Below you can read my recent series of six articles on shortages purposely engineered for political and economic reasons, as the New World Order tries to drive us to computers.

Still, engineered shortages were used long before the Great Reset, because they work.

I have written about the secret goals of World War Two, which was used to create the United Nations.

World War Two was used to expand the Soviet Union, while the bankers had created communism to begin with.

That’s why one of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto is a central bank.

World War Two was used to create NATO, which is a criminal organization, taking its alleged justification as opposition to the Soviet Union.

The Banksters deal in hedge funds, where they bet on both sides, so they fueled the Cold War.

World War Two was used to create the Marshall Plan, which led to the Common Market, which led to the European Economic Union, which led to the European Union.

It’s kind of like the way they used a free trade zone to create Germany to begin with, just as they now seek to form a North American Bund.

World War Two was used to create the poster child of the New World Order:  Communist China.

It’s something you can read about in my books.

Meanwhile, World War Two gave the enemy a chance to try out their weather weapons, as they used the Chain Home (CH) stations to create an unusual track of cyclones that stopped the Nazis with the coldest winter on record in Russia.

World War Two worked so well to make money, and to advance globalism, that the New World Order created Zionist Israel on the same lines as Nazi Germany.

They’re going to do it all over again!

Only, under PROJECT BLUE BEAM, it will have a religious flavor.

But what else did World War Two achieve?

There was the rape of two million German women.

It makes the rape of Nanking, and the Japanese abuse of comfort women, look small time.

The sickos in the New World Order are homosexuals, trained by female degenerates that abuse their bodies, as they bond with others of their kind through gang rape—seeking to strike against the bitches that humble them while they hate and fear all women.

They are behind the wave of taharrush that sweeps England.

They are behind the wave of taharrush that sweeps Sweden.

They are behind the wave of taharrush that sweeps Germany.

And they are behind false feminism.

World War Two split families, as women were left alone to be drugged and abused without the ability to recover memory.

Memory-blockers have been used by the scum for a very long time.

So have home invasions, which no one remembers, because they are drugged before they are even taken from their beds.

American women were subjected to these attacks, as their husbands were forced to abandon them, because of the globalist war used to break our neutrality.

Women were encouraged to take jobs at factories, so their children could be abused in their absence, to support the war effort.

Shortages weren’t just about victory gardens, as agribusiness got a huge boost through war-profiteering, and defense contracts, feeding soldiers slop.

Industrial shortages drove women into the workforce, so they worked for the war-profiteering companies that had partnered with Nazi Germany to make the war possible.

Women worked for defense contractors like General Motors and Ford, who first helped Hitler, but now helped stop him.

That’s how we got the ultimate symbol of false feminism, where women traded the control of their homes, the upbringing of their children, their partnership with their husbands, and their free time to become the wage slaves of industrial interests.

It’s Rosie the Riveter!

She helped all kinds of companies make money off the war.

Who knows?

Maybe her husband would rape her on his returnjust to show her who was boss.

I am pro-woman, pro-man, and pro-child, but I am anti-feminist.

Feminism is anti-woman.

Feminism is pro-rape.

Don’t fall for it.


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7 thoughts on “ROSIE THE RIVETER”

  1. Hi,

    I can’t remember what your name is. But, if you have been reading my Facebook posts Magena Dawid-Rose (which I think you have) and you are wondering why I’ve suddenly stopped posting, it is because I’ve been censored.

    On the 13th of September, I experienced a missed call from Bindu at the Tamarind Centre (a psychiatric centre). I instantly had a hunch the heirarchy wanted to section me to a psych ward and put me back on depot. After that, this guy called Hayden from the Mental Health Fellowship (this really woke guy) arranged a meeting with Mum and Dad without letting me know beforehand. Nobody had communicated it with me and so I didn’t go. I had a feeling the heirarchy wanted to censor me. Then, I experienced people spamming my Facebook page with psych ward and meds comments just randomly. When people just randomly start spamming suddenly out of nowhere and not giving each other even enough time to read each other’s posts it is obvious it is coordinated.

