Shel Silverstein is best known as a children’s author.

Did you know he was on the staff of Playboy?

Or that he contributed to Playboy for twenty years?

Here he is next to Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby raped women at the Playboy Mansion.

So did Hugh Hefner.

You can read more about Hefner’s crimes, CIA’s use of the Playboy Mansion as a programming center, and the use of Playboy to brainwash readers in my article below.

You can read more on this subject in my books.

They’re free!

Here are the press releases.

And here’s a piece I wrote, connecting my books to Playboy.

Here’s Shel Silverstein, again, at the Playboy Mansion.

Close the robe, Shel!

Here’s Shel Silverstein, again, with the rapist, Bill Cosby, and the rapist, Hugh Hefner.

While the beloved children’s author, Shel Silverstein, worked for Playboy, Hugh Hefner put nude pictures of ten-year-olds in the magazine.

Since children were commonly raped at the Playboy Mansion, it is hard to believe Shel Silverstein was not a child molester.

People were drugged at the Playboy Mansion, put with children, and blackmailed.

Doesn’t Shel Silverstein look drugged?

Here’s his poem, “The Perfect High.”

The blob in the video is a Billiken, which is the sign of the Royal Order of the Jesters.

My great-grandfather, a total scumbag, was a member of this group.

You have to be a 33rd Degree Mason, a Shriner, and invited to join.

The Jesters molest teenage girls, which makes them easy to blackmail, just like the male degenerates who visited the Playboy Mansion.

Fishing is slang in the international crime syndicate for the rape of girls.

Likewise, hunting is slang for the rape of boys.

You see this symbolism in the Elks, which indicates that the male members themselves are raped.

And you see it in the Order of St. Hubertus, which indicates that the male members themselves are raped.

Rapists rape rapists.

Funny how they call these degenerate orgies “stag parties.”

The cartel is signal-happy.

See Shel Silverstein’s hand?

Hand-signs are big with satanic groups.

See Shel Silverstein’s skull?

Skulls are big with satanic groups.

See Shel Silverstein’s masks?

Masks are big with satanic groups.

Shel Silverstein was a criminal.

Like Hugh Hefner.

Or Bill Cosby.

There’s something not right with this guy.

The man is a freak.

Here’s the inside of his album:  Freakin’ at the Freakers Ball.

That’s a great thing for parents to buy for kids.

Shel Silverstein never married, and, according to his biography, he copulated with hundreds, if not thousands, of women.

I would bet money that CIA used its Peter Pan Program, under MK-ULTRA, on this degenerate.

Sir James Barrie, Bt., who wrote Peter Pan, was a child molester.

So was Charles Dodgson alias Lewis Carroll.

Playboy draws on Alice in Wonderland.

Check out A.A. Milne, who wrote Winnie the Pooh.

Check out Roald Dahl, an agent for British Military Intelligence, paid to pimp himself.

He wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Children’s books are used to corrupt the young.

Scholastic Books corrupts our children.

Here’s a drawing about Disney.

Walt Disney was a child molester.

The land for Disney World, with its underground facilities used in MK-ULTRA, was bought by Paul Helliwell, who ran CIA operations in Southeast Asia, and Wild Bill Donovan, head of OSS, the precursor to CIA.

Through Disney, many are programmed under MK-ULTRA.

The same is true of the U.S. Army, where Shel Silverstein was programmed.

And the same is true of the Playboy Mansion, as with all of these places, through rape.

All have underground facilities.

Check out the blueprints for the Playboy Mansion.

They can move people in and out, and do things to you, and no one will know.

Here’s another comic that Shel Silverstein did for Playboy.

See how it resembles his children’s poetry?

Here’s another one of Shel Silverstein’s cartoons that features a prostitute.

Here’s one of Shel Silverstein’s famous books, The Missing Piece, which describes a character who has something missing and is unable to form a lasting attachment with a member of the opposite sex.

Here’s the follow-up:  The Missing Piece Meets The Big O.

Here’s Shel Silverstein’s famous work, The Giving Tree, which promotes enabling, abuse, and narcissism.

He thought that was love.

