Peter Pan was written by a child molester, and it is heavily used for programming by the Tavistock Institute.

Thus it resembles Alice in Wonderland, which was penned by the pedophile, Charles Dodgson, alias Lewis Carroll–when he wasn’t taking pictures of naked prepubescent girls.

James Barrie never consummated his marriage of fifteen years, although he spent extensive time with George and Jack Llewelyn Davies, two small boys, whom he befriended when he met them in the park.

After their parents died, Barrie forged a letter from their mother, appointing himself their guardian.

No wonder the King of England made him a baronet and a knight.

The Windsors are homosexual child molesters.

And the Windsors are rapists.

Even their women are in on it.

You’d have to be under mind control to think the royal family was okay.

So it’s no surprize that the works of Sir James Barrie, Bt., OM, are employed not only by the CIA but by the Tavistock Institute in connection with the sexual abuse and mental programming of children.

Cisco Wheeler, whose grandfather’s brother, General Earle Wheeler, was the Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has written about Peter Pan programming.

As she points out, children are raped and abused by the American military at bases like China Lake, where they are electroshocked, programmed to colors, and taught to “ride the light.”

Thus they dissociate to flashing lights, which they will later see in discos where you can find characters like Peter Pan.

Love triangles, based on casual sex, are used under MK-ULTRA to destroy real relationships; so it’s no surprize that part of the programming involves jealousies among Wendy, Peter, and Tink–not to mention Peter, Wendy, and Tiger Lily.

Not only is bondage picked up in the picture of Tiger Lily, but look how entranced Tinker Bell appears.

That’s no surprize since the slaves of the Illuminati use drugs on the people they program to increase suggestibility and to prevent memories from forming.

This is picked up by the use of a love potion, in Peter Pan, a medicine associated with desire for Wendy.

And it is also picked up by the use of fairy dust, in Peter Pan, which makes people fly.

On stage, flying involves the use of ropes, which picks up marionette training.

When I was a boy, I saw Sandy Duncan play Peter Pan as her body was swung across the stage.

Sandy Duncan played another marionette in another programming classic:  Pinocchio.

Isn’t it interesting that while the New World Order pushes transsexualism, not to mention homosexuality, the boy is invariably played by a woman?

With the pixie cut, she could be Tinker Bell!

Sandy Duncan underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor behind her optic nerve.

You know? Kind of like the psycho-surgery employed in MK-ULTRA?

That’s when they implant you with cybernetics so they can control your mind.

It’s a sick joke that Sandy Duncan appeared in The Bionic Woman.

Sandy Duncan also appeared in The Six Million Dollar Man, which featured the gay husband of sex symbol, Farrah Fawcett:  Lee Majors.

Sandy Duncan appeared on The Muppet Show, which was also used for programming.

And Sandy Duncan appeared in Scooby Doo, which was also used for programming.

But what about Peter Pan?

You can read the books, Peter and Wendy, and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, below.

Check out the goat:  That’s a satanic symbol.

The boy who never grew up is conflated with Pan, so he plays the syrinx.

Here you can see Pan fucking a goat.

That’s no surprize since, as Cathy O’Brien writes, MK-ULTRA involves bestiality.

Pan, MK-ULTRA, and narcissists are associated with rape.

Here’s another picture of the boy who never grows up, who sneaks into bedrooms, and who kidnaps children.

MK-ULTRA depends on home invasions, so keep your bedroom safe!

As one author writes,

During programming, victims are told to escape to ‘Neverland’ while inducing dissociation from reality.  Neverland is called so because once you set foot there, you can never leave. 

Just like Wendy, victims are not believed.

Susan Ford, writing as Brice Taylor, tells horrific stories of her abuse by Disney.

As she writes,

Then pointing into the dark water near me, he tapped into the Peter Pan theme I was also programmed with as he anxiously warned, “I believe there’s an alligator there on your left, no I mean on your right, right there behind you, he’s swimming right up behind you on your other left.” I was frantically panicked; and in an attempt to make it all go away I squeezed my eyes as tightly shut as I could, and held onto the rope for dear life. 

“You’re a very strong little girl,” he called out, “just like your father told me you were. You know, the survival of the fittest.” Then he began to reel me back in and lifted me up by the rope as I climbed over the railing to get back on the boat. “You passed that test with flying colors! Your father said that this test would be easy for you.”

I felt numb and my teeth were chattering from the cold. My dress was all wet and so were my shoes and socks and panties. I was freezing. My father always did talk to me about the ‘survival of the fittest’ and how I would be strong. 

“You could fly like Tinkerbell does, across the sky at night attached to this rope like you are. Should I leave it on so that you can fly with Tinkerbell tonight, high up in the sky?” 

“No, sir,” I replied looking down at the rope and shivering.

He laughed real loudly. “You know that you fly with her every time you see her fly; you fly high, high away from all the things you think you remember here, but none of those things really happen; they are all just figments of your imagination. Do you know what figments are?” 

I shook my head no. 

“Figments are fruit that you eat. And you have enjoyed all the rides here tonight and had a lot of fun and now it is almost time for you to go home. You know, like Mickey says in the song, “Now it’s time to say good-bye to all our company, M. I. C. K. E. Y. M. O. U. S. E.; you know the song on TV, the one that you hear when you watch the Mickey Mouse Club? 

“Yes,” I said, now in total hypnotic, robotical program. 

“When you see Tinkerbell and all the beautiful fireworks here tonight, you will remember the good and only the good things that happened here today and tonight. All the good will float up into your conscious mind just like Tinkerbell flies high in the sky, so will all the good things [that happened] fly high up into your conscious mind. You have had the best day here at Disneyland and want to return as soon as you can for more fun.”

Disney is satanic.

Neverland is associated not only with Barrie’s work, and dissociation during programming, but also with Michael Jackson’s ranch, which seems to have provided a forum for the sexual abuse and programming of children–whether Jackson was in on it or not.

Michael Jackson was introduced to Neverland by Paul McCartney, himself a product of the Tavistock Institute, programmed by public school degenerates from Repton, Winchester, and Eton.

So it’s no wonder that Sir James Barrie identifies Captain Hook as an Old Etonian.

I went to Cambridge, so I don’t know much about the Other Place.

But my friend, Dr. Katherine Horton, an Oxonian with whom I have joined forces, could tell you about Hook’s other alma mater–Balliol College at Oxford University.

A quick search told me that leaders of the student union at Balliol recently banned the Christian Union and other religious representatives from a freshers fair–allegedly to protect undergraduates from “harm” as they called Christianity “an excuse for homophobia and neo-colonialism.”

Everyone knows that scum from Oxbridge run Tavistock.

Just as the scum at USAF, CIA, and MI-Whatever put fish-hooks in people’s private parts, during training sessions, Captain Hook appears with the instrument of our torture.

Cisco Wheeler, the grand niece of General Earle Wheeler, Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff, writes that Cap’n represents the programmer in Peter Pan.

But what would she know about secret government programs?


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6 thoughts on “PETER PAN & MK-ULTRA”

  1. Thank you for your website. It’s good you are raising awareness about this kind of thing. You remember very similar things to my husband. My husband remembers being programmed with this kind of stuff in tunnels under Disneyland. He remembers Peter Pan and Alice In Wonderland programming. His grandfather was his programmer playing the roles of the Captain and the Hatter.


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