rhodes Round Table, there is an inner circle of evil and a larger circle of helpers, good or bad, who are utterly clueless as to the true agenda of these groups.

The same is true of Judaism, which, although satanic at its core, contains many good people who simply have no idea of what is going on, as they are conned by freemasons.

To this end, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, which is written by Dr. E. Michael Jones, a Roman Catholic, seems worth a look, as it examines the two-thousand-year-old attack, led by Jews, against his church.

Dr. Henry Makow writes of the book as follows:

[T]o the mortification of decent Jews like myself, Jews are often on the vanguard when it comes to trashing Christian mores and human dignity, and creating dysfunction whether it’s undermining gender and marriage or peddling promiscuity, pornography or abortion….

Organized Jewry has used our idealism to deceive us with Socialism, Communism, and Zionism. But to warn Jews of this deceit now constitutes ‘anti-Semitism….’

Jones is the foremost scholar of our time and predicament. This is because he studies the masterful Masonic-Jewish takeover of Western civilization now almost complete….

For a complete history of the New World Order from its inception over 2000 years ago, I recommend The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.

You can watch an accompanying film, The Goy Guide To World History, through the link below.

Just in case the enemy takes it down, I have uploaded part below.

And here’s another part of what looks like an interesting film.

Check it out!


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