Seven is an important number to the luciferian conspiracy that seeks to achieve the New World Order.

The luciferians are obsessed with magic days, and lucky numbers, just like a crazy old man, manic and desperate, playing the lottery.

Like teenage punks, which comprise a large part of their army, they paint our neighborhoods with their gang-signs.

Like teen-age punks, which comprise a large part of their army, they flash hand-signs and they use secret handshakes or masonic grips.

The Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters, are a beautiful star cluster, which the scum seek to steal, just as they steal through Sussex.

The Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters, are not only important to people who use the tarot for proper reasons.

The Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters, are important to the Freemasons, who rape and pimp children, as they run a crime syndicate.

And the Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters, are important to groups like the Ninth Circle, to which the degenerate royals belong, dressing up in funny outfits and pretending to cast spells, as they drink the adrenalized blood of terrified children.

The drinking of adrenochrome, by satanists, is a real thing, which is signaled, inter alia, by Dracula.

Large estates, like Chateau des Amerois, or the numerous castles in Sussex, provide a forum for the sick activities of losers.

Hunting is their slang for the rape of boys, so it’s no coincidence that rich strangers pay big money, in Sussex, for exclusive shooting rights, on private estates, but never seem to bag any birds.

In reality, the Pleiades are a star cluster, among those nearest to earth, at roughly three thousand trillion miles, burning at temperatures between eighteen thousand and forty-five thousand degrees, with beautiful young stars that have formed only within the last one hundred million years.

Do you think the Pleiades care about the spells of luciferians?

Do you think the forces that shaped the Pleiades care about the spells of luciferians?

The Seven Stars are a beautiful cluster that has inspired people for thousands of years.

That’s what normal people feel about the Pleiades, appreciation for the tremendous beauty of the Cosmos, not a ridiculous and imbecilic belief that they can cast a spell to destroy the Earth.

The Seven Sisters, or the Pleiades, appear in Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, not to mention Works and Days, by Hesiod, so their name comes from the Greek, Πλειάδες, a word derived from the verb, to sail, because of the cluster’s importance to delimit ancient sailing in the Mediterranean since the season of navigation began with their heliacal rising.

The stars appear on the Nebra Sky Disk, made from bronze, by German Pagans, in the original Saxony, more than three thousand years ago, and two thousand years before the Saxons invaded Sussex to give the county its name.

The Ancient Egyptians called our stars the Followers.

And the Babylonian Star Catalogues list them earlier, showing they were close to the point of the Vernal Equinox, slightly more than four thousand years ago.

The Pleiades are fifty times older than the most primitive humans, and five hundred times older than modern humans, while their light takes more than four hundred years to reach us.

In their insane arrogance, dark magicians think they can call on forces from these beauties.

It’s not just any weirdos who think they can do this, but it’s the followers of Aleister Crowley, who sired Barbara Bush, while he worked for British Military Intelligence in part to infiltrate, shape, and destroy the Order of the Golden Dawn.

Like other satanists, Crowley—who called himself ridiculous names like The Great Beast 666, Perabduro, and Ankh-f-n-Khonsu—found “inspiration” in Chanctonbury Ring, an iron age fort, in Sussex.

There’s an unusual amount of UFO sightings there, as a result of PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

People feel that their bodies are being moved, and they experience strange sensations, as a result of microwave harassment.

It’s just satanists playing games, like the scum in the United States Air Force, who lie behind these programs while they are run by a satanic group called Orion.

Orion was the hunter who tried to kill everything on earth, and the Hunter is associated with the Seven Sisters in the mythology of the luciferians, just as the following verse appears in the Book of Job, where God makes a bet with the Devil to callously destroy a good man who remains his slave.

In the real world, the star cluster of the Pleiades, or the Seven Sisters, actually moves toward Orion, the Hunter, just as the masons drive children to foreign rapists.

Do you see the masonic numbers in the newspapers, their little gang-signs, through which they taunt you with their control of these events?

The Friends of Hecate are active in Sussex, particularly in Clapham Wood, Angmering Park, and South Downs, as they have revealed themselves to Charles Walker, a pagan, and a good man, who fights the satanic trash, working hard to bring the murderous conspirators to justice and to clear the name of honest witches who have nothing to do with their crimes.

The Friends of Hecate revealed that they are connected to London, and they are much bigger than a single dark coven.

