People are right to fear the dentist.

Since the founding of modern dentistry, by Pierre Fauchard, a man whose birth, life, and death suggest a soul contract, the profession has borne the hallmarks of satanic conspiracy.


Like agribusiness, it has strong foundations at Harvard.


Fluoride is associated with dentists.


Fluoride is a poison used to kill vermin, but your dentist wants to put it in your mouth.

There’s a reason why your toothpaste says to call poison control if swallowed.

But it’s not just the fluoride that will give you cancer.

It’s the x-rays your dentist sends into your brain, while he requires you to wear a lead apron.

That’s when he’s not using an amalgam made from lead or mercury to fill your cavities.

These poisonous elements will rub against your mouth and your food, while they sit below your brain.

Before he put them in, your dentist may have knocked you out with gas, so he had a chance to molest your body.

As a child, my aunt was hypnotized by her dentist, who was caught fondling her breasts, while he worked on her.

No wonder people have aversions to dentists, as they are sometimes used to create amnesic walls, in programming, about which you can read below.


Dentists aren’t just failed doctors.

They are bad news.

Avoid them.


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9 thoughts on “FEAR THE DENTIST!”

  1. I have an upper molar that is breaking down thru a process called “resorption.” I wonder if braces caused it, but truth be told I was in a car accident and got hit by the airbag in the head right where the affected tooth sits. Anyway, eventually the tooth will break down entirely, and need to be pulled. Treatment options are a bridge or an implant – neither of which do I want to do. A bridge wrecks the teeth in front of and behind it, and then later they fail, too. No thanks! An implant can’t be undone or reversed if it goes wrong. What should I do? What would you do in my position?

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    1. All I can tell you is that they also slam people’s teeth, or the nerves in your head connected to them, to give false pain, while they put a voice in your head, using V2K, that will say something like, “I need to go to the dentist”–all with the idea that you will take this for real pain and your own thought.


      In this way, they use the false flag attack of microwave harassment to drive people to wrong solutions.

      Otherwise, of course, it is possible to have real problems with your teeth, I am told there are good dentists, and some specialize in removing mercury fillings etc.


  2. Hi friend, thank you for this article.

    Since around the age of 6, I was forced to see a dentist. And wouldn’t you know, they *always* ended up finding cavities in my teeth. Funny thing, my dad had very good “insurance” that covered fillings (if you know what I mean). I found out that my childhood family dentist committed suicide when it was discovered that he was drilling and filling perfectly healthy teeth. Oh, and he got caught molesting his patients.

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    1. Yep. I was lucky to have a good dentist, who later dropped out of the business. But I had a similar experience with fillings when it came to an earlier one from my childhood in a different town. He was big on filling baby teeth that would soon drop out, and as to which I never complained….

      I stopped going at the age of thirty.

      Twenty-three years later I have never had a problem, although I do brush my tooth twice a day, using a no-fluoride toothpaste, and sometimes I even floss!


  3. Oh and it’s curious, the most famous hero (…..) in brazilian history was Tiradentes, a dentist, miliary and freemason. The day of his martyrdom is even a holiday, on April 21st.

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