Last fall, I exposed the imbecilic plot of MI-7 to develop an asset to be used against me, as British Intelligence tried to weaponize the Parsee movie star, Freishia Bomanbehram.

It took them more than five years to deploy Freishia B, through mind control, as they had her do dozens of podcasts, just for me, but I spotted their move in less than half an hour, so I wrote the article you can read below

Two weeks later, British Intelligence tried to use another asset, as they put out a film just for me, but, again, I instantly spotted their move, so I wrote a different article you can read below.

Blowing up their stupid plans, I humiliate the scum at GCHQ and MI-7.

MOSSAD, CIA, and NSA tried a lesser move, putting videos on YouTube, through Art Lab Studio, which I spotted and exposed, as I wrote another article, which you can read below.

Plus, Army Seventh Psychological Operations Group has put roughly two dozen women in Playboy, throughout my life, as they targeted me alone, which is something I begin to expose in my third book, which you can read below.

In that book, like my second book, which you can read below, I expose a plot by INTERPOL to move the granddaughter of a Nazi cyberneticist thousands of miles from Claremont, California, where we lived in the same courtyard, to Vienna, Austria, where I met my classmate, apparently by chance but really because they used mind control to move her into my path.

This woman’s grandfather also worked for CIA, and the Pentagon, as he developed mind control techniques through MK-ULTRA, about which you can read in my article below.

His name was Heinz von Foerster, and you can hear him speak in the film below about deep state terrorism, mind control, and cybernetics.

Further, as I expose in my third book, which you can read below, Army Seventh, working with British Military Intelligence, also placed a lookalike to this lady in Playboy.

It’s not only MOSSAD, CIA, INTERPOL, and MI-Whatever, but NATO, which I have also humiliated, who take part in these moronic schemes.

Here’s an article I wrote to expose the slavery of their Secretary General:  Jens Stoltenberg.

Cisco Wheeler, whose grandfather’s brother was Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote of the ability of the Illuminati to use cybernetic mind control to move people, so they run into each other.

That’s why you keep bumping into people, saying things like “Small world, isn’t it.”

I describe this technique repeatedly in my articles, which now have more than two million hits, and my books, which have more than twenty thousand hits, as I receive traffic from deep state locations in Iran, Greenland, Antarctica, and something called Unknown Region.

Traffic comes from every country on the planet, while the enemy’s idea of being sneaky is to leave out Spitsbergen, also known as Svalbard, and West Sahara, next to which we find the Canary Islands.

That’s how stupid they are, as they confirm my suspicions about these areas, while they actually think they are hiding them.

In my youth, as I describe in my first book, available for free below, the Tavistock Institute moved a family next door to mine, from England, so that they could manipulate me, and they did so by giving the Englishman a job to lure him to New Jersey.

Now, they’re going back to the same playbook, but it’s the fools from France not England.

In my third book, which you can read below, I wrote of the enemy’s use of arranged meetings to promote their breeding program, through which they foolishly crossed my bloodline with that of my daughter’s mother to create the world’s hardest case.

There I called out the English trash, Sir Alex Younger, who used to be Chief of MI-6, although the little slave who replaced him, Sir Richard Moore, did not merit inclusion in my book, earning only a spot in one of almost four hundred articles.

Doesn’t he look like his French counterpart?

As I noted in the article below, where you can read an excerpt from my book, my daughter descends from Norman aristocracy on both sides, as she inherits a genetic makeup whose carriers have conquered Normandy, England, Sicily, and the Holy Land.

The imbeciles think that my recognition of this genetic inheritance leads to some sort of ethnic fascination with Normandy, while it concerns only the bloodline traits of independence, strength, pride, and craft.

My people, like those of my daughter’s mother, left Normandy roughly one thousand years ago, to conquer England, as its seigneurs.

Then my family left England roughly five hundred years ago to spend a little more than a century in the Lowlands, where the Dutch Royals seem to share our blood, as they use our escutcheon.

