When I was a boy, things were different.  American factories hummed with activity, as workers joined the burgeoning middle class.  We didn’t have free trade agreements, so we made what we needed right here.  Employers kept people on, even if they had to move them from plant to plant and job to job.  Workers owned houses, they had “cadillac health plans,” and they had eight weeks of vacation per year.  They sent their children to college.

Factory Worker

Those days are gone.  America has turned into a nation of waiters, many of whom earned college diplomas, which were once the ticket to success.

us employment statistics

Meanwhile, China, with which the CIA conspires not only to spy on this website but in many other matters, outpaces us in manufacturing, creating a wider and wider trade gap, something President Trump is trying to fix.

How CIA Conspires with China and Islamic Extremists To Spy on this Website

US Trade Balance With China

No one bought Chinese junk in the old days, and no one drank bottled water–except maybe Perrier.  

made in chinaChinese goods are not only low quality dangerous garbage, but they are dirt cheap.  That’s because they’re made with slave labor.

In the old days, while Chairman Mao killed millions of his own people, Americans drank from glass bottles.

woman drinking bottle

Glass is made from sand, and it is easily recyclable–and it really doesn’t matter if you don’t recycle it.  So why did we switch to plastic?

rodin thinker

Suzi Simpson appeared naked in Playboy drinking from a plastic bottle, but, as beautiful as she is, I don’t think it was her influence.  And that’s from a fellow whom the CIA programmed to Playboy.

Rape at the Mansion: Playboy Programming under MK-ULTRA

Zebras, Tigers, and Leopards: Cartel Signaling in Playboy

Pornography, Masturbation, and Why To Avoid It

suzi simpson

Maybe it had something to do with DuPont.  They are the bloodline Illuminati family that helped create World War One, when their company entered into the largest gunpowder contracts in history, making over one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000.00) through the death of seventeen million (17,000,000) people.

The Dupont Family & The Dupont Company: Behind The Nylon Curtain

Fritz Springmeier – Bloodlines of the Illuminati

dupont world war one

DuPont supplied gunpowder for the Civil War and World War Two, and they made Agent Orange with which they poisoned our own soldiers in Vietnam.

Chemtrails: From Operations Popeye & Ranch Hand to Cloverleaf & Indigo Sky Fold

Agent Orange Rainbow

DuPont pioneered the plastic bottle.  In 1941, they developed polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and in 1973 they patented the first PET bottle.

dupont poison

The water in those plastic bottles might be almost as poisonous as the bottles themselves.  Forty percent of bottled water comes straight from the tap, and none of it is tested.

Fluoridated Water and the Plot To Calcify your Pineal Gland

Bottled Water v. Tap Water

Existing PET bottles are made from far less recycled content than other containers.  Sixty percent of aluminum cans are made from old aluminum cans.  Thirty percent of glass bottles are made from old glass bottles.  But less than eight percent of PET bottles are made from old PET bottles.

Cans v. Bottles (Recycled Content)

In the 1960s, the average person bought between 200 and 250 packaged drinks every year, which came in glass or aluminum containers.  Most of those drinks came in refillable bottles.  


Today, people buy one million (1,000,000) plastic bottles every minute.  Nine hundred billion (900,000,000,000) plastic bottles are used every year.  Six hundred billion (600,000,000,000) of those plastic bottles are not recycled. 

Bottled Water Statistics

What about that recycling? Where does it happen? Let’s look to California, the poster child for the New World Order.

California: Targeted by the New World Order

California sends sorted recyclables to the Port of Oakland, where they ship containers of baled plastic bottles to Asia.  

Plastic Bottles To Asia

California exports roughly half of its recycling in this manner, so, last year, Oakland exported seventy-five million (75,000,000) tons of plastic waste to the Far East.  The largest importer used to be China, so we finally found something we manufacture to export to them–although we’re actually paying them to take it.  From the look of it, China dumped most of that plastic in the ocean, while we looked the other way.

china pollutes ocean

There are forty-six thousand (46,000) pieces of plastic in every square mile of the ocean, and these plastic bottles kill one million (1,000,000) sea creatures every year.  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch alone contains almost two trillion (1,800,000,000,000,000) pieces of plastic garbage, weighing eighty thousand (80,000) tons, scattered over a region twice the size of Texas.