Toyne Newton has tracked the scum not only through Clapham Wood—but to London, Brussels, and Switzerland, writing books like London’s Mystical Legacy, The Occult Origins of the European Union, The Dark Worship:  The Occult’s Quest for World Domination, and Demonic Connection:  An Investigation into Satanism in England and the International Black Magic Conspiracy.  

The trash signal their connections to the New World Order by giving the name, Seven Sisters, to a consortium of international oil companies that ran the global market for at least thirty years—and a second even bigger group that runs natural gas now.

The Rockefellers and the Royal Family of Holland, not to mention British Petroleum, are in on it through companies like Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil.

The Seven Sisters is also the name of an elite group of women’s colleges, now partly defunct, paired with the Ivy League, which contains satanic secret societies.

The Seven Sisters, or the Seven Stars, appear in a song to which I was entrained by the Tavistock Institute.

As told in my books, which you can download, for free, below, MI-6 even used a man from Tavistock Village to draw my family to Devon.

The Seven Sisters give their name to a famous geological feature in Sussex, a series of local cliffs.

The chalky sea cliffs of the Seven Sisters, made from the fossil remains of micrasters, showing continuous evolution over ten million years, could care less about the satanists, who are completely insignificant, but important for us to stop.

The Seven Sisters lie near the unremarkable Belle Tout Lighthouse, which appears in one thing after another, courtesy of British Military Intelligence, Section Seven, or MI-7, to signal the enemy’s presence.

It’s in the The Living Daylights, with James Bond standing for local spies, The Life and Loves of a She-Devil, which speaks for itself, and a song called “Belle Tout” by the Subterraneans, whose name reflects the presence of underground military bases about which you can learn in my article below.

Do you think this is all a coincidence?

Or do you think something’s up?

You can learn more in the advance copy of the foreword to my new book, which will be published this summer, and which you can obtain, for free, by clicking on the link below.

The international conspirators, who are satanic, depend on people writing off their activities, and their gang signs, as too crazy to be true.

That’s why the CIA wrote their memo, Countering Criticism of the Warren Report, as they described their plot, to brainwash the public to dismiss conspiracy theories.


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10 thoughts on “THE SEVEN SISTERS”

  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reminding all this. You are a light that has helped me tremendously with overcoming state abuse, child protection services, testing,the inspire me. Thank you very much for your help.


