If you want to see something unbelievably horrific, watch the following interview with “Sophia,” a robot whom the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made its citizen.

What to make of this horror show? Muslims aren’t allowed to draw a picture of a person, but here they have made a robotic “woman” that they honor with citizenship.  This occurs in one of the most sexist countries, in one of the most sexist cultures, and within one of the most sexist religions on the planet. In the muslim world, women are nothing but chattel.

More on the False Religion of Islam

cia - isis -v

It’s not limited to Saudi Arabia.  Morons in the west are creating “female” robots or “gynoids.”

Idiots like David Levy, the chess champion who wrote Love and Sex with Robots, think this a good idea.

Meanwhile other idiots make short films in which they fantasize about sex with robot slaves.

Here’s a creepy short called The Cyborg, in which a gynoid, stretched to break, fights back.

The river flows both ways.  Not only does the New World Order work to turn robots into women, but they try to turn women into robots.  Through our water, through our food, through our air, and surgically, the scum implant us all with cybernetics.

Patents for Mind Control Technology

Cybernetic Implantation, Microwave Harassment, & Misdiagnosis

v2k patent 2

NWO pushes an agenda of “transhumanism.”

Aaron and Melissa Dykes’s documentary film, The Minds of Men, is an excellent resource, which will show you the nature of MK-ULTRA:  cybernetics.

Cybernetics and the Minds of Men

Anger Management: More on Cybernetics

The scum aren’t happy with these obscenities.  They are never happy.  They add insult to injury, as they advertise their methods through satanic cartel signaling.  They’ve been writing about computer women in Playboy for decades. 

Playboy, Satanic Cartel Signaling, & the Computerization of Women


In Bugs Bunny, they mocked us by showing the title character as a plaything manipulated by a “female” mechanical rabbit.

In Tom and Jerry, they mocked us when Jerry was easily moved by a “female” mechanical mouse.

As early as 1964, My Living Doll aired on television.  The series concerns a gynoid built for the Air Force, AF 709 or Rhoda. 

That’s not surprising since the Air Force is run by a satanic organization, ORION, and is deeply implicated in mind control and sexual abuse, which they call “the mission.”  Similar themes appeared in I Dream of Jeannie, where a shapely blonde calls an Air Force Astronaut master.

The Fake Moon Landing, Microwave Harassment, & Sexual Slavery

The Air Force Is Full of Satanists, Rapists, & Child Molesters

Jeannie and Major Nelson

In My Living Doll, the gynoid ends up in the hands of a psychiatrist who works for the Air Force.

Even more disturbingly, the series refers to Alice in Wonderland, the product of masonic child molester Charles Dodgson, a work often used for brainwashing, as Cisco Wheeler, grand niece of General Earle Wheeler, Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff, points out.

Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques

Similar themes are picked up in Vincent Price movies from the same era where he played Dr. Goldfoot.  The reprise below shows computers and mind control at the Pentagon, while Dr. Goldfoot creates women with a machine.

In Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine, he uses gynoids against his enemies.

Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs uses the same material.  They couldn’t get enough of this stuff in the 1960s….

Fembots and gynoids were so popular that Austin Powers mocks them.

Women implanted with cybernetics also featured in the original version of The Stepford Wives, from 1975, which you can watch below.

So the remake of The Stepford Wives naturally featured women who had become robots, too.

It’s not that different from depictions of women as zombies, as the rapist trash in the “intelligence” agencies–from FBI to CIA to NSA to DHS–mock the people they destroy.

White Zombie, Mind Control, & Sexual Slavery

white zombie poster 2

Likewise they mocked us with Cherry 2000, where a man avoided real relationships, believing he had fallen in love with a robot.

That one’s even made by ORION PICTURES, referencing the satanic organization that runs the Air Force.


There are probably many more examples of gynoids and fembots in the movies, and I welcome comments below; but another obvious example is The Bionic Woman, from the 1970s, which concerns a cybernetically implanted woman.

Back in the 1960s, we met “female” robots in Star Trek, who, like Rhoda, AF 709, in A Living Doll, obeyed the commands of their master.

But the most poignant example was Seven of Nine, on Star Trek:  Voyager.  Kidnapped by the Borg, who murdered her parents when she was a small child, this heroic woman was cybernetically implanted and abused before she was rescued.  As the show progressed, Seven strove to recover her memories, her identity, and her humanity.

We are all Seven of Nine, but my favorite expression of our situation is the song “Electricity” by Joni Mitchell.

The Targeting of Joni Mitchell, Shamanic Conversions, & Morgellons

Joan Mitchell is my hero.  They did this to her, so she has Morgellons Syndrome, and they do it to all of us.

Let’s get some payback!


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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