Writers crave praise, criticism, and reviews—not to mention conversation with intelligent readers.

Last spring, I published my first two books, which are available, for free, below.


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I hope people are downloading the first two volumes of my epic, sharing them, and reading them, as I work on my third book, which will come out this summer.


I hope that people will write me, so we can talk.

I maintain this website for free, without advertising, just as I make my books available for free.

Like Tarzan, the Earl of Greystoke, whom you can meet in my books, I will never sell!

But there is one thing I ask of you—aside from promoting my books and my articles.

Write to me, in the comments below, because I would love to hear from you.

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12 thoughts on “WRITE ME ABOUT MY BOOKS!”

  1. Brother your researching and writing skills are brilliant!!! You courageously publish your findings at the risk that this evil worldly system may (or have) retaliated. I’m 65 and my targeting has been overt since 2016. As with many ti’s I’ve come to see I may have been targeted since early childhood. I am no longer able to read much and my cognitive abilities have been greatly compromised due to microwave weapons. Three years ago I also did much reading and researching and physically was a triathlete with the stamina of a young adult. Now they have very much compromised my mental and physical abilities and am bedridden most of the day. Thank you so much for your brave contribution in exposing this evil….. As a side note… the saga of Dr. Horton has been particularly interesting. How the YouTube program:Techno Crime Fighters she shared with Ramona, Militant and Karen was must see for ti’s around the world. Then to watch as they fragmented and all went their own ways….. Then when Katherine showed up married to Bill Binney 4-5 months ago just blew me away….

    Anyway, keep up your incredible work and writing…..

    p.s. I keep sane by knowing that this evil (DEATH) has been defeated by my Savior Jesus Christ. They want me to spend energy and resources fighting back…. but the battle was over at the CROSS when Jesus pronounced before He died and was resurrected …. “IT IS FINISHED” I forgive and pray for those whom do evil to me. They have given me an endless source to share and show the forgiving power of my Creator.


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    1. Thank you for writing, sir.

      You are certainly right that we have all been targeted since childhood, and, if you look at coincidences, chance meetings, bad luck, relationships forming or dissolving, being “in love,” hanging out with people you don’t really care for, and self-destructive behaviors, you will see more and more: it’s true of us all.

      I am sorry to hear they have you on your back, but it’s cool you did triathlons: that is a real achievement! It also shows you have the stamina to get up from that bed!

      I cannot agree with you on the need to forgive our enemies. As I recall, Jesus went up to the mountain top, to give the sermon on the mount, to his disciples alone, when he spoke of forgiveness. If you ask me, forgiveness is meant for family members, who never offend me to begin with. Erich Segal said, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” No repentance or forgiveness is needed within a good family, and blood is thicker than water. That said, if your belief gives you strength, it is a good thing, and you must do right as you see fit.

      The satanic foe seeks to destroy our health, our human relationships, and everything good for nothing–even as this course of action destroys them.

      Keep fighting back, and don’t let them get you down!

      As for Dr. Horton, I hope she will do the same!

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  2. Shared your books and promote them as well.
    Thanks for the memories like the book of Brice Taylor
    The darkness will be no more, humanity needs your books filled with your memories to see the light too, to wake up.

    There is so much to do. To the rescue…
    You are one of those now chosen to do.
    We all have a different job to do when we know who we are and why we are here for.

    You are a healer too, for yourself where all healing starts before it can be spread.

    You are doing and did a great job for the highest GOOD of all 🙌

    Same as Mark Devlin just finished his book Co(n)vid 19 after the Musical Truth.

    Love is still the answer

    This song I dedicate to you. I am grateful for your being.

    Much love from São Miguel 💖

    Keep on with the good work after All
    Today 2-2-22 is Candlemas, Starday, Imbolc and 2nd day of Chinese New Year, the year of the Tiger.
    Mass Meditations too…in all corners of the Earth full of lies.
    Truth will come true 🙌

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  3. Alexey Tolstoy also satanist (mason? I advertised in his books masonry). His wife Sofia was suicidal living with him. His surname has been stolen after 1812 catstrophy and he have incest story in his family.
    He stole book Pinoccio and published it as his own.