  2. My interview. Please can you share it? You know few about Russia
    Trigger Warning! Many MK ULTRA victims come to Russia and USSR, led by their satanic (hivites) controlled media to their deaths. I create this warning for you.
    First I need to teach you about Earth and Russia history, how we got to be openly ruled by satanists. We, Europe and the USA once were one country (Atlantis fall). Planetary catastrophe in 1812 happened, center was in Syberia — youngest trees, the 100 metres of glay, melted granite castles.
    Satanists are destroying memories of this event and the work of authors with people who wrote about it. Satanic (hivites) media always refers to the 1812 catastrophe and pre technologies so copy and share all their production — real stuff and real places have been shown. Let me give an example — in Disney movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire princess Kida covers a city from the Flood with a force shield. TRIGGER WARNING!
    Keep silent that one non satanic in our history was murdered for revealing faking Russia’s history.
    CERN was built with 1812 technologies. Same that killed the whole Syberia and almost killed the whole planet. Nice!
    Satanic (hivites) have preference to use pre1812 houses. Take a look at how they look — first floors in glay. They have taken our knowledge, destroyed our past and culture and used these floors to their secret rituals.
    Архитектура Москвы (первые этажи, подземные сооружения, многослойные дома, непонятная символика)
    Each MK ultra victim states being abused in buildings like that. Masons, satanic cover in medieval Europe, were builders and their skills allowed them to be everywhere. After the 1812 catastrophe they came to Russia and I guess masons reconstructed some for their needs.
    After 1812 they grasped victims and killed some in tunnels of 1812 people like catacombs with skulls and bones in Paris. Bones were found everywhere in 1812 cities.
    Satanic (Hivites) have preference for places with their sacrifice rituals and any other violent bloody events happened. I guess Satanists like such places because of necromancy and demons?
    Petersburg (Petrograd) was said to be built on graves of 1812 victims. If you come to its ancient center (Nevski ave) you can fall ill just like me and many I’ve spoken to about the city. In Russia the criminal capital is Petrograd, satanists just love this city.
    In Moscow the same bad vibes have Red River (Red Presnya means Desalted) and no one stays in places like that for a long time — everyone speaks about death energy here. Sometimes wells in Moscow smell like death when you pass near them. And satanic funded companies are always nearby.
    Li family mentioned in 13 Bloodlines. They had Chinatown in Moscow and Petrograd (Petersburg) when Romanov ruled.
    We have never been a free country — all time dictated by NWO puppets. First — all you know about Russia is a lie, a satanic lie is Russia’s whole history. They wrote our history for us. One non satanic historian was Michel Lomonosov whom they killed for exposing a lie.
    Yes, the religion Pravoslavie was made in the Vatican for us and forced upon us by Romanov. Funded for our money since then. Our history was just destroyed.
    Russia history line: 1812 global catastrophe, 1816 year without summer.
    After 1812 people slowly returned to their homes (look for “empty cities in XIX century”) and masons came too because they were builders, can work with stones and their services were needed. The rest of the cities were also genocided because masons (cover up) were builders first and their skills were needed after the 1812 catastrophy so they went everywhere they wanted.
    The Satanic dynasty Romanov have taken my country, faking themselves being aryan (white, whatever you wish to be called) by taking someone’s clothing and documents. Survivors of the 1812 catastrophe had to fake their documents and hide their families from the satanic dynasty Romanov.
    Romanov were satanic (sadistic) so people rebelled all time against them and in 1861 Romanov had to free farmers from the servitude pretended to be caring rulers and grab Russia’s resources and people as slaves MK ULTRA for buildning NWO.
    Before 1917 satanic groups were forbidden to live in our cities – people just killed them if they came. Many, many rebellions were against ritual sacrifices they made, the biggest one was Bailice in Kiev but Romanov stopped it because he was a satanist himself. Romanov has to agree to stop them from living in our cities openly because he wanted to pretend he is”our” ruler.
    That is why they needed revolution – after 1917 openly satanists have taken all ruling positions in the so -called Socialist state.
    It leads us to the Revolution of 1917 where the whole city Petrograd (capital in Romanov time) was genocided.
    So since 1917 (22?) Civil war between satanist and no satanist I can’t say which time it was but satanist won and another satanic puppet named Lenin allowed satanist (hivites) openly take the highest positions in the rule. Lenin has no right to ignore the accusations of satanic sacrifices but he wasn’t Aryan.
    Again after that real people who lived before 1812 have to use fake identities or flee from satanic cult.
    USSR was faking to be a social state, satanists just threw some free medicines and flats to keep people calm not to rebel and continue to destroy our races, stealing resources. So until 1991 they were faking to be independent.
    Civil war against satanists were in 1917 – 22 — they lied White army was foreign. White Army was Aryan and the rest races who were against satanic rule. Just like WWI it was arranged to destroy our real rulers who cared about the country and wanted it to be set free.
    His replacement Stalin continued to destroy High IQ people (all races including Aryan), most had to flee. All rulers, historians, architects were satanic with satanic wives so history of the USSR is dictated by them and the same lie as Russian before 1812.
    Stalin lied Hitler was a German (Aryan) and set us against each other. The USSR wasn’t prepared for WWII and it’s lands on a south Cuban border from Minsc to Moscow were just passed to his hands. Look where Anneberbe was — Cuban! In my relatives’ village only one child has survived.
    After WWII many survivors had to use fake documents to hide themselves from satanism. In 1953 another puppet Chrushev became ruler and in 1991 they just finished killing all WWII veterans and stopped their fake caring. Our army was destroyed, not even Moscow had army forces in 1990 – 91. All the armies we have are satanic ones.
    Since 1991 USSR stopped to exist– satanist rules openly, factories, economics all destroyed, we create nothing but exist only from satanic money. So yes, they funded all my country now. Each company, each business are theirs and used as cover for trafficking and rituals. Especially scary about big milk factories — Adrenochrome cover up.
    That how we got to be open slaves of NWO. Just like your country, I guess. All the same — infiltrate, overthrow previous rulers, replace their puppets. Truth is that we were never free from them.
    Ask me, I’ll tell you all you know about Russia.

