The deep state thinks that advanced computers are problem-solvers that help them succeed, while the Federal Reserve, and the defense contractors, con them with easy credit and planned obsolescence.


The scum that work for them tell lies, and fail at everything they do, so they insist they are winning when they lose.


To work for the deep state, you would have to be a brainwashed slave—not to mention a complete moron.


Governed by systematics, morons hire morons, because the little frauds are afraid of competent workers, truth, and strength, so it’s a race to the bottom.

How does it play out on the battlefield, while their tactical officers tell the high command that they took, or almost took, the hill because they know their bosses, who are nothing but weaklings and losers, need to hear lies?

The scum keep claiming victory, foolishly taunting their enemy, and ignorantly cheering while the other team scores goals, and they destroy their own weapons.

With me, for decades, I spent money on expensive wines and spirits, as I developed the connoisseurship they advocate through James Bond.

And I spent money, and time, on expensive gourmet cooking, as I developed the connoisseurship they advocate through Julia Child.

She was a real agent of the OSS, while James Bond was a pretend agent of SIS.

You can read a little in my third book, as the National Security Agency destroyed a successful program, through their need to be original, so they made me stronger.

NSA, DHS, and CIA use cybernetics to put nasty tastes into my olfactory bulb, so I gave up spending any kind of money on wine, beer, or liquor more than five years ago.


Money stays in my pocket, so I become stronger.


I don’t cook, or spend money, except on simple healthy stuff; so, as with my father, about whom you can read in my books, I become stronger through their attacks on gourmet cooking.


The fools in the deep state make their enemies stronger, and stronger, while they destroy anyone who is remotely effective in their own organizations.

But they declare victory….

And they learn their sense of sportsmanship, with their techniques, from the English.


That’s something featured in each of my books….



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  1. Curious, you know, I never liked beer because it’s not sweet. Actually I’ve always hated beer. Two or three months ago this brand released a beer ad with a song I liked, and a month ago I had a dream, in this dream I was at the kitchen drinking that beer, the one of the ad I saw countless times (and is still being shown on tv but less than before), and the taste was wonderful. It was not just like tasting it in a dream. I felt it in my real tongue. I woke up feeling the taste of the beer in my mouth, and it was good, I was dreaming awake about trying something I hated my own life, but ignored it until the desire disappeared. It took some days. The deep state is annoying but they’re a bunch of losers. Think about a system that calls “entertainment” songs like “I hear the secrets that you keep when you’re talking in your sleep”, man what does humanity need to wake up?


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