This is the sixth article I have written in the last twenty-four hours on a website that has 1,433,868 hits.

This weekend I had planned to write one article before I chilled out a bit.

But the homosexual degenerates in NSA, DHS, CIA, FBI, and USAF have insisted on sodomizing me with directed energy weapons.

Like their masters at GCHQ, the cowards have insisted on speaking impotent threats and filthy lies by voice to skull.

But the last straw came, this morning, when they killed a groundhog.

Using cybernetic control of me, NSA made me turn right instead of left, so I took an unusual route.

And, using cybernetic control of the animal, they made it run in circles, standing in the middle of the road, so I could not help but strike it with my car.

It’s not just dogs that the National Security Agency controls with cybernetics.

The groundhog squealed in pain, so I had to put it out of its misery.

The life of this innocent creature–like the lives of so many, including my beautiful bulldog, Rosie, whom they poisoned–will be avenged.

I am reminded of how they used cybernetics to force Sharry Konopski to crash, crippling her, as they made deer run in front of her car.

I can tell you for a fact that they kill and torture their own in response to my articles and our fights in hive mind–just as they killed the lawyer pictured below.

I have hits from Iran, Greenland, and Antarctica, so I am easily capable of turning them against each other.

It’s worth it to them.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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