This is the fourth article in a series on the deep state’s destruction of its own weapons.

The first was on their destruction of connoisseurship, by using cybernetics to manipulate my olfactory bulb, which has saved me many thousands of dollars, as I avoid expensive beer, wine, and spirits.


The second was on their destruction of sex, by using cybernetics to zap my privates and my bottom, say dirty words, and tell foul lies, while they combine their disgusting consciousness with mine, through hive mind, so they have saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars, which would have been spent because of another unplanned pregnancy.


The third was on their destruction of the only video game I ever played, Civilization, so they have saved me many hundreds of hours that would otherwise have been wasted.


Now I play the game for world stakes, not on my laptop, but on the board of the earth, as I have built this website with more than two million hits, written almost four hundred articles, published three books, and joined the advisory board of the world’s leading resource for targeted individuals.


The little losers actually want this, as they pay the price of their lies, and claim that they are winning, while their masters torture and kill them.


Military murders are written up as AWOL, unsolved homicides, suicides, accidents, and covid—on or off base.


But that’s not the only way they have saved me money, time, and calories, while they destroy their own weapons.

Just as I used to play one, and only one, video game, I used to go to one, and only one, bar, an expensive place where everyone knows each other.

Aside from wasting time and money at the enemy’s only staging ground, I might have gotten a drunk driving offense, which really would have set me back, on the way home.

So, what did they do with their powers, through which they influence people’s behavior and engage in high tech arson?


They burned my only bar down.

The place has finally been rebuilt, as a pale shadow of what it was, while I refuse to visit it or any other bar.

This is the price the scum are willing to pay, while they make me stronger, and immune to a real attack, so they play video games with unmentionable parts of my body, say dirty words, and tell lies.


And they actually think they are winning!

Bring it on.

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