Last night I was drinking wine, as I celebrated the publication of my books.

You can get free copies below.

I feel as brave as the women who posed for Playboy, revealing myself to the public, attaining renown, and knowing I will get flak from some quarters.

Incidentally, I had to search through several covers to find the one above, of Bo Derek, who is an amazing person, since so many had offensive content, like interviews with Roman Polanski….

Playboy is full of cartel signalling, as it was used for mind control.

As I saw last night, so is James Brown.

Check out the video for Living in America, where a man is dazed by flashing lights, overseen by his male and female programmers, while a horned beast breathing smoke descends amid the decadence of Babylon.

Still, what struck me more is the following video: Sex Machine.

It made me stop and think.

James Brown is known for his dancing.

He couldn’t dance like Muhammad Ali, but he had a few moves.

In Sex Machine, James Brown appears, in front of an Illuminist pyramid, with a woman who dances like a clumsy white person.

This is the kind of dancing we see from Raquel Welch, who appears with the devil, as he cheats people in phony deals, in Bedazzled.

Something’s going on….

And it’s not just talking loud and saying nothing.

The more I see, the more I want payback.

The mechanical dance moves we see from the lady in Sex Machine are the result of forced movement.

These moves characterize the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

You can learn more from the enemy’s White Paper, Regulation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as published by Her Majesty’s Government, which you can read below.

CIA controls the internet.

CIA controls the television.

CIA controls the media.


It’s like FaceBook, where NSA, DHS, and FBI isolate you, watching you all the time, while you feel alone, but you click on Likes and Friends….

The Tavistock Institute mocks us, as they teach our children to dance the Robot.

The Tavistock Institute mocks us with robot women on the screen.

The Tavistock Institute mocks us with Playboy.

Sex Machine is an obscene reference not only to forced movement but to cybernetic hive mind, through which the perverts destroy our sexuality.

You can read more about the obscenity of cybernetic sex, and why I will never have sex with anyone, ever again, in my article on Farrah Fawcett.

Similar references appear in something called Avenue Q, which won three Tony Awards, playing for more than 2,500 performances, over six years, while it combined puppets, the internet, and porn.

Like our attackers, Q is homosexual.

As though Jim Henson weren’t bad enough!

Not to mention Lord Lloyd-Webber!

I am not their marionette.

I am not their sex machine.

I will never be their puppet!


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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