But now the Chinese won’t take our plastic waste anymore, and Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam have followed suit.  Four of the top six plastic recipient countries will no longer accept our plastic.  You know, the plastic bottles we never used to use.

Global Import and Export of Plastic Waste 

California doesn’t know what to do with the plastic bottles.  They have seven processing plants now, and they need fifteen more to handle the waste.  Even if they could build these facilities, and they can’t for lack of funds, recycling plastic makes enormous amounts of pollution….

Meanwhile, the United Nations weighed in with their film Plastic Ocean.

The United Nations is a front for one world satanic government, full of hypocrites, so you can bet they have an ulterior motive.  

The United Nations: A Front for Child Rape

They want to impose regulations on member countries, overriding our laws, and they won’t stop there.  It won’t just be a U.N. dictate that bans plastic.  As part of OPERATION GLADIO C, about which you can read below, they want to confiscate our firearms.  Just look at the statue, called The Knotted Gun, they put up outside their building in New York City.

GLADIO C: Gun Rights, False Flag Attacks, & The Manipulation Of Public Opinion

GLADIO C: Mia Khalifa, Sex Kittens, and Second Amendment Rights

knotted gun

The United Nations doesn’t just want to bring member states like the United States of America under its control.  It wants to bring the last free spaces of the world, our oceans, under its control.  If you don’t believe me, just read the paper below, “Wealth in the Oceans:  Deep Sea Mining on the Horizon,” by UN Environment (UNEP).  

UNEP – Wealth in the Oceans: Deep Sea Mining on the Horizon

UN Map - Mineral Resources in Oceans

Enormous mineral wealth lies beneath the oceans, companies like Nautilus are developing the technology for deep sea mining, and governance of the oceans is currently non-existent or fragmented.

What a coincidence.  The Pacific Garbage Patch lies exactly where most of the mineral resources are….

map of ocean resources

The gold on the sea floor alone has an estimated value of one hundred and fifty trillion dollars ($150,000,000,000,000.00).

The New World Order loves false flags, from the 911 attacks, to the school shootings, to the planned demolition of Three Gorges Dam, about which I have written below.

Monkey See, Monkey Do: The Planned False Flag Attack on Three Gorges Dam in China


Plastic garbage is a false flag attack.  The New World Order has created a problem, first promising that plastic bottles were environmentally sound, while they filled our ocean with garbage.  Now they will promise that they can clean up the garbage, offering a false solution, just as they offered the false solution of a War on Terror to the 911 attacks.  That false solution, which expands U.N. control into our country and into the ocean, will wreak further environmental devastation.  The pollution caused by plastic bottles is nothing next to the pollution caused by deep sea mining.

More on Fake Environmentalism: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez & The Green New Deal

I love our planet, just as I love my country; but the Illuminati trash strive to twist our noble instincts.  Just as traitors promote false patriotism, taking our rights, polluters promote false environmentalism, destroying the earth.  These are the Trojan Horses within which the globalists hide.

trojan horse ms

Do not fall for the false flag of environmental crisis. 


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Our enemy depends on silence.

US Out Of UN


  1. In an attempt to discredit me, the enemy may have gotten into me with a hypnotic suggestion delivered low frequency by V2K.

    I meant to make a silly joke, to wake up any sleeping readers, and to attract internet searchers for Miss Simpson. They need to know about this issue, too.

    I also wanted to work in a reference to my articles on Playboy and beta sex programming. So I am thinking about revising this article, in accordance with your suggestion, to show only Miss Simpson’s face, arms, and shoulders.

    I do think she has a beautiful body and the image is not distasteful; but perhaps, as you say, this is not the time or the place.

    I hope others will weigh in below because I value my readers’ input, as I thank you for yours.


    1. The photograph does not detract from your message at all, indeed it demonstrates the low level the Cabal is prepared to go to in order to manipulate us. Think about it…using beautiful naked women to advertise a product they know will endanger the earth…it is sick…and the world needs to understand how sick, evil and depraved they are. If need be, blur out the necessary body parts, but I would not remove the photo…and I am a woman who would very rarely support or appreciate nudity online.

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  2. My partner and I stumbled over here different website and thought I might as well check things out. I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking into your web page repeatedly.


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