    I would not be surprised if I became sectioned into a psychiatric ward and put on depot drugs next week. Hayden and Bindu have set a meeting with me to be on Tuesday the 20th of September. I think the heirarchy wants to section me because I experienced Facebook accounts being deleted previously and I wanted to transfer the old posts from the account being deleted accoss but the process was happening kind of slowing because I kept getting distracted and making new posts. And, I think the heirarchy wants to add to that and try to have me sectioned for a long time so it overlaps the Facebook deadline to download the posts and obtain all the data. On my mobile phone it had been tricky because the memory has been clogged up. But, I’m going to try something else. My old posts on my deleted account was quite interesting I think. I was planning to compile various old posts together to make up a document.

    Nationstates are corporations owned by the heirarchy through the monetary system, controlled through the UN, through the heirarchy owning and controlling the privatized businesses and companies through Goliath corporations like Blackrock and Blackstone and the heirarchy bumps up and selects its own.

    I think people get a lil too fixated on East / West, Ukraine / Russia type stuff as the heirarchy controls both the East / West and Ukraine / Russia. How much more clearly can I express to you that Ukraine and Russia are being controlled by the heirarchy?! 🤨
    Zelensky and Putin are both rich (being rich is a sign of being in the heirarchy). Putin’s daughter, who has some kind to Kat-y name similar to Cat-herine, has a male partner called, get this, Zelensky.

    Nations are corporation owned by the heirarchy. The UN is used by the heirarchy as a Government controlling nation states. And, ‘First’ Nations are both nationalities with special rights from the UN. The ‘First’ Nations ‘community’ is used to control people mentally in Australia. The people are so guilt tripped by colonialism, they do what ‘First’ Nations people want because it is perceived as racist not to do so.

    I got pissed off by the ‘First’ Nations pages suddenly going off me on social media (they were having a go at me when I criticized the monarchy for many years too). They’re not republicans, not the those affiliated with the ‘First’ Nations pages anyway. They claim to want to rule over the people in Australia as soverigns but would be controlled by the heirarchy anyway regardless of a republic – as ‘First’ Nations are corporations owned by those higher up in the heirarchy and only get their special privileges from the UN, also controlled by the heirarchy. Even if there was a republic, Australia would still be controlled by the heirarchy, by the rich people (of which the same monarchy are rich people).

    When your page got censored when you posted about Charles, that was no accident. I get censored constantly and bullied by the heirarchy on social media. You just put something I think seems to be true about a very powerful person in the heirarchy, a person with a lot more power than what you and most people probably realise

    I had thought Elizabeth II was the most powerful person in the world when she her position was supposedly as the ‘queen’, ‘Keeper of the Faith’ etc. I sent out a document probably last year to loads of Churches about allegations the heirarchy has been sacrificing children and some kind of association to Lilith. I didn’t have as much knowledge then as I do now and was under mind control. But, yeah, Elizabeth II did have a lot of people and control.

    After Elizabeth II either retired or passed, I thought her final decision was a surprisingly a kind one to people other than herself, unexpectedly kind of altruistic, which took me offguard and by surprise for reasons I have explained before on Facebook. I went through grief but eventually felt optimistic. With Charles, new to the job, there might be some positive changes and start afresh. I thought if people already knew about the human sacrifice system (now many did) then it might provide an opportunity to Charles to not have to keep up that. I was really optimistic.

    But, some videos recommended to me on YouTube indicated to me immediately that the heirarchy did not have that intention.