    Buratino in Tolstoy version:
    — Theatre theme and Golden Key — the whole story are circling around that. Collodi’s are growing up story.
    — Underground initiation — Buratino are coming Underground with Golden Key to open a theatre.
    — Theatre named Lightning — MK ULTRA torture reference also Lucifer.
    — Girl named Malvina are gives him MK ULTRA torture — she locked Buratino in in her cellar with spiders, which are singning a song.
    — Artemon Black Poodle. In Collodi we knew nothing about his color.
    None of that have been done in Collodi. Tolstoy changed his name from Pinoccio to Buratino for no reason. Also some characters are changed too — Medoro to Artemon.


  4. Great work, very informative.

    I’ve always hated the term ‘conspiracy theory’, it seems to label an idea or opinion as ‘crazy’ which creates a bias before it’s even been heard.
    I try not to dismiss anything, and keep an open mind whenever I read about people’s ideas, opinions, arguments and counter-arguments. Your books are very well written, and even playing devil’s advocate, I’ve found it hard to dismiss what you say thanks to the sheer volume of your evidence and knowledge. You clearly have a very deep understanding of the subjects you write about, and it’s made me look closer at the world around me, and I notice things that I may have missed before.

    I’ve shared your e-books with friends, and one of them asked if they’re available as audiobooks? I haven’t seen anything mentioned, but said I’ll try to find out.
    Thanks for your time, (and the books!)


    1. Dear J–

      Thanks for writing.

      I like to think that my books are so entertaining that, even if someone disbelieves my story, they still make a good read.

      Otherwise, alas, there are no audiobooks, but maybe a few years from now, when I have completed the series, I will put some out with me as the reader..

      Friendly regards,



  5. Make no mistake this story is true. There is nothing that the spooks will not get away with. They like controlling targets. They will arrange your love life and breed you like livestock. They’ve murdered quite a few of my known associates, including some who I didn’t know for very long because we were strangers. They will steal anything of value and get away with it.

    They’ve stolen my own unvoiced product ideas like “Pretzel dough pizza crust” which came to the public as a new offering by a Nat Brand Pizza restaurant shortly after I had a Eureka moment in the kitchen. I made some pretzels from a mix and enjoyed the taste so much, I thought of other applications for this dough. I first thought of pretzel dough hamburger buns (yes, they stole that from me), but really got excited about using this dough for pizza crust.

    Right now I’ve read 138 pages of Playboy’s Progress, and dabbled with the first book showing The Shelly family history. I hold these books in high regard. Truly unique in so many ways. I’ve been targeted for about 38 years, so any other story from a TI is always fascinating reading for me.

    I guess I was slated to be a patsy, but somehow managed to escape the frame up using a hyper sensitive vigilance wrapped around frightening suspicion that sinister forces were afoot. If you read my surveillance file, you would be falsely informed that I was a clear and present danger to society as some mutant form of masterly criminal requiring a lockstep surveillance for 18 years on the back of a less overt 20 year sentence that crossed state lines (a lot of state lines, I was forced to flee many homes and had to live out of my truck with camper top). There is no prohibition on framing targets as terrorists as contractors create the suspicion while committing crimes that are always ignored by the worthless boob scum known as The FBI with command and control of US Attorneys.

    I was a licensed attorney. Anything I tried to get done was mysteriously quashed by an invisible 2000 pound shit hammer of extrajudicial justice. We’ve lost The US Constitution since at least The 1980’s (in my case). The advancements in technology over the last four decades have only made The Technocratic Surveillance State’s obsessive pathology all the more efficient.

    Did you know The War Commissions Act 2006 included a curious section legalizing “entrapment”? This law not only legalized torture of US citizens indefinitely, but also condones the amorphous parameters of hidden mind control tech to create guilt.

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