Here’s Shel Silverstein’s poem, “Prayer of the Selfish Child.”

Shel Silverstein encouraged immaturity in children.

Harvey Kurtzman was another degenerate to cross from comics to Playboy.

He created Little Annie Fanny.

Little Annie Fanny is full of satanic cartel signaling.

Harvey Kurtzman got his start, working with William Gaines, at MAD.

MAD was used to corrupt young minds.

So was Shel Silverstein.

For Playboy, Shel Silverstein travelled to Fire Island.

There he learned about homosexuality.

He pretended to make fun of it, but why would he go in the first place?

That’s how all these boys are:  they’re not man enough to come out.

He stayed for a week.

Uncle Shelby also visited a nudist camp, so the Magazine for Men featured his naked body.

Later he hung out with Johnny Cash, The Man in Black, who wrote “Ring of Fire.”

That’s slang for going down the rabbit hole.

Johnny Cash started in the Air Force, which is home to satanic homosexual rapists.

The same goes for all the military.

Johnny Cash worked with Shel Silverstein in the gender-bending hit:  “A Boy Named Sue.”

Here you can listen to the many talented Uncle Shelby sing.

What a voice!

In the sequel, the father of the boy named Sue turns him into a sex slave while he rapes his trans-sexual child.

What fun!

Here’s another chance to savor the vocal stylings of the bard.

He makes Johnny Cash sound good!

With Silverstein’s sense of humor, poetic talent, and good looks, it’s no wonder he was inducted into the Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame.

That’s when he wasn’t composing jazz.

Here you can watch “An Adult Evening with Shel Silverstein.”

But why would you want to?

At this point, you should be ready to give up on the much beloved children’s author who has been translated into more than thirty languages while he sold more than twenty million copies.

But have no fear.

At the end, he finally did something right.


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     The ancient Persians had a significant impact upon some of the core myths that underscoreJudaism and Christianity.  Among other things, Judaism and Christianity owe thanks to the Persian priests of Zoroaster for the light versus darkness motif, the belief in an impending apocalypse, and the messianic dogma. But above all, both Jews and Christians should thank Persia for the Devil himself.  I think it’s fair to say that had they not adopted this fictitious character from the Persians, they might not have succeeded with such ease in persuading and maintaining their frightened and superstitious flocks.

    The religion of Zoroaster, or Zarathustra, received its name from a Magian Priest by the nameof Zoroaster (Greek)/Zarathustra (Persian), who was a loyal servant of the “onetrue” Persian God Ahura Mazda, or Ormuzd.  Ormuzd was commonly referred to as the “The Holy Spirit” in the pre-Christian portions of the Avesta. This religion began to flourish toward the end of the second millennium BCE, and its primary corpus of holy texts are known as the Zend Avesta. These ancient scriptures contain a number of the superstitious seeds that were eventually sown into the soil of both the Jewish and Christian religions. Such parallels have led the learned Rabbis responsible for compiling the Jewish Encyclopedia to make mention of their closeness to the two later Abrahamic religions, saying:

    Most scholars, Jewish as well as non-Jewish, are of the opinion that Judaism was strongly influenced by Zoroastrianism in views relating to angelology and demonology, and probably also in the doctrine of the resurrection, as well as in eschatological ideas in general, and also that the monotheistic conception of Yhwh may have been quickened and strengthened by being opposed to the dualism or quasi-monotheism of the Persians. (1)

    Prior to thePersian invasion of Babylon, the religion of Judaism believed that their chief God was responsible for all that happened in the universe.  Both good and evil were the manifestations of their God.


    1. Thanks for posting. I think you are on to something with Zoroaster.

      Otherwise, I would add, as I once said to my students,

      “It doesn’t matter if you believe in the devil. They believe in the devil.

      I would also add that right and wrong are absolute.


  2. This all breaks my heart. Seems like there’s no good people to listen to.
    Are you aware of a man name Merritt Ruddock who was born in Berlin, in the CIA & helped smuggle Nazi scientists into America & sequestered some of them at the Kimball Castle on the Cherokee Ranch outside of Sedalia Colorado?


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