    This trailer showed up like 3 days ago:

    And, I was like 😑

    It is essentially the rich in the USA grappling to control the situation. They have the Charlieze Theron with hair like the character ‘Magenta’ in the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and have a supposed ‘evil’ blonde haired brown eyed girl who wants to be a princess and prove she is good vs a Meghan Markle look a like who just wants to go home and is naturally good. The heirarchy used mind control to manipulate me to feel like I was bad person by constantly guilt tripping me and smearing every single thing about me as bad (a bit like the Crimson Cure channel did but instead a lot of the criticism were wokeness), Freemason David Icke was used to hint to me that problems going on was my fault “lies” because I’d talked with a small bunch of people I’d thought were my friends about an Out of Body Experience I’d had at about ten years old. And, there was a lot mind control propaganda going on, targeted at me, both online and offline. The heirarchy socially isolated me and broke up the friendships I’d had. A man about double my age who went by the nickname Skar showed up and comforted me after an incident where I was raped and he said he was divorced and single and not married and was the only person seemingly being nice to me at the time. He said his grandfather or dad was a Choctaw Chief and a member of the illuminati. He was rich and said he was acting in a movie and was back and forth in and out of Queensland at the times Johnny Depp was and was shooting a movie there and would travel to the same location. He wore

    The heirarchy socially isolated me and w

    When I was a 14 month old baby, I had blonde hair and brown eyes (an odd combination, I guess). I actually was probably the only girl in my class who did not want to be a princess or marry a rich man when I was a little girl. I was experiencing child abuse and I wanted to get out of the situation and get a job and hopefully get my brothers out and look after them – or my littlest brother, Sienna, at least. I really wish I’d done that. Instead, I went on exchange to Japan and was sexually


  2. Oh that’s annoying. That comment posted before I’d finished it. Sometimes when I work on comments, they are a bit scattered all over the place and don’t make a lot of sense until the comment is completely. Because, I remember something part way through and my posts aren’t always writing in a polished chronological way. In this case, the comment posted before I’d finished it and did not make a lot of sense. I wanted to delete it and try and post a completed comment but could not. I have been through psychiatric abuse and have experienced brain damage from that. Although, I think my mind has improved a bit, I still have memory problems, and have been accustomed also to writing things down immediately before I forget what I am thinking about 😅
    This is partly how my posts or comments come off so all over the place when I am part way through working on them and haven’t completed them 😅😅😅

    Anyway, what I wanted to say in my post (although, perhaps it doesn’t read as smooth now) is:

    •The heirarchy can read my thoughts / my mind. I have had reason to think so for a really long time. So, it was very effective at using propaganda online and offline to manipulate me. I mean, of course it is not my fault for talking to a small bunch of people as a teenager about something that happened as a ten year old. How could other people blame me whilst they made artificial weather disasters with the intention of scape goating me as a Mother Earth, infected people with bioweaopons, starting up wars, killing children, trying to self combust people by infecting people with Graphene oxide and then using EMP technology etc etc?!
    Sure, I said some not very nice things because it was hurtful to be abused and bullied around. But, it’s not my fault. The heirarchy was doing crazy things before I spoke about my Out of Body Experience and before I was even born. When I was about five / six years old, an illuminati self combust card was put out that looked like myself burning on fire and I grew to have resemblance to the image as a teenager too.

    But, I was made to feel by layers and layers of propaganda like I was to blame.

    One day I read a news article claiming the CCP had the technology to be able to read / see peoples thoughts and I thought “Well, I wasn’t going crazy or paranoid” and “this technology has been around for much earlier than before the article claimed that the CCP came up with the technology and it’s not just the CCP using it”. How easy it was to try and manipulate me, I suppose, when the heirarchy had the technology to somehow read / know my thoughts. To guilt trip me and make me feel bad about myself whilst socially isolating me and having everybody else hate me. Of course I wanted to do the right thing, to try and be a good person.
    Who in that situation wouldn’t??
    I was naive and didn’t initially realise the extent to which I was being manipulated and there was a lot of stuff I actually figured out after I’d sent my documents out.

    Anyway, the heirarchy would probably be able to read your thoughts too and to drop hints and suggestions.

