I used to work as a corporate lawyer for hedge fund managers, who somehow make money by betting on both sides of a transaction.

There is a Jewish element within this world, but it is not exclusive, and all of these banksters, Jews or Goys, will turn on each other in a heartbeat.


These are the same scum that set up false flags in the world of politics, as they bet on both sides of terrorist attacks and wars.


That’s what the Rothschilds have done since the Napoleonic Wars, and that’s what they do now as they set up conflicts, and ultimately world wars, betting on both sides, to drive us to false solutions—and ultimately one world government.


The Rothschilds banked on both sides in the Napoleonic Wars, so they could offer a false solution when they redrew the map of Europe.


The Rothschilds banked on both sides in the First World War, where they got to redraw the map of the Middle East, not to mention Europe, while they obtained limited success through the creation of the Soviet Union.


The Rothschilds banked on both sides in the Second World War, where they obtained far greater success through the creation of the United Nations, the expansion of the Soviet Union, in a further redrawing of the map, and the creation of Israel.


In order to create Israel, they had to create the Holocaust, and Winston Churchill, like Adolf Hitler, was only one of the puppets they used to do it.


It was a classic false flag, as they drove people from prepared disasters to false solutions, preparing them for the coming World War Three.


They smashed Germany to provide the false solution of the Nazis, and they smashed Germany again to provide the false solution of the United Nations (along with the Marshall Plan that would lead to the European Union), and they smashed the Jews to provide them with the false solution of Israel, and they smash the West to provide us with the false solution of the War on Terror.


Soon they will smash Israel, in a religious war, using the Arab Extremists they have created, as they make it look like Armageddon, through PROJECT BLUE BEAM, driving the Christians to the false solution of prophecy and a fake second coming.


Part of the way they have moved the pieces was to set up a strong Russia as a threat, so the only solution would be the creation of the opposing force of NATO.


And part of the way they have moved the pieces was to set up a narrative of the Holocaust, which they created to drive the Jews to Israel, in what they claim is the only real genocide.


This involved covering up Holodomor, the Terror Famine, in the Ukraine, where the Soviets, with the Jews, killed ten million (10,000,000) Ukrainians.

Jews hate Ukrainians, White Russians, and Cossacks, whom they demonize, while they deny the reality of a genocide perpetrated against their enemies, by their own, which was larger than the Holocaust.

But, now, the Jews have lost control of the narrative, so that, as the Rothschilds screw them over, as part of their plan all along, while they prepare to smash Israel, the press undermines the official narrative of one genocide, the Holocaust, used to create Israel, as they promote the story of a second larger genocide, hidden for almost one hundred years, to promote a war between Europe and Russia.


First, Russia claimed there was a lesser genocide to justify its invasion, against Russian Separatists, and, now, NATO comes back with the suddenly remembered but long suppressed story of the genocide of the Soviets against the Cossacks, but, later, Russia will come back with a further revision: the Jews lay behind not only the Soviet Union but the genocide in which they killed their hated enemies, the Cossacks, in Holodomor.


This will set the stage for a world war in which the Russians, with the Cossacks, attack not only their traditional enemy of Turkey, which is a member of NATO, but also their traditional enemy of the Jews–in a new pogrom against Israel.

The narrative is shifting, as the table is being set.


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    1. Thank you Victoria 🐝
      That’s why the European Citizens´ Initiative Stop (((5G))) – Stay Connected but Protected is taken. It starts on March 1 in all 27 EU countries. An ECI gives EU citizens the legal right to propose new laws to the EU.

      This initiative has already succeeded…

      On March 1 the signature collection for 1 million signatures will start in all EU countries. Many countries will arrange kick-off activities. In one way this initiative has already succeeded. It united concerned EU citizens across all EU countries creating the organisation “Europeans for Safe Connections”. “The next goal is to reach 1 million signatures. This promises to be a success as well”,


      Our mission is to support the global movement to rein in wireless expansion on Earth, in the skies and in the ocean because it poses an immediate threat to all life. We support safe wired technology for most internet and telecommunications needs. We rely on evidence-based information and non-violent actions in keeping with the vision of Stop 5G International.




  1. Greetings from Russia! Cossacks and Ukrainians are Russian people who have been brainwashed. And Stalin made the USSR an independent country, having won the political struggle of the Zionist revolutionaries who want to destroy our country.

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