Today, as usual, I fought microwave harassment, locked in continual conversation with the losers who work for the deep state, as they attacked me with directed energy weapons.

Often, they move others, cool people, in front of me.

But today I did not notice.

At least until later.

A woman appeared, wearing a perfect outfit, a skirt by Lily Pulitzer, a pretty blouse, and a beautiful sunhat, which she kept adjusting.

Her legs were perfect, and she was an older woman, just my type—before microwave harassment led me to give up sex, or interest in women, more than five years ago.

That’s something I wrote about in my first book.

That’s something I wrote about in my second book.

And that’s something I wrote about in my third book.

But the imbeciles just don’t get the message, as they rape my anus, with directed energy weapons, as they rape my penis, with directed energy weapons, and as I bring a billion-dollar lawsuit, against them, particularly for these crimes.

The Director of FBI, the Secretary of DHS, and the Head of TSC are defendants in that lawsuit, but these little pervert slaves just don’t get the message.

At the time, their affiliates laid in two successful hypnotic suggestions, by voice-to-skull, which I failed to notice, as I was forced into conversation with the perverted moronic slaves.

One was that I would not notice their influence on me, in this regard, and this regard alone—and the other was that I would think something nice about the lady.

So, I said one thing, and only one, which is the only thing I thought, felt, or sensed.

Nice skirt, lady.

That’s their big victory.

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4 thoughts on “NICE SKIRT, LADY”

    1. Thanks, pal, and thanks, too, to K below.

      Upon further reflection, it turns out lady fit the lookalikes pattern I have identified in volume three of my memoir and elsewhere on this site, as women who strangely resemble erotic models about whom I have fantasized over the years keep turning up—straight from central casting.

      This lady was a cross between Camille Grammer & Carrie Jean Yazel, who each posed, very lovely, for Playboy, while I have written about them, not to mention sunhats, in my book, WonderWomen.

      A couple weeks ago it was a lookalike to a different model, Christy Carrerra.

      The enemy’s big variation is a shift from a voluptuous busty lookalike to a lean leggy lookalike, while both women were blonde.

      I know there is a brunette right around the corner….


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