Next we left Holland roughly three hundred years ago to settle in Pennsylvania, where I continue to live.

The Department of Homeland Security hires ethnic losers, who came here as immigrants, as described in my article on the Statue of Liberty, which you can read below, while they dream of false connections with their dirtbag cousins in the Old Country.

The trash bother me constantly with microwave attacks, and hive mind, as they insist that we have something in common and that they are my masters.

My family is American, and I have praised the rejection of European influence, by another local family, in my third book, which you can read below.

I have mocked Europeans in my recent article on smart ports, which you can read below.

And I have repeatedly mocked the English, who count as Europeans, in all of my books and in several of my articles.

I could care less about Normandy, or England, or Europe, which I would not deign to visit.

Under these circumstances, guess what NATO, INTERPOL, and DHS did tonight.

And let’s not forget the losers at MOSSAD who think I am some kind of Nazi.

For a stage, they used the town near my house, which I despise, as I have exposed its numerous satanic gangsigns, in the article you can read below.

There, they arranged a supposedly accidental encounter, just like the ones I have described in my writings.

A couple came into the sauna and sat next to me.

The man was super blond.

The woman was super good-looking.

And they were speaking French.

They looked like the disgusting slaves they were.

I would bet my bottom dollar that they came from Normandy, that they were sent all the way here just for me, and that the enemy did it by offering them a job at Genesis, just as the Tavistock Institute moved the English next door, just for me, in the seventies, through an unusual job offer.

This was stupid enough, as I don’t like job-stealing immigrants, or the scumbag company that employs them, so I refused to speak to the unwelcome visitors.

I also refused to look at the beauty they had sent as bait, since their disgusting hive mind drove me to give up sexual intercourse, or any admiration of flesh and blood women, more than four years ago.

So I sat, eyes closed, simply sweating in the sauna, which was my only plan.

During this time, ethnic male losers used voice to skull to say foul insults against the beautiful woman from France, as they pretended to be me, and zapped my privates.

The enemy always works in male-female pairs, so, of course, there was more.

During this time, ethnic female losers used voice to skull to suggest that I try to make what they called a connection with the little puppets from what they called my home country.

The whores suggested I address the couple in French, which is a language I do not speak.

Then I went home, and the scum, still pretending to be me, tried to drive me to drink “some of the fine wines of France,” while I gave up good wine more than five years ago because of cybernetic attacks, against my olfactory bulb, which I describe in my article below.

Next they tried to force me to food, which I eat less and less, due to the same cybernetic attacks, against my olfactory bulb, which I describe in my article below.

I would have just shrugged my shoulders, and fallen asleep to the television, but they increased their attacks with the microwave harassment that has inspired me to write almost four hundred articles, and three books, in less than five years.

So, here we are, in what I have called Groundhog Day, about which you can read below.

I am writing another article, which exposes the absolute stupidity of NATO, INTERPOL, MOSSAD, NSA, CIA, and DHS, as I humiliate the scum that worked to send a couple of young morons from Normandy to Pennsylvania in a plot that did nothing but make me stronger and them weaker.

These trash hurt each other with objects, as they torture each other’s bodies, so it is a certainty that some of them will experience severe pain and possibly death because they just can’t learn their lesson.

British Military Intelligence does not have a monopoly on stupidity, but the French are just as moronic.

And so are their Belgian masters.

Further, in this case, I can tell you, for reasons I cannot describe online, there is also the hand of the Vatican.

Maybe the deep state actors didn’t need any help to destroy their pathetic plot, as they weaponized me, because they are just that stupid.

But maybe the British set up their supposed allies, because they stayed out of this one, while the French, the Americans, and the Israelis were humiliated.

Anyone with half a brain should have seen this coming, while the scum constantly undermine, attack, and humble each other.

I will teach them what it is to mess with Norman Blood.