    My family history: satanic (hivites) targeted my family and they surrounded me all the time.
    My great grandfather and my great grandmother survived the 1917 –22 Civil war only because both changed their surnames. Great grandfather fought in WWII and was killed by satanists when my grandmother was before 10th years old. Great grandmother information was lost — she died when my grandmother was young too. My grandmother has to change her true heritage too to survive so I actually lack information about my true bloodline.
    My mother had a second pregnancy after me — I remember holding my little brother with dark blond hair just like mine.
    Yes, me and my family they targeted, high IQ runs into my bloodline – my father was Aryan blue eyes handsome blonde man. I am dark blonde but my mother is dark brown. I have his face so they decided to kill me just by looks. I have blue eyes like my father.
    I have never found his documents — they seem destroyed to me. His family I never found too — they seem to be all dead. I can feel them dead.
    Actually my mother didn’t sign him on my birth certificate. My mother cried every time I asked about my father so I’ve never asked about him after. She wanted to hide me from the cult, I realised now.
    My father lived in a typical 1812 house with a tall ceiling (3,5 m) in a flat on the 3rd floor. One room had an orange curtain and wooden panels on the walls. It was May beginning when I remember lying there with my brother last time I remember my father and my brother alive.
    More I cannot say — memory is confused and it hasn’t returned to me fully yet. Please keep that information — the more we know the better we are armed. Restored it memory recently by trigger integration, never talking to my mother — hurt her to lose them both.

    So my father can be a MK ULTRA victim.

    About me: I am not a MK ULTRA victim but have had PTSD in 3-4 years with dissociation, like Fiona Barnett described. Yes, I have that trance like traumatic states as a child a lot.
    My memory of my early years has been confused since.
    Event which caused my problems happened when my father and brother died at one time. Satanists killed them both, I felt it the moment they died, dissociating that memory too when our love and connection was broken. I had suicide attempt when I lose my brother and father – it was in 3. Lied 3-4 days in a coma-like state, everyone expected me to die.
    Have PTSD and dissociation from this event myself for years. So when MK ULTRA came out I immediately saw the truth — symptoms were just like mine’s. And since I was able to restore some memory like Fiona Barnett says I started to share what I knew about satanists.
    I am firstborn child, my mother was virgin when father chose her.
    If my father was MK ULTRA why didn’t they take me?

    Claire J Walker aka Cali Sha, cult survivor, replied to me: Aryan Brotherhood race group in satanism. If you aren’t look the same way you aren’t considered to be Aryan.
    It’s possible your life was spared at the expense of your brother’s life. Sons are significant in the cult. They carry on the family name etc. They play an important role in cult and fathers Perhaps he was trying to stop the generational curses from continuing in your life and family.
    So two lives paid for mine: one for my life, second form being raised outside the cult.

    Yes, my father sacrificed himself and my brother too for me. I will do my best so their sacrifices won’t be wasted.
    So you and I share the same feelings about satanism and I put my little bricks to their fall.

    I went to 2 schools for gifted kids. First one was free, the second was private for money. All have been built from bricks like 1812 style. With me I had kids who studied for 1-3 years and moved a lot for creating MK ULTRA identities.
    These kids weren’t in the school for months — in late October – November and May days we had 3 people in our classes.
    These kids lived closely near ritual satanic states, I have a ritual suite near my house — bad energy here.

    I have been attacked myself — 6 years old I was and it was poison from a satanic dentist.

    I never had satanic influence in my life. Never tried to drag me to a cult and except that dentist never attacked despite we were in the same classes together.
    I was reckless child and walke free in the evening near ancient catacombs satanist took fro themselves in Feodosia were we stayed at summer.

    Ritual place\ adrenochrome factory: Moscow, Dmitrov Avenue 100. MK ultra kids lived nearby, they were in my class named alpha.
    I saw a dismembered body in it’s gate when I was 4 years old and by using trigger integration I remembered it and now pointed it to everyone.
    In 2020 I took all my courage and I saw a picture of a dismembered child on it’s window. I was right — it is really a ritual suite, adreno factory, whatever. Milk fabrique Wimm – Bill – Dann are here too.
    Biggest milk factory in Russia, takes at least five buildings, all have underground levels. As a child I hated milk — vomited from it. It wasn’t milk after all – that’s what my brain feels.
    Rignt now I broke fingers on my leg and the doctor throm me out of cabinet because I din’t wear mask. To force wear mask is considered to be torture.


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