Lately, I have noticed a step-up in attacks on Joe Biden, Obama’s vice president, who is running for the presidency.  

creepy joe biden

Given the death of Biden’s son from brain cancer, which is caused by cybernetic implants and microwave harassment, the tactics of our enemies, and his work on the Church Committee, I wonder how much CIA causes Biden’s behavior through mind control.  Biden himself raised similar issues when he questioned John Roberts upon his nomination to the Supreme Court.  Joe Biden has a history of asking hard questions about CIA’s crimes against American citizens.

Mind Control and Misdiagnosis of Physical & Behavioral Symptoms

I make no apology for Biden’s creepy antics, but they weren’t seriously addressed for the eight years he served as vice president.   Back then, The Onion used to make up silly articles about Ole Joe, using fake photographs, describing him washing his Trans Am, shirtless in the driveway, asking Obama to pick up some real throwing stars from Japan, or donating his old porn to charity.

Biden Porn

Today the press attacks Biden seriously.  Why are old pictures coming out, again, now? Someone wants Biden out of the way, and it’s not just the Republicans or his rivals in the Democratic Party….


CIA could accept Biden as Obama’s sidekick, but now he is more than that.  Biden is the Democratic front-runner, but he’s not allowed to be the Democratic front-runner.

Democratic Party Polls Because of deals cut in 2008, Biden was not allowed to run in 2016.  Instead, the Democrats ran Hillary Clinton.  Bernie Sanders probably would have beaten Trump, but NWO is so arrogant, and they had already promised the presidency to Clinton, so George Soros used his crooked voting machines to propel Clinton to the candidacy.  Still, it was not enough:  the good people in “fly-over country” rejected the child molester foisted on us by the bicoastal elites.


Earlier, Barack Hussein Obama stole the presidency after CIA arranged the crash of financial markets right before his election.

2008 Crash

At the time, I was mildly blue-pilled, and I had not awoken to my abuse, so I naively hoped that Obama would bring financial reform and “shovel-ready jobs.”  Boy was I wrong.  


I was working as a corporate lawyer at the time, in capital markets, and my firm represented the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in connection with the negotiation and interpretation of a corporate charter authorizing the multi-billion-dollar issuance of preferred stock by American International Group, Inc. (“AIG”) as part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (“TARP”).  I was taken off that deal because I would have held AIG’s feet to the fire, but the Fed’s instruction to us, as their lawyers, was to let AIG off the hook.  The TARP Bailout was a scam.  Now, the “too-big-to-fail” banks are bigger than ever.  After the American taxpayers bailed out the giant banks, the banks foreclosed on the taxpayers’ houses.


Obama was just fine with this, as was Washington.  I remember a conversation I had with a Washington lobbyist in 2009.  We were watching a basketball game from Wilmington Trust’s box at the Wachovia Center, when the lobbyist told me what he had done for his clients.  All his banks wanted to make a deal with the government before new financial regulations were promulgated.  He told them to wait.  “It’ll all blow over,” he said.  “You won’t have to make a deal at all….”

federal reserve

What do you expect from a government in league with the banks, whose politicians are bought and sold.  Just look at the Fed.  Despite its name, the Federal Reserve is not federal, and it has no reserves.  It creates money out of thin air, which it lends to our government in exchange for bonds, creating an exponentially increasing national debt owed to foreign bankers.  Who pays for the debt? We do, courtesy of the Sixteenth Amendment, adopted less than two years after the creation of the Fed, to authorize the collection of income tax.  It sounds like the TARP Bailout, doesn’t it? Bankers destroy our lives, and our taxes subsidize them–you know, so they can destroy our lives some more….


America’s great poet, Ezra Pound, whom T.S. Eliot called the better maker, called the banks out, in Canto XLV, where he described the destructive effects of usury.

During World War II, Ezra Pound made radio speeches from fascist Italy.  For this, he was adjudged insane and committed to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.  God knows what the CIA did to him there, as their “psychologists” tortured so many others in mental hospitals under MK-ULTRA.  

Cybernetics and the Minds of Men

The Illuminati, whom Ezra Pound called out, are big on marker days.  Pound died imprisoned in a government hospital on November 1, 1972, one day after Halloween, almost exactly eighty-seven years after his birth on October 30, 1885, one day before Halloween.  In case you hadn’t noticed, satanists like Halloween.

Walpurgisnacht: The Day Osama bin Laden Was Killed & Lara Logan Broke Her Silence


About thirty years after Pound had been committed to a lunatic asylum, for making treasonous radio broadcasts to American troops, and while he was still held in St. Elizabeth’s, Jane Fonda did the same thing.  Hanoi Jane travelled to North Vietnam to broadcast propaganda from the enemy capital to American troops.  Fonda was never charged for what were clearly treasonous acts, whatever one’s opinion on the war.

