This week my fifteen-year-old daughter disowned me in family court because I maintain this website and because I believe we were abused.  

Ouch icon, pop art style

I am glad my daughter reads my articles, and I hope she reads the ones on Gravity Falls and White Zombie.

Learn about the Secrets of Gravity Falls by Clicking Here!

Read my Article on Zombies by Clicking Here!


More than that I hope my daughter reads the following open letter.  Since she won’t talk with me, I am forced to this method of correspondence.  Phone calls aren’t answered, and I fear a private letter would simply get the treatment marked below.

return to sender

part 1

family court

part 2

lily boat

part 3

Nursing Students

part 4

part 5

lincoln gate

part 7

hot chocolate cocoa marshmallow

part 8

Read my Article on Malcolm X Here!

malcolm x smiling

part 9

Gridlock traffic is pictured on highway 395 as people evacuate Washington after an earthquake

part 10

Read about my Trip to Washington and the Protest Here!

new friends at rally

part 11

old ebbett

part 13

cheshire hounds

part 14

amish cool

part 15

part 16

chestnut hill college

part 17

grace kelly

part 19

independence hall

part 21

part 22


part 24

Read my Article on CIA’s Use of Date Rape Drugs, Hypnotic Sedatives, Dissociatives, & Memory Blockers Here!


part 25

Read my First Article on Cybernetics and the Minds of Men Here!

Read my Second Article on Cybernetics and the Minds of Men Here!

part 26

Read my Article on Nikola Tesla, Wardenclyffe Tower, & the Origins of Microwave Harassment

Wardenclyffe Tower (Tesla)

part 27

part 28

part 29

part 30


replacement 2

Read my Article about Microwave Harassment & Misdiagnosis Here!


part 33

Read my Article about Doctors who Stand against Microwave Harassment Here!

part 34

will hancock


cut board

part 36


part 37


part 39

philadelphia experiment

part 40

pentagon 2

part 42

spy planes

part 43


part 44

fort benning 2

part 45

fort benning whinsec

part 46

mkultra list

part 47

air america secret war in laos

part 49

Here’s an Article that Gives Other People an Overview of My Life under MK-ULTRA


part 51

gurdjieff pets

part 53

part 54


part 55


part 57

Rhodesian soldiers charging.0

part 58

Read my Article on Dr. Katherine Horton (who would talk with you if you wanted)

replacement 3


part 62

fox force five

part 63


part 65

Click Here To Learn Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Safe!

surface bolt

part 66


part 68

skate club

part 70

ice skates

part 72

part 73


part 75


part 79


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Our enemy depends on silence.



  1. Very heartbreaking to know that the culture war has touched your family. (I wish I had a better term than Culture War to describe this WWIII of truth that we are in.) I hope that someday your daughter sees this letter. How blessed you are to have work that lets you teach your truth! So many I know who are in academia are totally silenced by the fascism.
    Wishing you and “all your relations” great joy.
    You are doing the right thing, and I know it is not easy.
    Thank you for helping humanity. AP

    Liked by 1 person

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