The New World Order has weather weapons at its disposal—and it is using them.

The white trash losers in the military are behind it all, as the moronic traitors sodomize each other with objects in the deep underground military bases.

As NASA works to put another one hundred thousand satellites in the sky, from the current four thousand, over the next six years, USAF is involved not only in mind control but in weather control.

Playing their little video games, hiding underground, the air force gnomes hit Americans with targeted lightning.

Playing their little video games, hiding underground, the air force gnomes hit California with fire tornadoes.

In Russia, their co-conspirators used the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly, emanating from an ionospheric heater near Monchegorsk, to cause winter storms.

I found that heater, as I figured out the use of it and the political motivation behind it, even when a former director of HAARP did not know about the thing.

Since this website has almost two million hits, including from military installations in Antarctica, Greenland, and Iran—not to mention the Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, and Malta—the New World Order has used weather weapons against me, just as they have hit some people with lightning strike after lightning strike after lightning strike.

It’s something I describe in my article below, as their attacks failed, again and again, against me.

Their attacks always fail, as they judge others by themselves, assuming that we’ll take it, like they take it, a theme I pick up in the introduction to my third book, which you can read, for free, below.

It’s always Groundhog Day with these imbeciles, as they return to the methods that destroy them.

They’re like that character in Owning Mahowney, who keeps playing until he loses, as depicted by Philip Seymour Hoffman, a man they killed on Groundhog Day.

So, today, it’s no surprise that, while they continue the microwave harassment, they went back to the weather weapons.

No matter how many times they lose, they just can’t stay away from the table.

Using an ionospheric heater, they ginned up Winter Storm Kenan, with low pressure strengthening rapidly as it tracks off the East Coast in response to an upper level disturbance moving through the eastern United States, right where I live, to make a bomb cyclone, as the central pressure of the system dropped an unnatural thirty-five (35) millibars in eighteen (18) hours.

This thing is man-made, and it is directed against me and others.

What a coincidence that it subsides in my area at the precise hour when the post office closes, so I could not drive there to mail a child support check to my daughter’s mother….

They actually think this will stop me, but I laugh at their pathetic efforts.

Meanwhile, I engage in constant colloquies with the scum, by voice-to-skull, so I have a very good sense of what they’re going for.

Using the interface on which they insist, turning their technology against them, through hive mind, it’s easy to take the weaklings out!

This morning I watched the snow come down, so I strapped on my cross-country skis, skied over to the post office, right down the main street, and had a great time, getting exercise, while I fulfilled my duty to my family.

They think they will make me weak, and they think they will make me give up, but they only make me stronger.

Now I am back, after a lovely morning’s exercise, about to start a fire, and make myself a hot brandy toddy.

I’m having fun, but the impotent connards are taken by satanic rage, while I enjoy myself, taunting them with the words of Steely Dan:

Go back, Jack,

Do it again….

Wheel turning round and round!

Sing it with me, as we taunt the failures, because this simple act will drive them crazy, causing them to fight with each other.

They lose.


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