Below please find an email I sent to the Pennsylvania State Police, particularly regarding their Avondale Barracks, copying the Virginia Department of Child Services.

Funny how the FBI does not have an easily available email….


To the Pennsylvania State Police:

I am a lawyer in good standing in the State of Delaware and the District of Columbia.

I am also an independent journalist with more than one million hits on my website.

I have recently published two books exposing international crime rings, which you can download, for free, at my website.

In September 2016, I reported my kidnapping on the night of Thursday, April 10, 2014, from Sovana Bistro, where my drink was drugged, to the corner of Route 926 and Wollaston Road.

This house is owned by Katie and Cuyler Walker, who withdrew from a race for the Pennsylvania State Legislature, as Cuyler Walker pleaded the Fifth Amendment since any answer he might have given to police questioning might have incriminated him.

I have posted a reward for the conviction of the Walkers and their co-conspirators on my website:

I strongly encourage you to investigate crimes perpetrated by, and connected to, the Walker Family.

When I reported my kidnapping to the Walkers’ property, on the night of Thursday, April 10, 2014, from Sovana Bistro, where my drink was drugged, I expressed concerns about perverse and sexual attacks against my minor daughter, Lily Montgomery, in Virginia, from a multi-state crime ring.

You refused to investigate the crimes I reported.

The response of the Avondale Barracks was to commit me to a mental hospital.

I believe that insiders of an inter-state child-trafficking ring are connected to the Avondale Barracks, which had me falsely committed, to cover up their crimes.

Your internal affairs department needs to investigate these matters.

Your department has attacked me at my house, in response to a false 911 call, as to which charges were dismissed, because the arrest was false, when you battered me and committed other torts within my house—breaking a framed watercolor painting by my aunt, a dog bowl, and an inner door, as I refused you entry but your man moved not only through the garage door I attempted to close but the inner door your man forced open as he assaulted me and bruised my body.

I have photographs from this event.

I have yet to file civil suit against your office, for battery and other torts, but I may do so in the future, particularly against Trooper Hollenbach, as his partner, Trooper Sheridan, facilitated his wrongdoing.

At that time, I confronted Trooper Hollenbach with his involvement, and the involvement of the Avondale Barracks, and the Pennsylania State Police, with crimes committed by the local Fusion Center and the Department of Homeland Security.

I expect any honest officer within your department to make a serious effort to investigate crimes committed by an international cartel within your jurisdiction, and to report inter-state crimes to the federal authorities, as they are described above.

I also expect the crooked cops in Avondale, Harrisburg, and Washington to attack me again, while the best of you give speeding tickets.

That’s what our tax dollars go for:

Incidentally, I got a similar response when burglars invaded my house at Chadds Ford in May 2004.  Then your department said they thought there was no point in investigating a felony at my house—although dusty footprints lay across my porch, a BlackBerry device was stolen from my house, and a door was bashed in. 

I believe you are all scum, traitors to our republic, but I welcome any good men or women among you to prove me wrong.

I refuse to talk to any of you, aside from this email, and I forbid you to come to my property, or to call my number.

I have had enough of your police harassment.

If you are honest cops, you will do your job.

I am publishing this e-mail on my website.



Timothy Shelley, J.D., Ph.D.

[e-mail and phone redacted]


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  1. Hi this post is quite interesting, as state troopers are organized around the US via Fusion Centers to target people exactly as you describe.

    Can you point me to more posts where you document your daughters abuse, and the case you describe above?

    Also, in your area, civil rights lawyer Andy Ostrowski had similar interactions with PA police, and what some call the “the Zappalla crime family” which infests your judiciary and other state offices. They ruined his life.

    Where can I read more of these types of posts?

    Best Regards–


      1. My great grandmother was the daughter of last Earl Montgomery. She married a commoner, a coal miner, they emigrated tobUSA, Utah then Wyoming. We are probably distantly related in the nasty Illuminati bloodlines, min Merovigian, Russell, Jewish Satanist line too,, my grandfather…connected to several presidents like Polk,. I hate the constant gangstalking, cat and mouse, horrific non stop assaults, because as a teenager I started fighting my programming, publicly outed Clinton on some nasty things he was ordering around the world with WHO and also predicted exactly 7 days before Trump would assassinate Soleimani in Iran on Facebook, I had a huge following for my political and religious opinions, going viral around the world.

        I hate all their B.S. evil nasty agendas & how they want me dead, but God keeps warning, saving me. Once, after getting knocked out with a baseball bat by my neighbor, 3 men came into my apartment attempting to abduct me for my murder yet again. I was given heavenly angelic help to fight them off, 3 large men, like over 6 ft. I fought for my life kicked, punched 👊 with strength far beyond my own ability.

        I 🙏🙏🙏 for you & your daughter. SAFETYSome of the Montgonerys settled in the East coast, like her brother Robert’s children.

        Thank you for courage to run your site of TRUTH❤💯💥


      2. Also, The ✡ connection in England, they’d name their daughters flower names like Lily, Rose. We both are sang real. Chosen Ones to shine light on darkness..Ephesians 5:11.


    1. I’m wondering now all the police reports I’ve filed, fusion centers, no wonder I’m so targeted. I was programmed to believe it would help to document my abuse, but I’ve been called ” insane” etc but we all have complex PTSD, yet have courage to keep up the good fight. 👍


      1. Hi, and thanks for your testimony. Why are you targeted? My advice is to get involved with community organizations–even join their neighborhood watch progaram, and see what they do from the inside.

        But also, check ot my sections on help, and free tools to document these people–they are insane, America is not “free” nor a democracy–it is an unbridled police state.


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