Today we hear of the New Normal, as satanic conspirators arrange the attack on all life around their strange beliefs in numerology.

Given their use of numbers and dates as gang-signs, it is no surprise that there was a similar attempt to reshape the world, roughly one hundred years before the announcement of the Covid Outbreak on the satanic holiday of the New Year, 1/1/2020, for the Great Reset, followed by the declaration of a national emergency on Friday the Thirteenth, pursuant to which governors invoked powers under the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act that was promulgated on Longest Night, a luciferian sabbat, following the 911 attacks.

What did it look like one hundred years ago?

As you can read in my second book, available, for free, below, it was connected to World War One, which ended on 11/11 at 11:11 in the morning, as the government instigated an earlier war on terror through the Espionage Act of 1917, the Sedition Act of 1918, and the creation of the National Security Agency.

World War One was made possible by the creation of federal income tax to support the newly created Federal Reserve.

Not only the Rockefellers, and the Morgans, but also the DuPonts lay behind it, as the Merchants of Death made one billion dollars, dragging America into the War To End All Wars, which would keep the World Safe for Democracy.

General Smedley Butler, the highest ranking member of the United States military, who won the Medal of Honor twice, called it like it was, saying the whole thing was about war profiteering, in his book, War Is A Racket.

World War One involved the conscription of four million Americans into the army, where they were brainwashed by psychologists.

Following World War One, there was the Spanish Flu Epidemic, sourced from an army base, so people were required to wear masks as the bioattack killed millions.

Following World War One, there was Prohibition; so the government didn’t just create the NSA, but it also created the FBI along with a whole bunch of treasury agents, ostensibly connected to the Federal Reserve.

Following World War One, there were consolidated schools, so children could be brainwashed under the care of the state.

Public education was another plank of the Communist Manifesto, along with the creation of a central bank, as World War One created the first communist government, in Russia, which the bankers had plotted all along.

That’s a theme of my third book, available, for free, below.

Now you could find radio getting bigger and bigger, as signal was transmitted into the heads of the soldiers who had been implanted in the Army.

No wonder the Tavistock Institute, along with myriads of army psychologists, was created during this period.

No wonder Paris, with its giant radio tower, became so important during this period.

Meanwhile, floods of immigrants came through Ellis Island, as an assault on our country, where they were cybernetically implanted, trafficked, and processed, simultaneously giving the NSA and the FBI an excuse for their existence, as they kept an eye on the foreigners for whom the government had opened the door.

You can read about the Klan, which was actually respectable during this period, in my first book, available, for free, below.

One move after another was a classic false flag, and you can see them relentlessly put forward, not just in the 2020s but also in the 1920s.

There is nothing new about the New Normal.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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