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  1. 👌you inspire the living daylights out of me brother! Watch the Netherlands! We are in it to win it.
    Be blessed warrior and may your light will be seen all over. 🙏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Frankly, you look like a troll since your message is laden with cartel signalling from the obvious “K5” and “Agency,” to “living daylights” from James Bond, to the offensive masonic address of “brother.” Then, when I see my traffic, there is a fake increase from the Netherlands, which is obviously due to enemy bots while the point of my article was to disparage European countries. The blessed warrior light talk sounds fake, too. Tell your masters, you need to work on your act, and buzz off, creep!

      Often, I will let a suspected enemy agent speak for a while before I expose them, letting them think they fool me, but in your case, where your masters try the same tactic that I just exposed, you gave me an immediate chance to humiliate INTERPOL, NATO, and British Military Intelligence.

      Why don’t you listen to Kenny Rogers because he would probably be a step up for you, music-wise, while he would also be a good teacher for you.

      In short, it’s Groundhog Day all over again, as you and your masters embarrass yourselves.


    1. I publish my books electronically by PDF, which costs nothing, and that’s the course I would recommend for others.

      I did have some hardbacks printed by Gorham, and they did a very good job, but they tried to cheat me on Kindle versions.

      If you use Gorham, don’t do ebooks through them, which are a poorly done rip-off, but use them only for printed copies (for which you will have to pay).


  2. Thanks for this article!!! I too am of Norman decent and I know it has a big part of my programing though I’m not sure how yet. If you want shoot me an email it seems we have a lot in common but I don’t want to get into my personal business on a public forum like this. But I will say this now, your website has been waking me up and the timing of this articles publishing is “serendipitous” to say the least…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. A few days ago the legendary French filmmaker Jean Luc Goddard(the pioneer of the “French New Wave” movmemt) passed away,he actually ended up getting blacklisted because of his anti-zionist activisim later in his career and is worth looking into as he associated with alot of interesting people.One that sticks out to me is this mysterious character named Jean Parvulesco not much can be found about him online but he wrote a few novels in french(all concerning the occult and its relation to geopolitics)the only thing I have found so far in English is “Vladimir Putin and Eurasia” which is available on Amazon. Apparently he was a colleague of Alexander Dugin.But I can’t even read it yet because the information is to powerful he even warns of this in the preface which is far as I’ve been able to get…


  3. Hi FM, what’s up with the Canary Islands? My father’s mother was descendant from there, her surname was Bittencourt, she told me they were Portuguese from the Canary Islands!


    1. I have replaced this comment, which I wrote, with a proper article about the Canary Islands, available below.

      Still, I have left the following excerpt regarding my reader’s genetic heritage and my thanks for inspiration….

      “You have Norman Blood, as the enemy interests itself in our bloodlines, attempting to use our genetics in their breeding programs.

      “‘The surname Bittencourt was first found in Artois, a former province of northern France where this illustrious family held a family seat with lands and manor for many centuries. The family were well established in the region of Arras and several members of the family distinguished themselves through their contributions toward the community in which they lived and were rewarded with lands, titles and letters patent confirming their nobility. Robert, surname of Faissens, the Seigneur of Bethune of Artois held in the year 1000 and held the Counts of Artois.

      ‘One of the earliest records of the family was Jean de Béthencourt (1362-1425), a French explorer who in 1402 led an expedition to the Canary Islands. Born in Grainville-la-Teinturiere, province of Normandy, he was the son of Jean III Béthencourt and Marie de Bracquemont. He received the title King of the Canary Islands after his conquest. He co-founded the city of Betancuria in 1404 and many of his descendants are still found on the Canary Islands today.’

      “Jean de Béthencourt sailed for the Canaries on May Day, Beltane, or Walpurgisnacht, which is a luciferian quarter day, which is also suspicious, while he launched another Norman Conquest….

      “Thank you for writing, as I always enjoy hearing from you.”


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