Anger Management: CIA’s Attempt To Create Rape Fantasies about Jane Fonda


Today we have another heroin war going, not Vietnam but Afghanistan, on which American taxpayers have spent more than one trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000.00).

Heroin: Why We Fought In Vietnam, & Why We’re Still In Afghanistan


Leaving aside Biden’s questions about CIA’s crimes against Americans, Biden’s reservations with respect to the War in Afghanistan have made him enemies.  Bernie Sanders also opposes that war, and the assault on our civil liberties, so he’s not allowed to be president either.

Okay.  So Sanders is too old, and Biden is too creepy.  Both of them oppose foreign wars, and they object to crimes committed by the intelligence community, so CIA will take both of them out of the running.


Who will the Democrats run for president? My bet is Kamala Harris, who announced her candidacy on Martin Luther King Day.  That’s the day we remember a moderate civil rights leader, who cheated on his wife, and associated with communists, rather than a real black hero like Malcolm X or Fred Hampton.

Martin Luther King and the Fake Civil Rights Movement

Harris is a woman, and she is black, and you know how the New World Order loves identity politics–while they sling mud at others, calling them racists.  They figure black people will vote for black candidates, and women will vote for women candidates; and they figure white men won’t like these candidates.

Sarah Palin, Superheroines, and Rape

identity politics

Some of us know the score.  Back in the day, James Brown called it best:  “It’s not black or white; it’s wrong or right.”

I am sure Kamala Harris would not say we each can choose our race, identifying as white or black, but she has no problem saying people can choose their own “gender,” supporting Barack Hussein Obama’s “guidance” on “transgender” students, co-sponsoring the federal “Equality Act,” and creating a special “Hate Crimes Unit” in San Francisco.

bruce jenner

No wonder.  Not only is Kamala Harris a product of the Democratic machine, but she is deeply subject to mind control.  During and after her parents’ divorce, she grew up in two hubs of mind control, Stanford University, where her father taught, and McGill University, where her mother worked.  Both of these places had an enormous amount of MK-ULTRA activity, so Kamala Harris must have brainwashed.


No wonder Harris supported the Green New Deal, which is nothing but code for the New World Order.

AOC 2.0: Dr. Naomi Wolf Calls Out the Green New Deal & the Smart Grid

No wonder Harris supports “gun control,” which is part of GLADIO C, the plot to disarm America.

Gun Rights, False Flag Attacks, & the Manipulation of Public Opinion

Mia Khalifa, Sex Kittens, and Second Amendment Rights


No wonder Harris opposed the “muslim travel ban” and no wonder she supports a flood of illegal immigrants, through which NWO seeks to destroy our national boundaries and rape our women.

Taharrush: How The CIA Promotes Sex Assaults By Muslims

Coming Soon to Your Country: The Illuminati’s Sick Experiment in Sweden

No wonder Harris is part of the security state, sitting on the Committee on Homeland Security and the Select Committee on Intelligence.


No wonder Harris, along with George Soros, was one of the “targets” of the fake bomb scare with which the media tried to tar Trump supporters.

Unlike Biden or Sanders, Kamala Harris, who is strong in the polls, is hawkish, promoting war in the Middle East.  For one thing, she strongly supports Israel.  

kamala harris netenyahu

Kamala Harris has also called President Assad of Syria a war criminal, blaming him for the false flag attack at Khan Shaykhun, which was staged by British intelligence.

uk staged syrian chemical attack | zero hedge

assad had no reason to launch chem attack – ron paul


No wonder New World Order is attacking Biden.

They want Kamala Harris to run against Trump.


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  2. Just reviewing my old article. I stand by my analysis, although I missed the move to run Biden. Maybe they wanted to test his strength. My bet is that if he is elected, he will be killed with a heart attack or otherwise assassinated, so that Kamala Harris can step into the driver’s seat. In the meantime, she may be used to justify a federalization of local police as the federal government is drawn in by Soros’s false flag attack: “Black Lives Matter.”



  3. Biden, like Hillary and Bill Clinton, was groomed by CIA from college. He served CIA when he was part of the Church Committee “investigating” CIA’s illegal programs/activities. Obama’s stepfather, Lolo Santoro, was an assassin for CIA and Halliburton; and Obama was groomed from childhood by GWB SR to serve their interests. Hunter Biden was sexually groomed from childhood and is a pedophile like his father (Bush Jr was also groomed w/ pedophilia). He also works for CIA, heading CIA front corporations w/ Chris Heinz (also CIA, stepson of John Kerry) whose Chinese firm (CIA front) is behind the US corporation Metabiota (also CIA front) that worked in CIA foreign biolabs to weaponize ebola and strains of coronavirus (the latter w/ Wuhan). Biden has been a perfect puppet. They control ALL politicians and ALL elections. They have since FDR sold us out to the banks.


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