    But, in my opinion it was no accident you experienced censorship when you tried to post about Charles. He is a very powerful man now, probably more powerful than you even think he is. He has a lot of power and control over people. I think you read my Facebook posts about sexual abuse and human sacrifices being used as blackmail and this is probably how you came to the conclusion that Charles was sexually abused himself. And, I think you’re actually right. I think he was sexually abused.

    Although, they have a lot of money, I don’t think their position is really an enviable one, in my opinion. Imagine how much it would fuck you up in the head to be sexually abused and then be made to sexually abuse or even kill other people. That’s pretty rough. How would you even get around to acknowledging what was done to you was even wrong?! -when you have done that thing yourself?! 💦

    I was sexually assaulted as a teenage girl by a teacher called Noriko when I went on exchange to Japan (Noriko is the name of a voice actor who plays the character Near in Death Note) and the sexual assault that happened to me was set up by the heirarchy (which doesn’t just encompass the one in ‘Britain’ but royalty in Japan, other parts of Europe, Gulf ‘nations’ and other places and ‘First’ Nations rulers probably included somewhere in the heirarchy, like Skar said his father or grandfather was a member of the illuminati. But, the ‘royal’ family in Britain are really powerful, more than what a lot of people realise. They play both sides of whatever conflict is going on. The status quo and the people fighting against the status quo. Russia and Ukraine. The USA and China. The Solomon Islands and Australia. They had this kind of historical karma thing going where they would revenge karma people for supposed historical wrongs. For example, if the ‘Jews’ did a Holocaust in ‘Tasmania’ then later the ‘Jews’ would experience a Holocaust done against them in ‘Germany’. And, this revenge karma system keeps getting used over and over again like a horrible broken record (if the history recorded down is accurate). Different people being revenge enslaved. The persecuted becoming the pursector becoming the persecuted etc.

    Sometimes, the heirarchy killed of its own. Diana, who was Welsh (the Welsh flag has a red dragon on it), was presented as of pagan Welsh heritage. And, so, she was probably selected as a human sacrifice, to represent the red dragon. A revenge killing against the Pagans who supposedly are at fault for the human sacrifice system?
    Once she was married, probably, it was kind of difficult to get out. And, she was probably worried the heirarchy would kill William. And, possibly she tried to prepare the young boys a bit eating McDonald’s and what not – and getting used to the outside world – for a potential escape.

    Under Victoria and Albert, families were being given out lead toys, killing poorer peoples children off, whilst Victoria was presented as some kind of a holy divine religious figure for having lots of babies who grew up and did not die. There are old paintings of Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary that are clearly based on the images of Victoria and Albert, with their unusually ginormous eyes.

    You seemed to have copied what I’d previously posted on Facebook about how Edward VIII buddied up to Adolf Hitler.

    If you work out what is going on, the more and more you work out, the more and more you realise how fucked up things are.

    Christianity always seems to cop the blame but I think a lot of this stuff actually has nothing to do with Christianity. Where in Christianity, for example, does it say “I command there, thou shalt posion other peoples children with lead toys and not your own and then make it out like your are divine religious figures?!”

    There’s kind of a Cathiest Wizard of Oz thing going on, I think. In the ‘Wizard or Oz’ there seems to be some kind of God supernaturally controlling stuff but in reality a little old man is using technology anybody could use to make the so called supernatural things happen. The Emperor Has No Clothes sort of a thing. Except, somehow Atheists have got the wool covered over their eyes and are not seeing a naked Emperor but climate change global warming blah blah blah.

    The heirarchy has the technology to artificially manipulate the weather, read peoples minds, genetically modify people. When I was in the JRU psych ward, there was a Persian man watching a documentary about how the Nazis knew how to artificially manipulate the weather.
    Of course, after World War II, Nazi ideology didn’t die.
    The Persian guy said to me, “The Nazis are going to flood Sydney. It’s something called Operation DeepWater. No, look, it’s in the documentary”.
    And, sure enough, Sydney flooded 🤔


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