The pathetic losers in the deep state just never learn their lesson.

That’s why I have written several articles about Groundhog Day, while they repeat their mistakes.

That’s why I titled the foreword of my third book “Groundhog Day.”

Groundhog Day is a quarterday on the luciferian calendar, just like Halloween, which is right around the corner.

That’s when the enemy repeat their mistakes.

The idiots from England failed when they sent their polo team my way, so now they give the French another turn.

In September, I mocked the imbeciles at Interpol for their failed placement of an ugly couple from Normandy in my health club sauna, as they sought to arrange a friendly meeting where I would tell the unwelcome visitors about the county to which they had moved, just as apple season began, and the corn maze opened, across the road, from the local orchard, owned by a Norman family.

They failed, but, of course, it wasn’t the only piece they put in motion.

Now, on the kitchen table of my house, my mother unknowingly sets a bottle of wine with a Norman name.

It is the first and last name of a farmer who lives in our neighborhood, from an old colonial family, which hails, long ago, from Normandy, like mine.

I have said, again and again, that only two things can take out a Norman:  (i) good eating and good drinking or (ii) another Norman.

So, now, I have a mysterious impulse to take the bottle, from a vineyard, whose owner has exactly the same name as my neighboring farmer, and bring it over to my neighbor’s apple orchard, across the road from the corn maze, so he will delight in the funny coincidence.

It’s just like the funny coincidences, which are really arranged meetings, driven by cybernetic mind control, that I describe in my articles.

It’s just like the funny coincidences, which are really arranged meetings, driven by cybernetic mind control, that I describe in my books.

The farmer does not drink, but how long would the bottle sit by the cash register, while his employees told stories of the coincidence, and his aristocratic connections, until a lady programmed to like him walked in?

Or would it have been the ugly couple who were led, like slaves, to the sauna?

Interpol, who work with their pathetic affiliates in this country, will not use me to manipulate the man who grows our corn, our brussels sprouts, and our apples—not to mention our beautiful freesia.

Once again, the enemy’s transparent plans, arranged through cybernetic mind control, fail.

Like the arranged meetings, and supposed coincidences that it is meant to facilitate, mind control is easy to spot—if you know what to look for.

You can learn more in my books, available, for free, below.

But, meanwhile, it’s French Groundhog Day!

Once again, they lose.

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    1. Nice of you to write, troll, but how is it you come out with this completely irrelevant paragraph, completely unrelated to my article, less than ten minutes after I publish it, when, if you were real, not only would the timing not have been so suspicious but you would have put it at the bottom of my piece on Howard Hughes?

      Know that you’re pathetic, and buzz off, creep!


  2. Oh, the Groundhog Day theme is so pertinent when it comes to the CONs and their ONE pathetic playbook! Thanks AGAIN for calling them out.

    I apologize for my delayed responses. I am working on so many projects right now! I can usually read a few articles a day, but I can’t always comment on every single one of them. Yours are a high priority, even if my comments are brief.

    I am always sending you wishes for excellent health and well-being, my friend.


    1. Oh, for goodness’ sake! I am happy when you come by, but my books and articles are certainly not reading assignments. No apology necessary!

      Otherwise, please know that I left a comment on your site about Frank Zappa.

      Happy Leif Erikson Day, which falls on this day named for Freyja, the Flaxen One, the Lady, and the Giver, a super awesome goddess about whom I am teaching my students today in “Introduction to Fiction.”

      Unlike Columbus, Leif the Lucky was not lost, he was not a homocidal maniac looking to enslave entire peoples, he sailed for himself not for a foreign king, and he got here almost five hundred years earlier.

      Plus I’m all for four-day weekends!


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