The New World Order promotes strange beliefs in order to cover real conspiracies.

They promote kundalini to provide a false explanation of microwave harassment.

They promote belief in dreams to provide a false explanation of image and voice to skull.

They promote synchronicity to provide a false explanation of arranged meetings.

And they promote imbecilic beliefs in aliens to support Project Blue Beam.

Project Blue Beam promotes other false and strange beliefs like those in Armageddon, while it combines with Operation Mockingbird.

It’s all made possible not just through CIA’s control of television, the internet, and the newspapers, but through their control of publishing houses, universities, and libraries.

That’s why I publish my own books, which you can download, for free, below.

When I went to Pomona College, in the eighties, shortly after Lady Rothschild and Roy Disney earned degrees from our school, everyone read Robertson Davies.

Robertson Davies promoted strange beliefs that grew from the voices in Carl Jung’s head, in daemons that arranged one’s life, and in curses, depicting spies and bankers, while his stories drifted into perversion, sodomy, child molestation, and rape.

We were mind-controlled to read his books, just as, earlier, we were mind-controlled to read Shogun, in which another of our alumni appeared.

It is not just television, or radio, or the internet that is used to control people’s minds, but it is popular fiction.

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  1. I didn’t care much for the classics or popular fiction, especially after reading some “fictional” series about a modern-day brother and sister who were trapped and tortured by their mother or some other female family member. Well, I did read some Stephen King stuff but quickly tossed that aside and preferred to write poetry and listen to music. Oops! All those popular rock and folk songs were “created” by programmed “artists” whose parents all worked for the military-industrial complex! The good news is that I have mostly de-programmed from all that, with thanks to you for your tireless work in outing the CONs so we can more easily reclaim our sovereignty as sparks of The Divine!

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