Fascism involves the team-up between big corporations and big government to attack individuals.

The facilitation of the Holocaust by International Business Machines is a classic example.

So is the team-up between Nokia Bell Labs and the United States Government.

So is the team-up between Panasonic and the United States Government.

And so is the use of IN-Q-TEL as an investment arm of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Click Here To Visit Their Website!

Here you can learn more about IN-Q-TEL and its investments.

And here you can learn still more.

Here is the Wall Street Journal on the subject.

Many companies and universities have facilitated the development of technology used for mind control.

Sound weapons, employing voice-to-skull harassment, are a classic example.

Microwave harassment is misdiagnosed as various organic ailments in order to drive people to the false solution of pharmaceuticals, while the imbecilic enemy leaves gang-signs as clues.

No wonder we find Sonitus, whose name means sound illness, teamed up with Panasonic, IN-Q-TEL, and USAF.

Click Here To Visit Their Website!

Just as the morons in the military rape each other’s bodies with objects, they are used as guinea pigs by the deep state.

Here you can read more about what is done to the little losers.

The Air Force is full of homosexual gnomes doing things to each other’s bodies.

No wonder we find that Molar Mic, by Sonitus, is in its final field testing by the United States Air Force.

Molar Mic provides biometric data and feedback, as it attaches to a soldier’s molars, so voices go back and forth regardless of background noise, due to near-field magnetic induction (NFMI).

No wonder iT2, the established supply chain of Bluewater Defense, has acquired Sonitus.

Click Here To Visit Their Website!

They’ve been awarded a contract by the Department of Defense to develop wireless soldier wearable technology.

They use masonic signals like the number thirty-three.

It’s all part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and it is made possible by taxpayer money, mind control technology, and little military guinea pigs.

Look at the award they were given by the Department of Defense.

They are so stupid that they are advertising this obscenity.

You can learn more in their newsroom.

Click Here To Learn More!

They are connecting Molar Mic to BlueTooth.

That’s only what they’re showing you, while far more advanced technology has been used for a very long time.

No wonder the United Nations wants you to have a smart phone: it is linked to the technology in your head.

No wonder the dentist is suspect:  he’s been putting cybernetics in people’s teeth for years.

More than fifty years ago, this was signaled in Gilligan’s Island, when the lead character picked up radio signals through his molars.

That should give you some small idea how long this has been going on.


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